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How to Select a Web Hosting Company

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In the present scenario it is a daunting task to choose a web hosting company. There are literally thousands of web hosting companies to prefer from, each offering unparallel set of combinations of web space, bandwidth, databases, asp, customer support etc. Some company?s trend us to entice customers with fancy offers on the assets like space and bandwidth. In return, however, most customers did not get satisfactory level services. In the hosting business, the client is at top most priority.

So now the question comes how one can choose the dreamed web hosting company? One must always suggest that the priority must be given by type and need of his/her website (whether for a company or personal). Is the database required? If so, what kind one prefers, MySQL or something else? Likewise, is PHP, CGI, ASP, or some other programming language needs additional support? These questions can come into play when one uses certain scripts into his/her own website. One must also consider the space of his/her website from future prospects. The same is applied for bandwidth, or transfer. One must secure enough space and bandwidth now so that he/she need not pay for extra services, in the future.

One should convey an important financial lesson in the topic of bandwidth and storage space concern. Although one should try to possess sufficient amount of both for a predictable future still there is no need to pay a huge sum for bandwidth and storage space which is not required. For instance, companies are providing 5 GB and perhaps 100 GB of space and bandwidth respectively at a very fair cost. Now, one can easily find a nice 500MB / 20GB plan for only under $5 per month. One must know how much space and bandwidth he/she will require before searching for a host.

Numerous hosting companies are in the race of providing fascinating services. But it is not confirm to be the passport of providing best caring facility. One must look for a company having a good, honest support structure set up with a variety of support options: support tickets, live support chat, e-mail support, and perhaps phone support. If someone is considering about a particular web host, the best thing he/she can do to evaluate their support is via. an e-mail or open a support ticket and perceive the duration of response. It?s not a good sign if it extends to more than 24 hours.

The credibility of one?s web-hosting company can be easily measured just by looking on to its customer testimonials on its web page. One must contact at least one customer if his/her e-mail or website address is provided in the list and must know about their experiences with the given company. Google and Yahoo! Search engines can be useful if there is no testimonial provided to search the customer. Forums and other WebPages can also be used in customer feedback about one?s company. Several times, many customers use to share their experiences, either good or bad with hosting companies. Thus one can also ask from them their recommendations while selecting a web host and by this a third party can judge the credibility of his/her host also.

Utility of Support in Web Hosting Business


The importance of support can be explained in form of a small example as depicted here, imagine one is in a business of running a small-medium sized online store that concentrates on affordably prized gift items, and now lets say, it’s Christmas time. Now it is sure that everybody is busy in shopping and the use him/her self will be waiting for this day to come, as it is the time of the year when his/her business really blooms, and with which he/she will get revenue to plan next event or business.

Now imaging a biggest trouble came, say his/her site goes down due to some sort of problems associated with server on 23rd of December, or on Christmas Eve. To make the things worst user is not able to get hosting company as well. Now what will happen? How he/she would react when he/she won?t get such support at this moment of time? Now this explains why prompt support required is.

The above example is just a small example and believe it or not things can even go worst that this. It is a true fact that the quality of support builds the foundation of hosting company. It is the foundation on which the whole building of hosting firm rests. The features like speedy and accurate customer service are rare to be seen, but they are the things, which make one company successful. Along with these features one should take care for performance, Space, Traffic allowed, Features, Cost, and most importantly Customer support.

In order to check the credibility of a hosting company, customer support is considered as a main factor. If a company wants to prove its credibility it has to take care of its technical support at any cost. For a user it?s really important to know if technical support is dependable or not as if anything goes wrong with his/her site, then he/she has to contact the company and cure is only possible if it is directly provided by the hosting company itself.

There are several or rather say almost all companies to claim to offer services like techs working round the clock in their organizations, managing their state-of-the art systems etc. But in reality we know that it is mere a fake trap. Due to excess demand of information technology professionals now days, many web-hosting companies are unable to find employees who are well trained in OS concepts, network technology and control panel specifications

In this article we are giving the brief outlines of the hosting support considerations for the beginners as well as any host who have got high regards for the quality standards of their company.

Right support:

It?s really quite difficult to find perfect support for one?s company. For every web host who gives serious thought to hosting support would be having certain expectation levels regarding the quality of support. It is only if one?s support is marvelous that one can feel relaxed as his/her customers are also going to feel relaxed due to this.

In this context the most important thing to consider is how to provide round the clock support and that too whole year. It is quite often seen that every web host just promises to provide support 24 / 7 and even promises to offer money back guarantee in case he/she is not able to provide that. But in reality such things are rare. So, one should take care to have best support team to offer support round the clock through out the year. One should ensure proper administration and supervision to check the quality as well as the working style of support people.


Next parameter to consider is cost. One should consider this point as well, for maintaining cost it is better to have own team of technical experts, or outsourcing to an outsourced hosting support company. One should select support wisely with efficient computations of his/her expenses and profit margin. It is advisable to do calculations in such a way that the quality of support can be kept and simultaneously good profit can also be earned even in the long run. One should keep in mind that due to intense competition in the beginning profits are not much but keeping quality will benefit in the long run as all will be out from the market offering poor services.

In order to control cost, it is not only possible to control it via controlling technical factors but also non technical aspects like sales / billing support and timely administration of servers etc. In order to save cost one can manage the sales / billing issues by his/her own or he/she can avail the services of a fresher. For the server administration, one requires the service of a good system administrator to perform the timely software upgrades, and the other fine tuning aspects of the server in order to make it run smooth. It?s always considered an additional utility to maintain a team of technical experts who are able to perform technical support as well as server administration instead of employing separate teams for the same. Thus the above things can easily reduce cost and no doubt without compromising quality.

What to choose? In-House or Outsourced

Now next important thing to consider is whether it is required to have an in-house team of technicians, or one can outsource support to a support company? There are several people with different opinions on this matter; therefore we are taking both the pros and cons to conclude which one is better.



1) It is possible to have direct interaction with the support staff in person.

2) It is possible to recruit directly the support staff by own.

3) Also local market knowledge and expertise can be known well when it comes to sales and marketing

4) In case of emergency, ready availability-upon-call of in house team.


1) It is cost effective as compared to above.

2) One can concentrate better on his/her own business marketing as anyone else is taking care of technical aspect.

3) Biggest advantage is availability of expertise in specific fields.

4) No problems with the planning of shifts or personnel to manage the 24 / 7 support, as it is now headache of the outsource company.

5) No training cost.



1) Its quite expensive as compared to Outsourced.

2) Burden of personnel management in maintaining an in-house team for support

3) Requirement of dynamism as remedies is to be taken immediately.


1) It is not possible to have direct interaction in person with the support staff.

2) Its important to have accustomed with own support people, as they might keep on changing according to the outsource company’s internal policies.

3) Needs perfection of language (spoken or written)


To conclude, it is always better to select a good outsourced support firm, that maintains it’s promises and does not comprise on quality instead of employing own separate staff to handle the technical support, sales / billing and server administration.

Explore Way to a Cheap But Dependable Web Hosting

What can be the foremost thing user should keep in mind before starting the journey ending on a cheap but good hosting service provider? It is the knowledge of total disk space required by the user i.e. precise amount of MBs, number of pages, the number of video/audio files, or any other crucial thing required by the user for his/her site. If user is going to have a site possessing a lot of visitors then a cheap web hosting company might not be a preferable option. Other deciding factor can be the amount of email addresses allowed by the cheap web hosting, it may probably be less than the expectancy of the user, hence; user should go through the provided document vigilantly which displays the features allowed in the contract.

For making all the features noticeable, one should have a list of merits and demerits of a cheap web hosting investment. When one puts an eye on the list of top 10 cheap web hosting companies, one can have 3 aspects for discussion: price, quality and at last but very crucial i.e. services provided. If one talks about the price then for a cheap web hosting the user will have to afford a price in the range of $5 to $20 per month. Other, two crucial factors i.e. space and bandwidth will also vary according to the paid price i.e. from 3GB to 5GB and 45GB to 300GB respectively.

Now its time to talk about reliability of the hosting company. User can easily judge it via host?s customer support efficiency. A good customer support will sow the seed of a reliable web hosting. While searching for a reliable web hosting, the user should confirm that the hosting company should not only have an email support, but also a phone support; because in crisis email is not a sure alternative. Response time through email is an another factor to consider; some hosts take several hours and even days to contact the user, however for a reliable host few minutes are quite enough to tackle the problem. As few companies follow certain norms i.e. hours to deal with customer?s problems but a dependable host can provide this facility at 24/7.

For the purpose of selecting the best cheap but reliable web hosting from the available ones merging of two crucial points of the article is required. The actual key of triumph lies in proper investigation and measuring the quality of proposals made by each web hosting company. If a user properly assimilates the above mentioned points there is nothing to fear about in selecting the best one. Now, it is up to the users that how they make the use of these weapons to do the right hunt.

Way to Match Up Web Hosting

One cannot deny the fact that, while searching for an ideal web hosting service one should compare his/her requirements with the services provided by the hosting company. No doubt, it consumes valuable time of the user, but the efforts would be worth it. One will get the relief that the choice made by him/her is best as compare to other companies regarding, services and options.

To judge the right one between two web hosts, one should know about the kind of site he/she is going to have hosted. One can divide the majority of sites into personal, small business, information sites or ecommerce business sites. The variations between these sites greatly influence the factor of judgment between two web hosting companies. If a user is going to possess a simple home page, then quality and features of a potential hosting company are not very requirement. However, when it comes to a business web site a huge amount of disk space and bandwidth for whole traffic is an inevitable requirement. That?s the reason it is a foremost step when it comes to measure between web hosting. Of course, nobody knows about his/her hosting needs but the user him/her self.

Few of the crucial aspects which one should keep in mind while finalizing a web host company:

1. Costs and Setup Fees: before dealing to a company one should ensure that he/she has full knowledge of actual charges associated with different things.

2. Customer Support: one should give top priority host?s efficiency in customer support. Whether it is 24/7 or rather just Monday to Friday?

3. Control Panel: control panel according to user?s requirement is must. This is an important aspect to keep in mind especially for beginners.

4. POP Email Account: While comparing web hosting one should verify that whether they access the user email accounts or not.

5. FTC Transfer Limits: while comparing web hosting features one should confirm the presence of FTP transfer limits.

6. Limitless Space Transfer: one should verify hosting company?s Acceptable Use Policies to observe their dimensions regarding unlimited plans. Definitely, nobody likes to get negative response for using excessive space. Can a user upgrade it whenever he/she requires?

This is not an end, there are several other aspects as well which one needs to consider before dealing up with a web host service. With accurate knowledge and investigating on search engines one can compare services and options of related hosting companies in fraction of minutes. One will definitely receive positive results of time devotion and hard work when one reach to the superior level of comparison.

How to Choose a Reliable Web Hosting Company in India?

Finding a web hosting company in India is not at all a difficulty for there are many that claim to offer top-notch services. The main glitch lies in finding out the most reliable and affordable one that would offer web hosting uninterruptedly and at the same time allow complete control of the domain as well as web space. You should be able to find the best web hosting company that will offer the tools you require so that you could run your website efficiently and effectively. Prior awareness of all your requirements will make the selection of the company easy.

A good web hosting company will facilitate smooth functioning of your website after domain registration and will also provide support to install the tools and features you need for your website. There are a few companies that offer free web hosting and emails too with domain registration.

web hosting in India is offered by many but comes in two basic types?free and paid. Needless to mention, the former has its own share of disadvantages but the latter is found to be more reliable. Free web hosting brings along with it a whole host of advertisements that the web hosting company might place on your website to make up for the costs. This might hamper the entire look of your website. The customer support also might not be effective.

As far as paid web hosting is concerned, there are again various hosting packages available that come at different costs. A closer look at the packages will give an insight into the tools and features it comes with and will help you decide on the one that is right for you.

Web Hosting India brings a whole lot of services to the eager wannabe online business people, but to get things right, one has to spend considerable time researching the right web hosting company and getting their domain registration. Convenient for you, you could also get in touch with friends of yours who already have a website put up on the internet for business or any other purpose and get yours hosted through if the services are found to be good.