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Some Things To Look For In A Web Host

web hosting has changed a lot in the last few years. Gone are the days of paying through the nose to have a website on the World Wide Web. Nor must you be a technological genius to set up a website. There are literally hundreds of choices when it comes to web hosts these days.

So, how do you choose the right one for you? In some respects, it may depend on what type of website you are looking to host. Do you just need to host a simple brochure type site? Do you plan to write a blog? Or, will you need tons of bandwidth for photo galleries or audio-visual media? Knowing the answers to questions such as those is your first task.

However, there are a few essential features that every good web host should have. This article will outline these features, in no particular order.

1. A reasonable price. Unless you have very special needs, you should never have to pay more than $10 to $15 a month for dependable, full-featured web hosting. You can often save money by paying for a full year in advance, but at any rate, there are many cost-effective web-hosting solutions available today.

2. A cPanel interface. All of the best web hosts offer “cPanel”, which is a web-based control panel that allows you to manage your domain through a web interface. It’s an industry standard that enables site configuration and management, including setting up email, database administration, file management, FTP, and installation of scripts. Cpanel also generally comes with Fantastico, which is an easy-as-pie installer for the WordPress blog platform, bulletin board software, and more.

3. 100% reliability. Your web host should be able to guarantee 100% (or at least 99.9%) uptime. That means you can count on your site being live virtually all of the time and that you will have access to it, cPanel, and your email. Being able to guarantee that type of reliability will generally require that the host have back up server capability. If you’re not sure, check before you commit.

4. Easily accessible customer support. Look for both web-based and telephone support. One or the other should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Web solutions may include both email (or an email-based support ticket system) and live chat. You’ll also want the support to be intelligent, reliable, and friendly. In addition, it will be helpful if they offer help files you can download or access online.

5. Multiple domain hosting. If you never plan to create more than one website, this feature may not be important to you. But for most Web entrepreneurs, this is an important consideration when choosing a web host. Most web hosts today offer cost-effective options for hosting more than one domain on an account. Some even offer unlimited domains for one low monthly (or quarterly) rate.

6. Large amounts of storage space and bandwidth allowed. You want to plan for future growth of your site, both in terms of the size of the site itself, and in the amount of traffic it attracts. Ideally, you’ll sign up with a web host that won’t penalize you for your growth, at least not for a long time. 25MB is a good minimum, and if necessary you should be able to easily upgrade your space without having to switch hosts.

7. Number of POP3 email accounts allowed. Unlimited email accounts is best. That gives you the flexibility to add unique email addresses for different functions on your website, such as,,, etc. If you can’t get unlimited email, then at least look for multiple email account capability.

8. Access to logs and statistics. You’ll want to evaluate your site’s performance over time, once it gets going. So having access to free statistics software and web logs will help with that analysis.

9. Ability to use FTP or online file management. File Transfer Protocol (FTP for short) is a tool where you can upload large numbers of files quickly. You’ll want to be able to use FTP, at least some of the time. But online file management (especially through cPanel–see #2 above) is great when you only want to upload a file or two, or when you want to be able to administer your site when you’re not at your own computer.

10. Backups. There should be some sort of plan for backups with your web host. Ideally, they’ll include it in your price, but you may have to pay extra. All companies, though, should be doing some sort of backing up as a routine security measure. Find out, too, what is backed up, e.g., files, databases, server settings, etc.

So, there you have it–a rundown of the top features to expect from the best web hosting companies. By the way, free web hosting IS still available, but the old adage, “You get what you pay for” was never more true than in relation to web hosting, especially if you want to host a business web site. Be willing to pay for quality, reliability, and a full set of features.

Choosing a Cpanel Web Hosting for Your Online Business

Starting an online business may bring out a lot of questions especially when it is your first time.? For instance, choosing a web host for your business may require you to know more about some information regarding the server, choosing the right domain for your business and type of hosting you should go after.? As the business owner, it is very important that you know something about them if you want to take the most control over your website.? You must know how to do minor modification and how to make sure that your site can be found by your target market.

Cpanel is a web-based control panel that allows you to manage your domain and website.? It is the software that runs in most linux based hosting services.? Through this Cpanel, one can have the ability to manage all aspects of e-mail, back-up, files, script installation, and monitoring your website traffic.

Signing up under a web hosting account that uses Cpanel gives you total control of how you will run your website.?? Your web host company may be able to help you if you got into problem using it but the software itself offers you total control to run a successful online business by yourself.

Anyone who decided to sell web hosting as part of his business would also have access to Web Host Manager where he can administer web hosting accounts for his customers.? With the use of this software, he can add, delete and modify new and existing accounts.

Signing-up with any hosting company means you agree to abide by the terms of the web host.? You have to keep up with the terms of this agreement for as long as you stay as their customer, which is usually renewable every year.? During this period, the web host company should be able to provide you support by ensuring that their server is in top shape to keep your business up and running 24 hours a day.? They should also provide you updated versions of the software and scripts to make sure that they will run securely and bug-free.

These website softwares are great help for everyone especially to those who are new to web hosting.? They serve as great tools to make administering a web host account simple and easy.? Inside the Cpanel account are step by step video tutorials one can follow if he needs to perform a certain task.??? It makes administering multiple sites equally as easy as administering a single website.

It doesn?t matter what kind of website one actually wants to build.? Signing up under web hosting that uses Cpanel is a great option especially if it is your first time building a site.?

As an online business owner, your web host company can be considered your first and foremost business partner.? They must be able to support you with your business goals and endeavors.?? A poor web host can be a primary cause of one failing doing business online so make sure that you choose a web host that has the tools that can help you run your business flawlessly.? Make sure that you choose one that you can rely on and can deliver what it promised.

How Web Hosting is contracting world into shorter space?

web hosting means providing space to consumers on the web servers so that their World Wide Websites can be accessed by anyone while surfing on the network. web hosting allows the company or individual to have an access with rest of the world on internet through their website. web hosting is not only for providing space on the net but it also manages various websites on the network.

Today is a competitive world. Everybody wants to be at the top of the world. Linking is the only way with which one can achieve this goal. web hosting can help a lot in this context. web hosting provides space to exhibit all our contents that we want to share with others. It also provides every user an address ID so that one can easily locate one site among millions of sites around the world. For getting web hosting Services one can choose from a large number of web hosting Companies. He can also select whether he wants to have a free Web Hosting or a paid Web Hosting according to his needs and budget.

If you are a beginner and had just created a website then you can take the help of the C- panel. C ?panel stands for control panel that helps the new ones to manage their websites in an easy and efficient way. It manages E-mails, helps to solve every problem step by step.

Types of Web Hosting:

  1. Virtual Web Hosting:-In this type of Web Hosting a large number of sites are placed on a single server and every single user is given a single ID address. It thus helps to maintain many sites on a single server.
  2. Dedicated Web Hosting: – In dedicated Web Hosting a single server is provided with a single user. Such type of Web Hosting helps to maintain the identity of the user on the server. He himself has the full access to the server and is responsible for its maintenance and security.
  3. Reseller Web Hosting: – In such type of Web Hosting a person buys a space on the server. The further sells this space to other users on rent. They themselves provide technical assistance to their customers.

Before selecting any Web Hosting Company one needs to take out complete information regarding the company. It should have an enough experience with Web Hosting. It should provide enough disk space to its customers. A Web Hosting Company should be able to maintain the data and the contents of its customers in an efficient way. A Web Hosting company should be able to provide Web Hosting Services with a lightning speed. It should be able to provide efficient technical assistance so that customer can have an easy solution whenever he finds any trouble with his website. It should be able to provide protection to ID address of its customers so that they are protected against any mishapennings.

Web Hosting is thus maintaining links with several websites and managing linking and protecting various websites on the internet. IWIHosting is a beneficial and reliable company that provides efficient Web Hosting with eye catching service plans. For more information just visit:

Inexpensive Small Business Web Hosting

Even today it is a common scenario,when searching for a service or product online or offline,individuals give more priority to the price.No matter saving money on your monthly business web hosting package can prove worthwhile.However,one should bear in mind that the market value is not everything.

Some web hosting companies offer very cheap web hosting packages but if you watch closely these packages encompass low bandwidth,diskspace and other resources.The control panel price is not included in the web hosting package either. Also it should not be a surprize if you encounter lot of downtime. Therefore inorder to have a good web hosting experience,one should be extra careful when selecting a web hosting provider.Even if you select a small service such as a email hosting,make sure you choose a reputed reliable web host.

It is further important to know the precise requirements of your website/s,this helps in choosing an appropriate small business web hosting provider. A good research can help you find the best web hosting provider for your business or private website. If you have a small website such as a blog or a site which has less webpages and the traffic too is not much then a simple shared web hosting package should be enough,whereas if you have a business website and receive a lot of traffic then a small business web hosting package offered by few reputed web hosting providers can do wonders in the success of your web site and hence your business. But if you have many visitors at any given point of time and you also wish to have minimum downtime then you can either choose a VPS or dedicated servers that are setup using the mirroring technology can offer you 100% uptime guarantee.

But there are very few web hosting companies that actually offer 100% uptime guarantee with their web hosting packages.Most of the other companies use such attractive jargons inorder to increase their customer base.Customers later realise that the web hosting company gave false commitments about offering 100% uptime.Therefore it is important that you do good research before signing up with such a host. Checking reviews on certain web hosting forums and web hosting review sites can prove to be beneficial.Also you must contact the shortlisted web hosting company and actually ask them about the technology that they have user inorder to be able to offer 100% uptume to their clients.

If you are a newbie in the world of web hosting,then seeking advice from an experienced friend or colleague can be useful.Also if you are well aware of your website requirements,you can get in touch with a reputed web hosting provider,let them know your requirements.Most would help you in choosing the most appropriate web hosting package for your website.It is advised not to hurry web selecting a host inorder to host your website/s.Analyze various hosts and only then select one that offers reliable services,maximum uptime guarantee,flexibility to upgrade packages,backups,24×7 customer support,etc. If you are lucky in choosing an appropriate web hosting provider,it can be a great move for the success of your website.

Shared Webhosting Vs Dedicated Web Hosting

Most of the delhi webhosting providers have quotes in their mind When it comes to making the all-important choice of what web hosting delhi service to use the choices come down to delhi shared hosting and delhi dedicated hosting. There are so many arguments arguing for both shared hosting and dedicated hosting service in delhi. Perhaps it is time to shed a little light on this web hosting dilemma.

First of all, let’s deal with the all-important question of server access. Needless to say, if you choose to use shared web hosting you will be sharing space with other businesses. Now your parents may have told you it is good to share but that is not always true in the arena of web hosting. In the arena of web hosting shared is synonymous with limited access.

A limited access approach to delhi web hosting service means that your access is limited through a control panel that is provided by the delhi web hosting provider. And if your delhi web hosting provider is in charge of the control panel then they are in control of your access. A lack of control to your web hosting means a lack of control for every part of your web hosting needs.

On the other hand, a dedicated hosting server gives you complete and total access. Now doesn’t that sound a lot better? Full access in the form of dedicated hosting means that you get the final say in all web hosting decisions. Dedicated hosting also gives you access to the remote desktop manager, which allows you to have access to the machines desktop.

Next we look at web hosting from the perspective of exclusive use. Getting back to the concept of shared web hosting, the question needs to be asked, how much do you like to share? With shared hosting you are sharing a server with roughly 500-1000 other websites. Wow, that’s a lot of neighbors in your cyber neighborhood. With these many other websites clamoring for web hosting you may not always have access to all the server’s resources. Other websites may be taking up more web hosting resources than you are.

A dedicated hosting service however, gives you exclusive access to all the resources the dedicated hosting server has to offer. Your information alone is responsible for the performance of the server.

Finally lets deal with scalability in regards to the issue of web hosting. Most shared web hosting services do not allow you to install your own applications on the web hosting service. They have a set configuration and they do not go outside the box, thereby limiting your growth.

A dedicated hosting service gives you complete control. Your website development or your webmaster can install any applications that are necessary for your web hosting needs. Again more control means a more effective web hosting service.

So all in all, it would seem that dedicated hosting is a far more viable option for most businesses web hosting needs. Dedicated hosting gives you more control and, in the arena of web hosting, it’s all about control.

limiting your growth.

A dedicated hosting service gives you complete control. Your IT department can install any applications that are necessary for your web hosting needs. Again more control means a more effective web hosting service.

So all in all, it would seem that dedicated hosting is a far more viable option for most businesses web hosting needs. Dedicated hosting gives you more control and, in the world of web hosting, it’s all about control.

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