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Fruitful Aspects of Getting Affordable Web Hosting Solutions

Along with the expansion of internet usability in the world, the internet age has also continuously witnessing the growth and emergence of several web hosting companies. In fact, if we consider today?s scenario, it is clearly visible that the competition among such companies has reached to epitome, where many companies are now offering affordable and cheap web hosting solutions to beat the growing rage of competition in the market. However, not many are taking the advantage of such low priced web hosting solutions, as they follow the very prominent misconception that these affordable services are given by cheap web hosting companies offering poor performance. Unfortunately, what most web hosting clients do not understand is the fact that there are certain affordable yet reputable web hosting companies that offer high-quality services.

So, let us highlight some of the most important benefiting reasons for having affordable web hosting solution, so that when next time, you think of doing some cost cutting, you do not start fretting on cheap web hosting services:

First and the very prominent aspect is of course, its affordability. Al recently established companies or small size organizers can largely depend on such cheap web hosting solutions. Certain web hosting companies, nowadays, are also providing free web hosting solutions for basic websites that only require a nominal number of images. Moreover, it goes without saying that free or low-priced web hosting services are perfect for personal web pages that are not monetized by its webmaster. Secondly, regardless of the economical price charged on some web hosting plans, most web hosting providers in point of fact, offer quality web hosting services. Subscribers of reasonably priced web hosting companies have the benefit of receiving high-quality service for a budget web hosting service plan.

After using affordable web hosting services, many clients found that the most reliable web hosting services are offered by these affordable web hosting solution companies. The ever-mounting number of web hosting service providers has actually forced these companies to purposely lower their prices. Moreover, this step has also allowed many such companies to make their solid position in the market. Hence, getting a cheap web hosting service plan does not necessarily mean that you are going to get poor quality service.

However, it is still advised to cautiously make the decision while selecting your preferred affordable web hosting provider as we cannot neglect the possibility of fraudulence and duplicity in the market. Keep your eyes open not only on the prices of such budget web hosting companies but also focus on other clients testimonials and feedbacks as well as the company’s over-all performance level. Additionally, prior to your selection of the best possible cheap web hosting company, it is also sensible enough to determine the nature and kind of your website along with the purpose to select the web hosting plan that best suits your web hosting requirements.

Finding the Most Reliable Web Hosting Reviews Online

If you want to discover the best and most reliable web hosting services, you can start by reading reliable web hosting reviews online. There are many sites that can help you find the ideal web host depending on your needs such as small online business, personal or hobby. Some sites even feature the most affordable and cheapest web hosting services that can provide you with great services.

The internet is an excellent source for information regarding web hosting. In fact, some sites even provide rankings based on the quality of services, reliability, usability and capacity. It is of utmost importance that you take the time reading these reviews in order to discover the top players in market and the serious ones for that matter. Since web hosting had gained significant popularity, competition had been apparent between companies. Some actually offer budget web hosting with exceptional features offered at a very affordable price, complete with free set up and 24/7 technical support.

Another reason why it is important to take the time to visit and read web hosting reviews is to determine the companies that had already established their reputation in the market over the years. This way, you will be more knowledgeable as to which web hosts actually deliver the best services. Moreover, you will be able to avoid those fly by night companies whose main goal is to merely make big bucks. Remember that as the web hosting market grows and becomes increasingly popular, it is becoming more and more difficult to identify the good ones. For this reason, it is best to familiarize yourself of the best companies that does the job seriously and provide web hosting services that will best meet your needs and standards.

Web hosting providers take pride on their services, quality and features. Some of the things you can expect from a good web host include; unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, 24/7 technical support, free domain for life, instant set up, multiple data centers, money back guarantee, merchant account, Google Ad words, free templates and domain reseller account among many others. You may not be able to find all of these services and features in a single web host. However, you may choose the services and features that you specifically want depending on your needs. It is best to identify first what each web host can provide and can actually deliver. From there, you can make a decision. You need not worry about the price, as there are many budget web hosting services out there that come with free set up and dependable customer support.

An in-depth review can shed light on various web hosts

? new and old in the market. There are many different options when you begin your search thus it is quite very easy to get overwhelmed. From budget web hosting to dedicated web hosting, there are still a lot of choices that come in between. Browsing through review sites that provide rankings can be beneficial so you can land on the best web host. Sometimes, all it takes is a little patience in order to go a long way.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is often referred to as cheap, economical, budget, or personal web hosting. Any of these terms generally refer to shared web hosting. Shared web hosting is the most popular type of web hosting in the hosting market today with literally thousand of hosting providers in North America alone. Due to the low cost, budget web hosting is the hosting of choice for most personal and small business websites.

Shared web hosting refers to a server configuration where many web sites share a single server and all its associated resources including disk space, processing power, and RAM (memory). Costs are lower than other hosting solutions because the cost of server acquisition and maintenance is shared amongst all the websites on that server.


Often though, you will not see a web hosting company offering “Shared Web Hosting.” This is because shared hosting has some distinct disadvantages that the hosting companies do not want to advertise. That is why instead of shared, you will see terms like budget, or economical. The shared hosting packages offered by shared hosting providers are often given names like Starter, Personal, or Basic. Even words like Bronze, Silver and Gold plans usually indicate shared hosting plans. If the hosting plan does not specifically sat it’s a VPS (Virtual Private Server) plan or a dedicated server plan, then it is most likely shared web hosting.

Platforms and Software

Shared hosting is available on both Linux and Windows platforms, though not all hosting providers offer both. Some websites require one or the other depending on the server technologies used to develop the website. For example, ASP.NET is a server side scripting language used to develop database driven websites. Microsoft SQL (MS SQL) is a Microsoft database product. If you want to use these on your website you need to use Windows hosting because they are not supported by Linux. There are, however, equally powerful solutions for developing database driven sites on Linux such as PHP and MySQL, the core of many open source content management systems (CMS) like Drupal and Joomla.

Is Shared Hosting Worth the Cheap Price?

For most people and small business shared hosting is the right way to go, especially for a start-up business. The higher cost associated with a VPS plan or a dedicated server is not justified and the performance from a shared server is quite acceptable for most people. It is not the fastest or most robust service, but it is an acceptable solution that allows people to establish a web presence quickly and economically. Many web hosting companies offer online site builders with hundreds, or even thousands of templates that allow you to build and launch a website with little or no technical expertise. The important thing is to choose the hosting service that supports the technologies you or your developer will use to develop your website. If you are going to build the website yourself, then ask some question before signing up with a provider to make sure the customer support is there to answer your questions and provide assistance should you need it when building your site with their online site builder, and to answer any other questions you may have.

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

  • Economical
  • Easy to use
  • Quick set-up
  • Self-managed

Drawbacks of Shared Web Hosting

  • Performance
  • Less secure
  • Less robust
  • Shared IP address so ecommerce service must use a shared SSL certificate, or pay more for a dedicated IP address to handle encrypted ecommerce transactions
  • Self-managed

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Talking About the Top 10 Web Hosting Providers

The top 10 web hosts are considered to be top from the rest because of their unique capabilities as a web hosting provider. Normally, the popularity of a particular web hosting provider is judged on the basis of many factors such as : number of awards won, the review?s of other websites and also the Alexa traffic ranking etc. Some of the web hosting category awards for 2007, are as follows: 1) Best budget web hosting. 2) Best blog web hosting. 3) Best forum web hosting. 4) Best unix web hosting. 5) Best windows web hosting. 6) Best php web hosting. 7) Best email web hosting. 8) Best e-commerce web hosting. 9) Best multiple domain web hosting. 10) Best reseller web hosting. 11) Best virtual private server hosting. 12) Best dedicated server hosting.

To identify a web host, can be a very difficult experience since there are so many web hosts available nowadays. All of them sound good and reliable. However, I am going to talk about the top 10 web hosting providers and based on the basis of their features and other factors, who can then decide which one is suitable for you.

1) Bluhost web hosting provider ranks first among the top 10 web hosting providers. It is affordable and provides reliable web hosting solutions. Bluehost hosting plan consists of free domain name, free setup, free $50 yahoo search marketing credit, free $50 google Adwords credit, 24/7 support plan and a 30 day money back policy is also being provided. You can enjoy the facility of hosting unlimited domains in one account. A professional web hosting plan is being provided for $6.95 a month.

2) Yahoo web hosting provider is considered as the most reliable hosting provider. It stands second among the top 10 web hosting providers. The plan includes free domain name, $100 yahoo credit and $50 google credit offer.

3) Hostmonster: is known for its cheap unix hosting. It ranks third among the top 10 web hosting provider. It offers a free domain forever. It includes $50 yahoo credit and $50 google credit.

4) HostingPad: is known for its cheap unix hosting. It is the fourth among the top 10 web hosting provider. The package includes free domain forever, $25 yahoo credit and $30 google credit.

5) Vistapages: is fifth among the top 10 web hosting provider. The package includes a free domain facility and $25 yahoo credit. It is known for its cheap web hosting facility.

6) FastNext: is the sixth among the 10 web hosting provider. It is popular as a cheap reseller hosting provider. It includes 500gb space and free domain name.

7) Lunarpages: stands seventh among the top 10 web hosting provider and is known for its best shared hosting facility. It provides free domain forever and facilitates hosting of 11 domains.

8) Startlogic: is considered as the best value hosting provider. It stands eight among the top 10 web hosting provider. It offers free domain name, can allow a hosting facility of 50 domains. It provides easy to use professional multiple domain web hosting solutions, free domain, free setup, free $50 yahoo search marketing credit.

9) Dot5hosting: is considered as the best budget hosting provider among the top 10 web hosting provider. It is a professional and reliable web hosting provider. The package includes free domain, free setup, free $50. Yahoo search marketing, credit, 24/7 support facility and 30 day money back policy. Also, you can host up to 6 domains in one account. The Dot5hosting plan starts from $4.95 a month.

10) 1and 1: This hosting provider stands tenth among the top 10 web hosting provider. It is known for its cheap web hosting plan. It offers a space of 120gb, 2 free domains is being provided and also offers $25 yahoo credit and $25 google credit.

The top 10 web hosting rankings are given based on their best price, host reliability, uptime, its key features, customer support facility, past and current user feedbacks, user ? friendliness and their hosting awards.


1. cPanel Webhosting

Cpanel Hosting is the major web hosting plan where you can build a complete website, using just cPanel alone! Manage your e-mail accounts and FTP accounts, install software and scripts with ease – just one click from your cPanel and you can install a number of scripts and tools, including blogs, ecommerce stores, photo galleries, and so much more.

All the tools for building a website, including a professional online web site builder, is included free of charge! Most of all web hosting companies offering cPanel hosting a very cheap and affordable prices. cPanel will allows you to take full control of your site in every aspect.

2. Budget web hosting OR Shared web hosting

As your web site reaches millions of users across the Internet it needs a provider that will grow with it. Shared web hosting is a fully managed enterprise solution which allow your web site to grow. Shared web hosting is one of the many types of hosting which a webhost offers. In a shared hosting environment, many different clients share the same server and the same resources and applications.

Shared web hosting is often a good place to start, especially when you are unsure of exactly what your needs are, how many visitors you will get or how much storage space you need. With a shared web hosting account, you can start out slow, and upgrade your hosting plan to meet your needs as they arise. Shared Web hosting plan is very useful way for hosting providers to offer cheap and affordable web hosting services.

3. Linux Web Site Hosting

When it comes to Web hosting, Linux has, for some time, been widely considered the best OS for Web servers. It’s typically found to be the most reliable, stable and efficient system and, as such, it’s commonly used for the demanding environment of Web and mail servers. Indeed, Most of the client?s websites of alpha NET runs on the Linux OS precisely because of this traditional stability.

Linux Web hosting plan allows a company to build their web pages on the Linux Operating System an open-source variation of the Unix Operating System. Using this platform for web development allows companies to leverage the best and most popular in open-source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Python, and XML. As Linux itself an Open Source Application or OS so it is generally very cheap. Linux Web Hosting is a useful, reliable and affordable webhosting soltion for web hosting companies.

Linux web hosting which offers a wide range of different software. A typical configuration for a Linux server is the LAMP Platform. This includes Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (or Python, Perl or Ruby). Usually there is limited interoperability between the two, although Linux servers can integrate with Windows file services through Samba, and many Linux hosts provide support for Microsoft FrontPage server extensions.

Low amount of ownership: The Linux OS comes costless of profit (or at intensely minor cost, usually amount of distribution). Also, it has walloping fledged server, and desk finest applications that comes costless along with the OS. These server applications (such as FTP, Web Server, DNS Server, File Server etc.) in that free, are also very stable. A web site designed for compatibility with a Linux/Unix based web server meets the scalability requirement easily without making any site wide design changes.

4. business hosting

Nowadays Web hosting geared towards the mission-critical functions demanded by business-class customers. Unlike free hosting and cheap hosting, business hosting is for profitable companies who prefer that time is money.”

In addition to the standard features (storage, bandwidth, etc.) business hosting focuses on issues such as reliability (uptime, monitoring, backups) and support (true 24/7 help via phone, email and/or IM).

5. E-commerce Hosting

E-commerce hosting is a business in which a company provides other companies whatever they need to sell their products and services on the World Wide Web – including a Web server to serve a company’s pages and the special capabilities needed to accept, process, and confirm sales orders. e-commerce hosting usually includes providing templates for building virtual storefronts or online catalogs, providing software for customized electronic “shopping carts,” taking and filling customer orders, arranging for secure credit-card purchasing, and providing tools for tracking and managing inventory.

6. Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller hosting: designed for those who want to become Web hosts themselves. One gets a large amount of space and bandwidth that can be divided up among as many sites as the user wants to put on his account. A reseller account is placed on the same server with other reseller accounts, just like with shared hosting but there are fewer accounts. Most of the resellers are web consultant, web developers and web designers. Who wants to provide their resources with complete hosting packages.

7. Windows Web Hosting

As you seeing the name Windows Web Hosting is totally a windows based platform hosting where server having no Linux/Unix OS. Windows Web Hosting gives a company the capability of designing web sites using the ever-popular Windows Operating System. This allows development using technologies such as Active Server Pages (ASP.NET) and the newer .NET infrastructure. Our Windows Web Hosting Showcase features Windows Web Hosting providers that provide top rated Windows Web Hosting at an affordable price.

Windows web hosting is totally go around windows 2003 server infrastructure where you can find II6.0, ASP.NET, .NET frameworks.

8. Cheap Internet Hosting

Considering a hosting company for your domain, the first thing that you will have to measure is your budget. Hiring the services of a web hosting company can be quite expensive. Similarly, the market is very competitive so you have to be careful in choosing the firm with whom you will entrust your domain. If you will be requiring their services for a long time, then getting cheap web hosting services can be your best move. When you apply for a cheap and discounted domain, you need to look into the advantages and some other factors that will help you choose the ideal hosting company.

9. Yahoo Web Hosting

Web Hosting is very useful if you have a good website. You need a webhosting service that is affordable reliable and secure. There are many web hosts offer their webhosting service but there prices are huge, and they count on peoples unawareness to sell there product. Other web hosting companies offer cheap webhosting services, but they are not secure or reliable. Yahoo Web Hosting is a great place to get affordable, reliable and secure.