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Basic Overview of Web Hosting Services

A web hosting service is a service given by companies to individuals and businesses that allocates them space on their server and provides connection to the Internet. In this way, the information that they want to share will be available for all internet users.

In this day and age of the Internet, you can almost find all the information that you need in the World Wide Web. These different types of information can be seen through websites that are uploaded to the Internet. Several individual and businesses see the Internet as a very good way to share relevant information with other people across the world.

In order for this to actualize, these web developers, or simply the people who make websites, need a space in the Internet so their websites will be available for everyone to see. This is the main goal of a web hosting service.

There are several types of web hosting services that are available today. The simplest one is small-scale hosting, which usually deals with personal web pages. It is the process wherein files that are to be place in the web page are uploaded thru the File Transfer Protocol. This type of web hosting service is readily accessible as many companies offer this for free, and it is commonly known as free web hosting service.

Another type of web hosting service is the shared web hosting service where different websites share the same server, thus may share the resources used for web hosting such as the Random Access Memory.

A different type of web hosting service is the dedicated hosting service where the user gets a Web server for himself and also controls it the way he wants to. The server does not necessarily belong to him though. A type of dedicated hosting is the self-managed hosting where the user gets full access and must maintain the dedicated box by him.

A virtual dedicated server is also another type of web hosting service where each user has a virtual server for his webpage. Virtual since this server is actually divided between different users but it is as if there is a personal server for each one.

The most expensive web hosting service is collocation, which is very similar to dedicated web hosting service. The only difference is that the user owns the server and the hosting company just provides the space taken up by the server and its corresponding maintenance.

Managed hosting service is one more web hosting service available for use. The server is usually leased to the user but he is not allowed full control over it to guarantee the quality of their service. Data management is done thru the file transfer protocol.

An added type of web hosting service is the home server where the server is located in a private residence that allows it to host one or more websites using a broadband connection.

These are just some of the web hosting services that are available for individuals and businesses to avail of. Choosing which the best one for your needs is must be thoroughly decided upon since not all web hosting services are free and they differ in the provision of the server.

Understanding the Concept of Web Hosting

Web host services allow individuals and organizations to create their websites via the World Wide Web. The hosting companies connect their web servers to the internet. They are kept in a physical center called ?data center?, which has a 24/7 secure environment complete with HVAC temperature control, virus detection software, excellent backup, as well, as disaster recovery capabilities.

Organizations that prefer web host services independently have to incur huge expenses and require the latest technology. Choosing a professional web hosting service is more viable than hosting a site independently.

Web host services generally come with two options – a free web host service and a paid web host service. While free web host services are good option, but there are chances of unnecessary advertisements popping up and distracting visitors. A paid web host service, on the other hand, is more popular with recommended features, such as, a 24 hour technical support, POP3 email accounts, CGI-Bin access and a minimum of 20MB disk space.

Web host services are classified in three main categories:

  1. Shared web hosting

  2. Dedicated web hosting

  3. Reseller web hosting

  1. Shared hosting:


Shared web hosting is used by many businesses as well as hobbyists all around the world. Shared hosting is relatively inexpensive, as several websites share the same server. In other words, websites reside on a same server with the costs shared between the individuals on the server. Most website owners create their own script using PHP JavaScript and HTML.

  1. Dedicated hosting:


In dedicated hosting, an individual has his own server and does not share space with any other website. The best advantage of a dedicated hosting service is the option to host multiple websites on the same server. The individual also has this option to handle site traffic, configure software and even scale the bandwidth.

  1. Reseller hosting:


Reseller hosting involves individuals selling their hosting space further. Reseller hosting is for those who want to start a business and offer shared hosting to their customers. Resellers include web consultants, such as, web designers, and web developers. Most reseller hosting companies require a dedicated server for this service.

Further, there are two platforms for hosting a website – Windows and Linux. Among these two, Linux hosting is becoming a popular choice among organizations. Since Linux is a free operating system, Linux hosting is quite economical and much more secured.

Reseller Web Hosting : Defined

In Todays new modern era different types of web hosting services are available in web hosting market. Like as dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, Shared Hosting etc. Then Why you need to choose reseller hosting? Therefore first you need to know what is the reseller hosting ?

So in this article you will find how the reseller hosting really works and what are the main advantages to buy it?

To buy this service, first you need to buy this from an intermediate user. For ex. Someone already using hosting service and your are buying from him/her, it is called as a reseller hosting. Here user can also contact web hosting company directly for this service. Because if you are going buy hosting packages in first hand then in that case you need to pay more for it. So this the big advantage of reseller hosting which make this service so popular. It means user get the hosting service in cheaper rate with best services.

Shared Hosting also famous for its cheaper rates. Its likes, one server hosts few many Website then its called shared hosting service. Everyone is not afford to buy VPS or dedicated server in first hand and today everyone finding cheapest services. Shared Hosting is the better option for those people who belongs with small businesses.

In todays market many people prefer VPS and dedicated hosting service as compare to other hosting packages. In Dedicated Hosting service it cost you more than other services, but here you can manage your server whenever you need. As look at to shared hosting you can not do that. In shared hosting you can only manage your place over there. That is the main reason you need to buy reseller hosting service. The main advantage of reseller hosting is that you can use hosting services in a cheaper rate because you come under at second level customer.

If you are just starting your business and you do not want to spend more bucks on hosting services then reseller hosting is good option. Shared hosting also popular in web hosting field but usually people think shared hosting is not secured that much. The easiest way is, buy a dedicated server but it is little bit expensive than other hosting packages. So in this situation you need to buy a reseller hosting service. Here you can customize it, like you want to change the look or security you can do according to your wish and if you do not need much more bandwidth then reseller hosting is the good option for you because it works well. You can use this service in many different useful ways and later you can improve your hosting service.

Reseller Hosting is good option for experimenting if you like. Because VPS and Dedicated hosting service are little bit expensive for those people who just starting their online businesses and shared hosting will not complete their demands. In this situation reseller hosting can be more beneficial for online businesses.

If you are experimenting then you really do not need much more bandwidth. In Shared Hosting the web space is limited and you cannot do any changes in server. And if you do not want to spend more bucks on hosting plan but wants best services then you have one option and it’s solution is reseller hosting service because if your experiments give you best results then do it , Just use reseller hosting service and then plan to buy VPS web hosting or Dedicated web hosting in first hand.

Get to Weigh Your Options With Web Hosting Services

While the goal of every web hosting company is alike, the difference lies in their quality, reliability and pricing structures offered. The one aspect that remains common with all hosting companies is that the web owners get their share of space, visibility and accessibility on the World Wide Web.

The amateur web owner may be deceived into thinking that all web hosting packages and their corresponding features and tools are alike. Well, there is no such thing as one size fits all in the web hosting industry. In fact, it could just be the opposite. Depending on the intended creation of the website, its nature as well as its popularity, your web hosting demands and requirements would vary accordingly. So, whether your hosting budget is big or small; the focus should remain on the professionalism and worth of the delivered hosting services.

While free hosting could also be an attractive option for the novice web master, but comes with its set of restrictions and downsides like pop-ups and other annoyances. Nonetheless, it could an option worth considering if the web owner just wants to get the feel of the web hosting industry.

If you are looking for a more customized yet affordable package, then shared hosting would an ideal option to consider. As the term suggests, shared hosting comprises of many websites being hosted on a single server. While this option could offer an affordable hosting solution, it comes equipped with certain issues like illegal content hosted on the server. This in turn would result in your website being shut down as well, albeit temporarily.

Professional companies usually opt for the dedicated hosting service. This service is seemingly less complicated than shared hosting and an entire server is rented to host a single website. Coupled with flexibility and freedom, dedicated hosting offers a plethora of features and tools including extra bandwidth, visitor trackers, and your own I.P.

Reseller hosting is yet another highly attractive amenity that comes with almost every web hosting service. As the name suggests, the person buys a reseller-hosting package and sells it further and in the process earns a profit. The reseller package is purchased from the company and the space is divided into various sections. These sections can easily be purchased by fellow webmasters, who are in need of space. With the right marketing expertise, the resellers could soon be effortless dollars every month.

It is advisable to predetermine your requirements, budgets and the future prospects of your website before you narrow down and zero down on your hosting options. Remember, it is better to perform a thorough research on the company and analyze your requirements in advance than having to switch web hosts from time to time. Although this process would require some effort and time investments, the web master would at least convinced that he/she is making a well informed decision. Also ensure that the host offers you the flexibility of a convenient hosting account upgrade as and when required without any additional fee.

What are the Web Hosting Options at your Disposal?

When you decide to host your website, the most important decision that you need to take is about the kind of website hosting service you should opt for. There are many types of services available for you to use, but your choice should primarily be based on your budget and requirements.


First and foremost, you should undertake extensive research to find out as much as you can about the different kinds of web hosting services on offer today. Secondly, you should analyse the cost that each service would entail, in terms of the main package, monthly/yearly charges, as well as additional costs, if any.


In general, website hosts offer the following three kinds of hosting services:


Shared Hosting

Commonly referred to as ‘Basic Hosting’, it is the kind of server that most customers end up with. A simple, non-complicated and highly economical choice (a package costs as low as $3-10 per month), shared hosting is ideal for small-time businesses that have basic, static websites, or individuals who simply want to host their blog or have their own ?space’ in the online zone. In shared hosting, multiple single websites are shared on a single server and user has limited control over the server’s functioning.


VPS Hosting

Under VPS hosting, multiple websites can run on a single web server. However, the biggest difference it has from a shared hosting package is that a VPS client can run his own operating system on the server. To cite an example, say both Website A and B are hosted on the same server. VPS gives Site A the flexibility to run on a Unix platform, even as Site B runs on a Windows platform. A VPS web hosting package generally costs somewhere between $20-75$ per month or more.


Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most advanced and expensive (it generally costs between $50-500 per month or even more than that) type of website hosting service available. A dedicated hosting service is when a client leases an entire server which is not shared with anyone. A single website is run on a single server, giving the webmaster complete control of the site’s administration and functioning. Highly flexible and better than shared hosting in terms of control, dedicated servers give users the choice of operating system, hardware, etc.


Whatever option you choose for hosting your site, make sure you hire the services of a company that is reliable and offers you great deals on its hosting packages. Linux Web Host is one of the most trusted names in web hosting in Australia. The company gives its clients some amazing offers and packages for website hosting.