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What Web Hosting Does

web hosting is a way of putting your business on the web. You can send message to your customers, you can get additional applications, whatever your intentions are, web presence is practically a necessity. web hostingsimply allocates a space for your website on computer servers that are up on the Internet 24/7. However, when you are choosing something as important as hosting it is very important that you shop around and become educated as to what services are available. This is not easy, but the following criteria can help you.

Enough amount of web space.

What is a web space? Web space or disk space is the total amount of megabytes or gigabytes a web hosting company provides. It is important that you have enough of this if you are planning to expand your site in the future. So how much web space should you need?

If you are only hosting one simple website, then you probably won’t need more than 50 Mb of disk storage. However, if you’re thinking on hosting a large website or multiple websites on a single hosting plan, then you should opt for a hundred gigabytes of storage capacity.

In addition, there are also free hosts in the web that you can use. They will usually give you about 15-25 Mb of diskspace, 250 Mb-2Gb of monthly data transfer, along with other freebies thrown in such as web designing software, web mail sub domains, counters, etc.

FTP Access.

It is also important that the service you choose provides you with FTP access. FTP, or File Transfer Protocol for your knowledge is a method used to transfer a file from one computer to another through the Internet.

If you have this, you can have the most simple and secure way to send and receive files. You can also use this to publish your web pages on the Internet. Anytime you download a file from the Internet, you’re using FTP. If you plan to create a website with anything downloadable, it is exactly what you’ll use to get the job done. FTP access, or at the very least is needed and is mandatory.

Reliability and speed of access

These are extremely important for your online business. If your site is frequently down, you will eventually lose not one but a lot of visitors. For example, if someone finds your site on the search engine, and he tries to access it but find that it is down, he’ll simply go down the list to find another site. Slow access is also very frustrating for visitors.

Reasonable Price

Price is always a factor that you need to consider carefully. You should remember that you often get what you pay for, meaning if you pay less then you will get less, so on and forth. Although it’s not necessarily true that the most expensive hosts are the best, still we can say that those with pricey tags are usually the most reliable.

There are different types of web hosting services that are available today. Most packages come with certain capabilities that correspond to the criteria above. Few of these are as follows:

? VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting
? Dedicated Hosting
? Windows Hosting
? Ecommerce Hosting
? Business web hosting

If you are planning to start a new business online, choose one from these which you do not want to cut corners. Your choice can make you or break you in your online business. Remember, when your site goes down, you are losing money and customers. You don’t want that to happen, do you? In order to avoid this, you need to compare hosting providers thoroughly before making your final leap.

Web Hosting Tips to Remember When Choosing a Web Hosting Company

1.Goodwill of the web hosting company.

There are web-hosting companies on the web, which are running successfully for at least 2 years and are usually handled by experience and IT savvy network engineers. The biggest advantage of such companies is their perfect support and services to their customers. However there is yet another world of hosting which is handled by amateurs who are into this business just to extract money. For them providing support is just a joke as even they don?t know the fundamentals of the business. Thus one must be very sure to check the credentials of the web-hosting firm by either reading their profile or by looking on the technology they use for their server farm. One must make sure to select a company, which is in existence for at least 2 years with successful track record with 95% up time for all its servers. If a company is providing 95% its quite enough as 100% is just impossible.

2. Availability of storage space.

There are web-hosting companies offering space ranging from as small as 20 MB to as big as 2GB or even more. But this largely depends upon the user. One must make sure that his/her budget should not get fail by asking for unnecessary space than required. This trend is quite common among beginners, as they are unable to estimate the amount of space their web site requires and so asks for bigger space in order to play safe which is mere wastage of money. Thus one should be very careful while selecting the storage space for his/her website. It should not be less than required but at the same time should not be very much wasting money.

3. Availability of bandwidth space for transferring data each month

Its always required to transfer data to website and update its content often in order to stay afresh and also to keep ratings high up on the search engines right. There are several web hosting companies offering a certain bandwidth or ?transfer window? to enable their clients to transport their data from local computer hard disk drive to the web server. But this transfer window has a limitation of limited space in order to prevent the bandwidth overloading from user?s repeatedly transferring large amounts of data to and fro. Therefore a bandwidth space is allocated to enable one to manage the amount data he/she wants to transfer each month into the storage space allocated. One should note that the data that one transfers is constantly kept track of until one has reach the transfer limit for that month. Now on this ground most web hosting companies tend to be mean so as to provide so called ?high speed data transfer? to their clients and restrict bandwidth off at 1GB.

4. Support-Online as well as offline.

Support is an area often overlooked by the beginners while signing up for a web-hosting contract. However it should be noted that support is the most important feature one should check while selecting a web hosting company. It is very important for 24 hour successful running of a website that there is always any technical fellow from the hosting company to answer the calls and ensure the website staying up and running even at odd time. Thus it is important to have 24 hours support everyday of the week and also relevant safety measures implemented in the data center at which one?s server resides. Not only this it is also important to find out more about the location of the data center about the power supply facilities, its location and also the safety measures that have been put in place such as fire protection and relevant data backup facilities to a remote location as a safety should a physical destruction occur that literally wipes out the whole data center.