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Web Hosting Directories Importance

The web hosting directories are the finest places to look for a best web hosting service providers. Now, the question arises: What exactly are the web hosting directories? web hosting directories are the marketplace where almost all the top web hosting companies advertise their services, product, hosting plans, prices and other important information so that customers can select a suitable plan according to their requirements.

The web hosting directories even show all the statistics like the monthly bandwidth that is offered, the disk space, the memory, the uptime guarantee that is provided, the applications, software?s, the security features, the customer support that is provided, and other web tools that are offered; and all the various other statistics about various web hosting companies.

Including the details, it also specifies web hosts? rankings. There are many newbie?s who are in search of a reliable web host and come across web hosting directories. But, Are these web hosting directories really trustworthy sources for newbie?s? For that, it is important to understand the working of Web Hosting Directories.

Presently, there are two types of web hosting directories available on internet. These two types are the paid web hosting directories and free web hosting directories. The paid web hosting directories requires the web host of any web hosting company to pay them a set amount for placing their banners on the site. Some of the web hosting directories even take charge from the web hosting company, if they get customers via that medium.

On the other hand, as the name itself suggests the free web hosting directories are completely free of cost. The web hosting companies don?t have to pay anything to these free web hosting directories and can easily advertise their services, products, advertisements, banners and many other things to promote their web hosting directories.

Some people think that paid web hosting directories are very easy to influence as the ranking of web hosts can be changed in unfair ways. Others have the view that web hosting directories that are actually free reflect the true ranking of web hosts companies. Whatever the case may be, paid or free, people should believe the web hosts rankings only if they are based completely on votes of customers who have actually given their remarks and have left their website address as well.

It is not possible for any web hosting company to have 100% positive reviews. It is also observed that at times customers who are satisfied with their web host forget to express their opinion about that host. However, a biased customer who is not satisfied with their web host does not forget to mention their opinion of that web host. This implies that a negative review doesn?t always reflect the true picture of a web host company.

No doubt web hosting directories will help you determine which of these web hosting service providers to choose from. But, when it comes to choosing a web host every webmaster or customers must also learn the basics of web hosting, which is the best platform to launch online businesses.

Web Hosting Guidelines for Free!

1. The consistency of the service:

First of all think of a brand new hosting company which show off several features, dream of every user but alas! It doesn?t survive for too long. Let’s complete it with an example there is a company offering 500MB of storage capacity, 10GB of bandwidth a month, domain hosting, unlimited domain parking, CPanel along with all possible features, entirely no ads, and this merely for 150 posts in their forum. Outstanding as a dream? But after making few bucks they simply went offline. No declaration in advance, no regret, not anything!

Factors to be kept in mind:

1. Design:

A decent layout is quite important for the consideration. One should verify that the host to whom he/she is going to deal with possess a professional site or just a free template site, which is probably just a waste of time, nothing else.

What is their experience in this sector? It doesn?t mean that new sprung hosting services are worthless, but at least two months experience is quite essential.

One should also enquire about their Google PR, ranking, other locations etc. If the concern site possesses numerous inbound links, the host will have a good budget to maintain his/her client?s site.

2. Advertisements

One should also check for the ads that are placed on one?s space by his/her free web host. It is really annoying to display someone else’s ads on one?s page and it is in real sense the price user has to pay for free service of the provider. However there are some hosts who don?t put these banners or other forms of advertising in exchange for their services.

Thus one should look for:

1) How are the ads looking like in one?s page: User should keep in mind that the color patter of his/her site should not get disturbed with the color of the banner or ad placed by the provider? It is always better that user should select a host who permits user to place a banner code anywhere the user wants. This is the best way as the user is free to place the banner at the place of his/her ease.

2) To check if the host is displaying targeted ads: If one?s site displays totally contrast ads then it is really annoying for one?s visitors example if one?s site is for pet care and the ad is displaying car sale then it is really unprofessional. Moreover one must watch out for sites that display pornographic ads.

3) The kind of ads hosts are displaying: One should never at any cost sign up for a site that advertises through popups. The disadvantage of popups is that they are like a threat of viruses and so visitors don?t like to return back to one?s site after experiencing them.

4) Is the host permitting the user to display his/her own ads: User should check if the host is allowing him/her to display his/her own ads. This issue is not at all small and so user must take it seriously.

3. Availability of tools and scripts available

There are some good features like forums, guest books, counters; polls etc which one can use as additional to his/her site. If user is not willing to handle installing such an addon from a third party then he/she can search for a hosting provider who provides it in advance. One should understand that such tools are not always the best and most are available without any cost. In contrast, if user selects an hosting providing few or no such tools then they probably needs to counter a slow server which will adversely affects the clients.

4. Available bandwidth and situation after full consumption:

It doesn?t matter the size of one?s site but user should verify that the available bandwidth must be at least 1GB a month. The concern host should be such that who propose a paid subscription rather just jamming the accessibility of one?s page as he/she consumed the entire quota of bandwidth. This can be effective to maintain the flow of traffic with out any form of barrier.

To understand better here is simple calculation if one?s pages average are of 50kB, including images, or (approx.) 0.05MB. Now let?s assume one?s visitors browse 3 pages on average, before they leave the site. That is equivalent to 3 x 0.05 = 0.15 MB. Now after dividing 1GB (or 1,000 MB) by 0.15, the result obtained would be 6,666 i.e. the average number of visitors one can expect in one month without exceeding the bandwidth quota. Now after dividing that by 30 one will get 222 visitors per day. One should also keep in mind that search engines also consumes bandwidth which can be even consumption of as much as 100MB if one is having large number of pages.

5. What one?s URL will seem like?

Although one can receive a short URL without any cost from several sites, however, it’s quite nice if one?s host offer a URL that’s easy to memorize. One should go for a host that offers a sub domain if accessible (http:// instead to

How to Choose a Reliable Web Hosting Company in India?

Finding a web hosting company in India is not at all a difficulty for there are many that claim to offer top-notch services. The main glitch lies in finding out the most reliable and affordable one that would offer web hosting uninterruptedly and at the same time allow complete control of the domain as well as web space. You should be able to find the best web hosting company that will offer the tools you require so that you could run your website efficiently and effectively. Prior awareness of all your requirements will make the selection of the company easy.

A good web hosting company will facilitate smooth functioning of your website after domain registration and will also provide support to install the tools and features you need for your website. There are a few companies that offer free web hosting and emails too with domain registration.

web hosting in India is offered by many but comes in two basic types?free and paid. Needless to mention, the former has its own share of disadvantages but the latter is found to be more reliable. Free web hosting brings along with it a whole host of advertisements that the web hosting company might place on your website to make up for the costs. This might hamper the entire look of your website. The customer support also might not be effective.

As far as paid web hosting is concerned, there are again various hosting packages available that come at different costs. A closer look at the packages will give an insight into the tools and features it comes with and will help you decide on the one that is right for you.

Web Hosting India brings a whole lot of services to the eager wannabe online business people, but to get things right, one has to spend considerable time researching the right web hosting company and getting their domain registration. Convenient for you, you could also get in touch with friends of yours who already have a website put up on the internet for business or any other purpose and get yours hosted through if the services are found to be good.

Something About Free Web Hosting

World never ever run on the idea of one-sided benefit, mutual benefit is accomplished one way or the other. This very concept ere is applicable on free web hosting also. But before that one must what the hosting term is; it is a process of accumulating files onto a web server so that through a web browser visitors can evaluate it.

Webmasters who have recently built the sites always face a dilemma in choosing an appropriate host for his/her site, they get magnetized towards free host providers which are available throughout the cyber world, however, as discussed previously, the service provided by a free web host is not actually free as it declares, it has it?s own drawbacks such as lack of sovereign domain name for the user.

In the case of a new webmaster, selection of ideal host can be a daunting task and even when it comes to free web host; the choice should be selective one, because the majority of free web hosts aim to exploit their users. Moreover, as user counters some of the drawbacks such as assisting a small server place and inability of utilizing the FTP clients, lack of domain name, and ample amount of ads via the Web Company and scarcity of benefits, needs to be faced while searching for a free hosting. The web hosts attempts to wrap up their costs by publishing their or any other companies ads on their user?s website.

One should account about few things, before deciding about a host, it includes requirements of the user, features offered by the host, space allowed by the host, any statistics, what form of domain name offered by the host, can user use his/her own domain name or rather provide name servers, do the host provide feature of email address, type and location of advertisements on user?s site? Firm answers of all these questions are must before coming to any of the conclusion.

If one talk about the requirements, then now a day?s websites are available in two forms static or dynamic, majority of hosts prefer static hosting and if a user?s website is dynamic then he/she should search for a host providing the potential to host the website with the use of scripting languages. Dynamic services are provided by only few companies but with several restrictions, such as no data availability, etc. Same happens with availability of space which is in the range of 5MB to 50 MB, changing with respect to other factors; companies extract more benefits as they provide more space to the user. There are many free hosts who don?t provide the use of own domain names as it is not beneficial for them. That is the reason why most of the time the user?s web address becomes

Further to long URLs accounts, a further contentious issue is their reliability. It is generally believed that free host providers means hosts with old servers and giving free space wrapping up the amount through free advertisement. This is the reason why majority of free web hosts don?t provide the guarantee of servers running through out the day excluding general breakdowns? Another problem lies in scarcity of bandwidth providing, it may create problem when user?s site starts gathering a large amount of traffic and bandwidth extends its genuine limit.

Hence after judging all the factors one can say that free web hosting is not that bad as it looks, here one can surf without many charges. One may need to counter some of the restrictions but it is a boon to newcomers who want to do something new on the web.

Selecting A Web Host For Your Website

When it comes to selecting a web host, you are not slim for options. There are various types, but how do you know which will produce the most satisfying results for your website? First you must determine your website?s needs, taking into account the desired size, purpose, and management of your website. Then you will be ready to understand your options and select the best available hosting service.

Free web hosting is perfect for small, personal websites that only exist to share information with small groups of people. Though you may be bombarded by pop-up advertisements and have very limited storage space, bandwidth, and other features, free web hosting is just what it name says it is: free. Free hosting services are definitely not able to support a business or other more demanding causes.

Shared web hosting is a good option for business-related websites and sites that serve larger groups of people. This service uses a ?server? or single computer to hold many websites at a time, depending upon its hardware, the type of company, and its cost. The speed, cost, and overall quality vary greatly between shared web hosts, so it?s best to have an idea of your website?s CPU time and bandwidth requirements before you make your selection. Although shared web hosting is often a reliable option for both personal and business use, you may need to look elsewhere if your website requires heavy resource allotment.

Virtual dedicated servers may be a better option for personal or business websites which require the maintenance of a more stable environment. Instead of sharing the same CPU and bandwidth with other shared web hosting clients, virtual dedicated servers guarantee a set amount of CPU and bandwidth resources for each client. They also offer more hands-on control or ?root? access to their virtual machine, allowing the client to custom manage the operating system.

Dedicated hosting service is a step up from virtual dedicated servers: it gives the client full control over their own server. Though self-management may be less expensive, for clients who don?t want to manage the server themselves, most dedicated hosting services offer managed service ?the client?s own support-personal and plans to assist in server management and security updates. In both cases dedicated hosting service offers more options in such services as email and FTP service. With much more control and options, however, comes a much bigger price tag. Most webmasters choose the more affordable shared hosting or virtual dedicated servers over dedicated hosting.

Colocation web hosting service is similar to dedicated hosting, except the client owns the server, so the host simply provides a physical space, power, and an internet connection for the client. The fact that in most cases there may be little or no further support from a colocation web hosting service beyond ensuring that the set amount of bandwidth and power is available to the server and an administrator must visit the hosting center for client access makes this a less common option.

Clustered hosting is only used in situations where more than one server is required to handle a website?s needs. Multiple servers host the same website allowing a larger base of users to view the site?s information at once.

Grid hosting uses clustered servers to act like a grid for websites requiring distributed hosting.

Home server is literally a server a webmaster runs from his/her home or business place of business, on either a consumer-grade broadband connection or something higher. It may lack the backup power sources and industrial grade cooling systems of a hosting center, but home server gives the client the benefit of colocation service without the expense. Just remember to check your ISP beforehand; some don?t allow users to host their own websites.

Still don?t know which web hosting service is for you? Shared web hosting and virtual or fully dedicated servers are safe bets for most personal and business websites. And if those don?t fit your needs, your team most likely has it?s own IT staff to make that decision.