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How to Choose a Reliable Web Hosting Company When you are an Internet Newbie

Reliable web hosting is vital for anyone attempting to earn money with a business website.

Choosing a host for your website is not easy when you are an Internet newbie and don’t really know bandwidth from Band-Aid. What selection criteria do you use? If you are a total newbie, about the only thing you will know how to compare is price but if you do a search for web hosting you will have ads coming at you for all prices from $10 per year to $25 per month. Should you go for the most expensive on the basis that you get what you pay for or should you go for the cheapest because saving money is a priority while you are getting your business running?

The first thing to rule out is free web hosting. There are many great free resources to be found on the Internet including excellent anti-virus and anti-spy ware software. Free hosting is fine if you have a hobby website but, if you are running a business online and wish to achieve credibility with visitors and search engines, free web hosting won’t do the job.

I discovered the hard way that cheap web hosting is not necessarily the bargain it might seem. When I started looking for hosting for a new website, I already had top class hosting that had come with my first website. There was an option to add on further domains for an extra $5 per month. That was cheap enough but I thought it would be a good idea to have my new website hosted completely separately (you know, the old eggs in one basket caution).

When I started checking around, there seemed to be millions of web hosts all offering what (to my untrained eye) seemed to be the same thing but at wildly varying prices, so I settled on a cheap hosting package. The cost was ?1 per month (which was about $1.70 in those days) and I certainly got what I paid for!

At first everything was fine: I paid up, they hosted my website. The trouble is, you don’t realise you have bought rubbish hosting until things start to go wrong.

The first sign that all was not well came a few months later when I was unable to locate my website. I raised a support ticket and waited. Four days later came the reply “everything seems ok now”. Four days of downtime without a sensible word from support made me feel more than a little uneasy.

Things seemed fine for a while after that but then another problem arose: when I tried to log into my control panel all I got was a message telling me the licence fee had not been paid. This time the reply to my support ticket was quicker, it only took two days. Unfortunately, however, it was completely unhelpful. The reply was “It seems to be a site-wide issue”. Was I supposed to feel better because the whole site was messed up and not just my bit? They must have got round to paying the licence fee because after a few more days, login was available again.

After that, I wanted to move to a new host but I had never moved a website before and assumed it would be really difficult and technically challenging (actually it is extremely simple). As a result of this fear my website remained where it was.

The crunch came when my domain name came up for renewal. In response to an email from the hosting company, I visited their website to make the required payment. Their PayPal link and credit card options did not work and there were several error messages showing on the pages I visited.

Emails to their support and billing departments went unanswered. My only means of arranging payment was via their website, so I kept trying. Each time I visited, there were more error messages, nothing worked and it began to look as if the site was actually melting bit by bit. It seemed the company had just packed up and left their website to self destruct.

Enquiries revealed that the only way I could renew my domain name ownership was through the hosting company because they had registered it on my behalf and they retained control of it. As they could not be contacted, there were only two options available. The first was to pay an agent a pretty hefty (and non-refundable) fee to try to contact the hosting company and negotiate the purchase the domain name from them. The second option was to lose the domain.

When you have to choose web hosting, the first thing to look for is quality of support. To keep prices low, the easiest way for the company to economise is to provide sub-standard support. Forget the offers of unlimited bandwidth, hundreds of email accounts, spam filters and other freebies. If support is non-existent, give the company a miss no matter how good their other terms might seem.

Why Free Web Hosting May not be a Bad Thing

There is paid web hosting and there is free web hosting. Most people tend to steer clear of free web hosting as they tend to believe that ?there is no free lunch?. Free web hosting must have its catches?

Well, that really depends on your purposes and your position.

Why purpose?

If your web hosting is for your website which is for commercial purposes, such as an ecommerce web-store, you need absolute reliability and uptime. Every second of downtime is lost revenue. While some free web hosting providers guarantee uptime, you cannot hold it against them if their services do not meet expectations and cause your business to lose hundreds of dollars of revenue. Why? Because most free web hosts will have a clause in their terms that state that they do not guarantee uptime at all because they are a free service. Now, most free hosts will not even guarantee any uptime and those free web hosting services are provided on a best effort basis. You cannot risk hosting your crucial business website on such a free hosting plan.

However, for most individuals who are experimenting with building websites, free web hosting is the ideal choice as there is no monetary commitment and no lost for both parties. Everyone deserves a chance to learn and what better way to learn than to do it? Free web hosting plans from free hosts are the ideal platform for aspiring webmasters to start their web-building careers. Of course these free hosts may require something in return: visiting sponsors, displaying ads on hosted pages, reading emails, and lately, participating in online communities of the free web-host. This last option may not be a bad thing as online communities allow the users to interact and learn from each other.

There is also a last category of users who just want free web hosting for a personal site which they do not find the need to be up all the time and do not see the need to pay for it and do not see the need to do anything for it. There are some free web hosts out there who offer free hosting for nothing ? just a simple sign up. Therefore, a clear purpose for using free web hosting is important. If the purpose is critical and there is no tolerance for problems, then free webhosting is not suitable. Other than that, free web hosting is not a bad thing.

Why position?

Web hosting plans are relatively affordable these days (some plans as low as $1 a month) that almost any working person can afford it for their websites. Therefore, paying for web hosting should not be a problem for those who have an income, or some savings to spend on developing their websites further. Also, any working adult should be able to afford using a Paypal account that most web hosts will accept as a form of payment. On the other hand, students and young people do not have much to spend, much less a Paypal or Credit Card with which to pay for hosting. For this group of people, free web hosting plans are the obvious alternatives if they wish to set up websites without paying anything for them.

To conclude, free web hosting may not be a bad thing for selected groups of people who have a specific purpose. For students and people looking to learn about developing websites, free web hosting is a good thing.

Written by: Dax Christopher.

Where to find Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting companies are a plenty, ranging from the larger ones such as 007sites and 0catch, to the smaller and more obscure ones that lurk in the corners of cyberspace. At first look, free web hosting seems like a promising deal: a free web host that supports your website, letting you effectively earn money and conduct business without any costs involved. However, let us take a look at the implications, advantages and disadvantages of using free web hosting.

Free web host providers are generally supported by ads; banner ads, pop-up ads, text link ads, top/bottom ads, frame ads, are all standard fare of free web hosting websites. The pertinent question is: do you want these ads to be displayed prominently on your website. The answer really lies in what you intend to use your website for.

A business website, one designed to appeal to clients and attract customers would definitely not want these advertisements spoiling not only their business image, but effectively driving clients, disgusted by the pop-up spam, away. Even for a personal blog, these advertisements can occasionally get on your nerves. Is the few dollars a month that you save worth the frustration and irritation of incessant advertising appearing on your website?

Reliability and uptime are keywords in the web hosting industry, of which free web hosts tend to lack both. Free web hosts usually lack a dedicated customer service. This means that your website might just disappear in the middle of the night and it can take up to weeks for it to get back online. This means a loss of visitors, traffic, and possibly some regular visitors may think that your website has been shut down. The consequences for a website, especially a business website, are unthinkable.

Does this mean that there is no role for free web hosting for a proper, serious website and budding website owner? The role of free web hosting is not to replace their paid counterparts, but rather to serve as a testing ground for new website owners. Free web hosting allow the website owner to get an idea of the website, and to allow him to experiment with new ideas with no consequence. Hosting a site on a free web host, even for just a week or two, can allow the web owner to collect real time information and data without signing a 12 or 24 month contract with a paid service.

You can obtain free web hosting at almost any provider available on the internet. A quick search in Google will easily turn up hundreds of free web hosting providers. How do we pick the best free web host? A good way to decide is to compare the number of advertisements that will be run on your website, as well as the amount of space they give you. This can range from anywhere between 50MB to 700MB. With the numerous choices available you can take your time to pick which free web hosting program suits you the best. Ultimately, if you are moving on to a paid service, the free web host you choose is not of crucial importance. However, getting a good free web host is after all beneficial for your website publicity.

Inexpensive Small Business Web Hosting

Even today it is a common scenario,when searching for a service or product online or offline,individuals give more priority to the price.No matter saving money on your monthly business web hosting package can prove worthwhile.However,one should bear in mind that the market value is not everything.

Some web hosting companies offer very cheap web hosting packages but if you watch closely these packages encompass low bandwidth,diskspace and other resources.The control panel price is not included in the web hosting package either. Also it should not be a surprize if you encounter lot of downtime. Therefore inorder to have a good web hosting experience,one should be extra careful when selecting a web hosting provider.Even if you select a small service such as a email hosting,make sure you choose a reputed reliable web host.

It is further important to know the precise requirements of your website/s,this helps in choosing an appropriate small business web hosting provider. A good research can help you find the best web hosting provider for your business or private website. If you have a small website such as a blog or a site which has less webpages and the traffic too is not much then a simple shared web hosting package should be enough,whereas if you have a business website and receive a lot of traffic then a small business web hosting package offered by few reputed web hosting providers can do wonders in the success of your web site and hence your business. But if you have many visitors at any given point of time and you also wish to have minimum downtime then you can either choose a VPS or dedicated servers that are setup using the mirroring technology can offer you 100% uptime guarantee.

But there are very few web hosting companies that actually offer 100% uptime guarantee with their web hosting packages.Most of the other companies use such attractive jargons inorder to increase their customer base.Customers later realise that the web hosting company gave false commitments about offering 100% uptime.Therefore it is important that you do good research before signing up with such a host. Checking reviews on certain web hosting forums and web hosting review sites can prove to be beneficial.Also you must contact the shortlisted web hosting company and actually ask them about the technology that they have user inorder to be able to offer 100% uptume to their clients.

If you are a newbie in the world of web hosting,then seeking advice from an experienced friend or colleague can be useful.Also if you are well aware of your website requirements,you can get in touch with a reputed web hosting provider,let them know your requirements.Most would help you in choosing the most appropriate web hosting package for your website.It is advised not to hurry web selecting a host inorder to host your website/s.Analyze various hosts and only then select one that offers reliable services,maximum uptime guarantee,flexibility to upgrade packages,backups,24×7 customer support,etc. If you are lucky in choosing an appropriate web hosting provider,it can be a great move for the success of your website.

cheap canadian web site hosting service at affordable web hosting price

Why choose

Today, the web hosting business is growing and improving by every passing day, as there are many people who want to design and develop their own websites and get online to start their own business. If you want to start your own ecommerce website, the most important thing that you need is a affordable Canadian website hosting service from that ideally suits your business website?s needs.

There are many different types of web hosting services that you will come across when you start searching for any type of web hosting server. Some of these important web hosting services are the virtual private web hosting service, the reseller web hosting, shared web hosting service, the dedicated web hosting service, and many others.

However, if you really want to do some serious web hosting over the internet, you need to make sure that you do not choose anything other than the dedicated web hosting service from

In case of the dedicated web hosting servers, you can own an entire web hosting server if your website needs it. As in case of any other web hosting services like the shared web hosting, you do not have to share the web hosting server with thousands of other users. A dedicated web hosting service involves buying a web hosting server from a web hosting company like, getting the complete control over its features and other web tools.

Although the initial investment may be a bit high, but when you compare the end result, the dedicated web hosting server turns out to be quite a good choice. It not makes your job not only reduces the problems that you may face when there are thousands of users on a single web hosting server. Also, since you are the owner of the entire web hosting server and therefore the only user on it, it becomes much safer as there are very less chances of your data getting corrupted and the account getting hacked.

Also, in case of the dedicated web hosting service, you get many web tools and other features with the web hosting account, that are necessary for any ecommerce website. These can be very sophisticated web tools, not normally available with other types of web hosting plans. These latest web tools, along with all the system resources, complete disk space, and unshared bandwidth is what makes dedicated web hosting service so lucrative for a business website. With the dedicated web hosting plan, you are normally also provided with a customized web hosting server with excellent data center facility.

There are many other advantages of making use of the dedicated web hosting service. If you got dedicated website hosting service from you can have applications and softwares installed on your web hosting account that are required by your website and the data present in it. It even lets you to install some very complex applications and scripts, which you may not be able to install on some other type of web hosting servers.

You can have the choice of having your own personalized settings for your ecommerce and other multimedia requirements. Because of this, there will not be any unwanted codes or softwares installed on your web hosting account, which makes it safer.

The dedicated web hosting service from is also very flexible and extremely reliable type of web hosting service than any other web hosting service that you will come across. It offers you various features and other different web tools that some others like the shared web hosting services lack. This gives you an edge over the other types of web hosting servers.

For all these reasons, the is considered to be one of the best solutions, if your website contains a lot of data. Also, if you are targeting very heavy web traffic and lack the required staff, security, and other types of resources to setup and maintain the entire web server, the turns out to be an ideal choice.

With the dedicated web hosting service, you can even host multiple websites on a single web hosting account. All these kinds of a service are not usually offered by any other type of web hosting service as it requires continuous maintenance and monitoring of the entire network and the web hosting server.