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Shared hosting or dedicated web hosting, find your ideal choice

Shared web hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular and least expensive way to own your website. This is ideal for people and business that do not use their website for critical applications. Shared web hosts provide web space anywhere between 20 MB to 200 MB on a shared hard drive costing around $ 35. As 20 Mb is sufficient to host around 1000 web pages, this is the ideal option for small website owners who use for promotional and information purposes.

Free Shared web hosting

There are shared free web hosting that offer certain amount web space to host your web pages. The domain name will be yourname their subdomain ( The do not charge any amount from the website owners but instead often place some ads on home page or any other pages. This advertising income will cover their operation cost and profit.? Some shared free web hosts provide an option to remove the ads and banners from your WebPages on payment of certain charges. They also provide options for upgrade, extended bandwidth and increased web space on payment of charges, often called as premium charges.

Advantages of shared web hosting

There are many benefits attached to shared web hosting

Cost effective or sometimes free of cost

Ideal for personal and small business web sites

Simple and easy to maintain

Disadvantages of shared web hosting

Little or no customer support

Over crowded server and bandwidth

Limited features

Ads and banners distracting the main contents

Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated web hosting costs several hundreds to several thousand dollars every month. This is ideal for very large business that runs critical applications or hosts a large amount of data. This type is considered to be the best web hosting and is required mainly by e-commerce type of applications. Normally, dedicated web hosting gives dedicated server to each user with high bandwidth. Dedicated web hosting provide dedicated IP address which is set aside specifically for a particular domain.

Advantages of dedicated web hosting

The advantages with dedicated web hosting include

Ideal for personal and large and high volume web sites

Sophisticated tools and utilities for easy maintenance

Dedicated IP

Private SSL Certificate

FTP services for sharing files over internet

Can setup own domain Name Server

Disadvantages of dedicated web hosting


Not affordable for small business

Complicated and cumbersome not maintainable with average computer user

Things to Keep in Mind while Changing Web Host

What is web hosting? web hosting is a type of service that lets user to put the website on the internet. The part of web hosting comes after the user has decided the domain name and has registered it too. User has three options possible for choosing a web hosting service that a web host can offer. They are virtual private server hosting, shared web hosting and dedicated server hosting. In case a user wants to switch web host then the user should keep following consideration in mind.

User should start looking for new web host at least few days before user run out of credit for present account. This will help in keeping your website on the air for the maximum time. Before switching to the new web host, first make a backup copy of the website in the same tree structure in which you want to upload it later, only the cgi-bin?s location can vary. Also look for any chmod permissions that you might have set on any folder or file. This is so as these permissions need to be reset when files are uploaded to the new web server. Copy of the database/databases has to be made too.

Another consideration that user has to make is that user should be aware of the hosting requirements like beginner are concern with the amount that they have to pay to the disk space they are provided.

If the user is a professional, entrepreneur or online business then the user can make following requirements, which are:-

  1. Choosing the type of web hosting: user has mainly two options, Shared server or dedicated server. If a user expects to get huge traffic then the user must go for dedicated server as it has much greater bandwidth then the shared one. This is also required if you need to have complex app, secure information and customized option in your website.
  2. Type of OS for hosting: If your website is build on technologies like JSP, ASP etc and require other Microsoft add like MSACCESS or MS SQL database the one should go for windows hosting. On the other hand if the user is using technologies like Cold Fusion then it can run on Linux as well as Windows platform.
  3. Bandwidth and Space Requirements:? Many web hosts are providing 1GB ? 3GB of disk space but if your site require more space and/or receives lot of traffic then one should consider other web host as this will then just not be enough.
  4. Requirement for number of sub domains and parked domains: Parked domain are advantageous for high traffic websites as they can handle them better whereas dub domain helps in improving reputation of your website on the search engine. Most of the web host charge extra money for them.
  5. Active more than 99.99%: Many web hosts are now guaranteeing up time of up to 99.99%, but then they are costlier and should be chosen if you require so like in commercial websites.

How Does Web Hosting Work ? Information On The Definition Of Web Hosting

A web host is a company which in effect provides a home for websites.? The hosting service involves the provision of computer storage space where the web pages are all saved, and allowing for the transfer of data as these pages are viewed by users of the internet.? No website can be viewed online unless it is hosted somewhere, though the geographical location of the web host makes very little difference.

So the main thing a web host provides is powerful computers on which different websites are stored.? Most hosting involves storing several websites on each computer, known as shared hosting, but there is an option called dedicated hosting which means you get a separate computer where only your website is stored.? This is a lot more expensive and is usually only required by larger and very busy websites.

It costs the web host money to provide the equipment and support required to host websites, so naturally they charge for their services.? While there are such things as free hosting, this never amounts to the same thing as proper web hosting.? Free hosting usually means the provision of very limited and restricted web pages on a shared domain, so you are just getting a few pages on a much larger site.? This is very different to having your own domain name and total freedom with regard to how you structure and develop your website.

The two main measurable things that a web host will provide you with are storage space for your pages within the computer memory, known as disc space, and what is called bandwidth, which is really a measure of the transfer of data which takes place when people view your pages or download files.? These two things are clearly measurable and when you arrange a web hosting package, you will be signing up to a certain quantity of these two things.

The limit you agree for disc space will determine how large your website can be and the type and number of files you can store.? Each of your pages takes up memory, and things like image, video or music files take up a lot more memory than just pages of text.? The limit on bandwidth must relate to how busy your website is going to be, in terms of visitors.? When you hear about websites crashing, this is often a result of a sudden increase in visitors which pushes the site over its allowed bandwidth limit.? It is unfortunately not unusual for some web hosts to automatically take your site offline as soon as you reach your bandwidth limit, without even informing you.? This is one of the reasons you need to take great care when selecting a web host for your website.

The other thing that will affect bandwidth is the type of website you have and the sort of files on it.? For example, if your site is for gaming or streaming videos, you are going to need a far higher bandwidth limit than a text based information site would require.

While these two main technical factors of disc space and bandwidth are certainly things you need to consider when choosing a web host, by far the most important considerations are how reliable the host is in terms of keeping your website online, and how quickly and efficiently their support staff respond when you have problems or queries.? The only way to be sure about how any host performs in this respect is to check reviews by existing customers.

How Web Hosting is contracting world into shorter space?

web hosting means providing space to consumers on the web servers so that their World Wide Websites can be accessed by anyone while surfing on the network. web hosting allows the company or individual to have an access with rest of the world on internet through their website. web hosting is not only for providing space on the net but it also manages various websites on the network.

Today is a competitive world. Everybody wants to be at the top of the world. Linking is the only way with which one can achieve this goal. web hosting can help a lot in this context. web hosting provides space to exhibit all our contents that we want to share with others. It also provides every user an address ID so that one can easily locate one site among millions of sites around the world. For getting web hosting Services one can choose from a large number of web hosting Companies. He can also select whether he wants to have a free Web Hosting or a paid Web Hosting according to his needs and budget.

If you are a beginner and had just created a website then you can take the help of the C- panel. C ?panel stands for control panel that helps the new ones to manage their websites in an easy and efficient way. It manages E-mails, helps to solve every problem step by step.

Types of Web Hosting:

  1. Virtual Web Hosting:-In this type of Web Hosting a large number of sites are placed on a single server and every single user is given a single ID address. It thus helps to maintain many sites on a single server.
  2. Dedicated Web Hosting: – In dedicated Web Hosting a single server is provided with a single user. Such type of Web Hosting helps to maintain the identity of the user on the server. He himself has the full access to the server and is responsible for its maintenance and security.
  3. Reseller Web Hosting: – In such type of Web Hosting a person buys a space on the server. The further sells this space to other users on rent. They themselves provide technical assistance to their customers.

Before selecting any Web Hosting Company one needs to take out complete information regarding the company. It should have an enough experience with Web Hosting. It should provide enough disk space to its customers. A Web Hosting Company should be able to maintain the data and the contents of its customers in an efficient way. A Web Hosting company should be able to provide Web Hosting Services with a lightning speed. It should be able to provide efficient technical assistance so that customer can have an easy solution whenever he finds any trouble with his website. It should be able to provide protection to ID address of its customers so that they are protected against any mishapennings.

Web Hosting is thus maintaining links with several websites and managing linking and protecting various websites on the internet. IWIHosting is a beneficial and reliable company that provides efficient Web Hosting with eye catching service plans. For more information just visit:

Why You Should Get Dedicated Web Hosting

Deciding on using a dedicated web hosting service or a shared web hosting service is really up to each individual and depends on several factors like the size of your website, the dependability and security you need.

A Dedicated web hosting Service Vs. A Shared web hosting Service
Let us first define just what the differences are between a dedicated server and a shared server. The dedicated web hosting service gives you a lot of space on the server to hold your web pages, images, files, etc. When you use a dedicated server you don?t share the servers space with other websites and usually only host your own. This type of web hosting is usually reserved for websites that contain thousands and thousands of pages.

The Benefits of a Dedicated web hosting Service
Obviously using a dedicated web hosting server is going to be much more costly than that of a shared web hosting service, but you also receive many more advantages and benefits over a long period of time. If you have had an Internet site for some time and your site keeps getting bigger and bigger then this may be an option you want to take into consideration.

A dedicated web hosting server is going to give you a lot more stability and is going to be much more reliable. You will also be able to manage many more variables and make your website more efficient. You will be able to control bad scripts, code overload, and even the many ways the server handles applications and components of your website.

In other words, by using a dedicated server you have your own web server and can fully control it, even though the user does not own the server. The dedicated web hosting user can decide on which applications he needs and which software will help his site, and these are elements that a web site owner has no control over when he has a shared web hosting service.

By choosing a dedicated server you are not totally dependent on your provider, you can fix many problems that occur directly, allowing you to assist and support your own clients quickly and efficiently.

Who is a Dedicated Server for?
If you are a web design firm and have thousands of clients and need to host their sites then choosing a dedicated server may be an option for you. You might want to choose a dedicated server if you are a large corporation with several multinational websites, or if you are a very large product oriented company.

How Can I tell If My Dedicated Server is Making a Difference in My Business?
If you site was loading slowly when you were on a shared server, then you will notice how it loads much faster on a dedicated server. You will also notice that you missed out on several visitors because your site was loading so slowly.

Remember that the most important thing for you as an internet business marketer is assuring that your site is always up and downloads quickly no matter what the internet connection. If this is not happening, then maybe its time to change to a dedicated server or change your shared web hosting service to another company.

Ultimately deciding on whether or not to use a dedicated server web hosting service is up to you and depends on the type of business you are running, the size of your website, and the security you need for your web based business.

If your website is not of this nature and you are still having trouble, the website is loading slowly, you are experiencing a lot of down time, you are losing customers and information, then you might want to change shared web hosting services before deciding on a dedicated web hosting service.

Remember that just as in any other business there are also some great web hosting services and there are also some which just leave something to be desired. The answer may be to change companies and find a more reliable web hosting company.

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