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A Decision Guide On Web Hosting Plan Selection

Whatever be your purpose for setting up a website, web hosting services will be essentially required. After all it will be via this route that your website will set up the communication with the entire world. With the essential said and done, let’s move from here to the more critical part.

You need web hosting services and there is the service provider all set with web hosting packages. It would have been easy had there been only one provider, with a particular package option. But this is not the case; there are a lot many choices. Just type ?web hosting prices’ or ?web hosting packages’ on any of the search engines and there will be thousands of companies, all set with their offers. While choice is good, too many options tend to confuse. This guide thus assists with nuances of Affordable Web Host and thereby aims at reducing the pains associated with the selection process. The details are quite pertinent, because the costs of opting for an inappropriate service provider in the domain of hosting are high.

Direct and indirect costs of a wrong decision

  1. The web hosting fee is a waste because the website fails to reach its audiences.

  2. Money and time invested in designing and developing and promoting a website too gets categorized in the loss account.

  3. Frequent uptime errors leave a bad image on viewers and usually prompts switching over to another website. Of course in the deal your competitors will love your web hosting service provider.

  4. A slow website is frustrating and so for a visitor whatever you try to communicate losses its essence.

  5. Delays in troubleshooting could lead to losses of various sorts.

To avoid these costs, here is a quick list of points to be kept into consideration while selecting from any of the web hosting packages:

  1. Pricing ? the best is not always the most expensive one so compare carefully. Have a balanced perspective. Keep an eye on the affordable web hosting plans and at the same time compare with the expensive options. In fact there are free web hosting options as well, which work fine for a casual website. However, if it is a website requiring substantial data transfer or commercial exchanges, opt from amongst the business Affordable Web Hosting packages.

  2. Available space should be appropriate. When we say appropriate it does not means only today’s requirements but also tomorrow’s necessities. The web host packages for your business or personal needs should have scope for expansion.

  3. The Web host service provider should have a good name. Only with a reliable web hosting service provider you can expect minimal downtime issues.

  4. There should be 24×7 support facility. Web hosting is a domain with absolutely no scope for support leniency.

  5. You do not want site to be exposed to unwanted threats and trespassers. Thus ensure that the web hosting plan includes aspects like spam filtering and other protective measures.

  6. You do not want site to be exposed to unwanted threats and trespassers. Thus ensure that the web hosting plan includes aspects like spam filtering and other protective measures.

Free Web Hosting Review

The biggest question when it comes to selecting a web host has always been which one is better between free web hosting and cheap web domain hosting.

The word FREE is always enticing but not to every body. If you are serious about making money with your website, it will be to your advantage to have your site independently hosted in a paid platform. Although free web hosting is quite popular but be mindful of the fact that the company that hosts your site free on the internet will not be accountable to you in any way. There have been cases of frequent downtime and slow connection in some of the free web hosting packages. The worst may be that the site you had labored to build and freely host may just crash and all the data you have in it will disappear without you having any means of retrieving them,.

Apart from the fact that you will not hold the company that offers you free web host liable for any eventuality to your site, it is vital for you to know that search engines do not give priority to such free web hosted sites as they are regarded them as sub domains. The search engines will start their crawling from the root of the main site and normally ?spiders out? through the links on the home page. This means that the possibility of having your free hosted site ?crawled? by the search engine robots is very minimal. This will be to your site?s utmost internet exposure.

If just having a ?little? bit of presence on the internet is your goal, then you may consider a free web host but if your idea is to make money from the internet, it is advisable to get a cheap web host. Cheap web hosts now start from less than $4 per month and this will afford you the independence to do what you desire with you site based on the limits of the host package you chose. This is a departure from the free web host where you do not have any influence on what happens to your site and the amount of space and bandwidth you will use.

If your budget is really low and you desire to have your site now, it is better you consider cheap web host instead of a free web host. With cheap web hosting plan, you have the option of upgrading to greater and more elaborate hosting package anytime you want. For instance, if you discover that the visitors to your cheaply hosted site is increasing, all you will do is just ask your web hosting company to give you more space and bandwidth. The money you will be required to pay for this kind of upgrade is usually small.

The above discussion is very important if you are currently considering free web host. We also forgot to mention that with most cheap web host, you have some nice applications that will help you to design and upload your website stress free. This is important here because some free web host companies are smart enough to use easy web design applications to lure you to their net. It is not too bad if the purpose of your site is for leisure but if it is for serious business, it pays more to register your domain and have your site hosted. This has been made very easy these days in the competitive world of hosting companies. The hosting company that will offer you cheap, quality and response hosting packages is just a click away. Give it a try today and you will notice it will be cheaper for you at the long run.

Talking About the Top 10 Web Hosting Providers

The top 10 web hosts are considered to be top from the rest because of their unique capabilities as a web hosting provider. Normally, the popularity of a particular web hosting provider is judged on the basis of many factors such as : number of awards won, the review?s of other websites and also the Alexa traffic ranking etc. Some of the web hosting category awards for 2007, are as follows: 1) Best budget web hosting. 2) Best blog web hosting. 3) Best forum web hosting. 4) Best unix web hosting. 5) Best windows web hosting. 6) Best php web hosting. 7) Best email web hosting. 8) Best e-commerce web hosting. 9) Best multiple domain web hosting. 10) Best reseller web hosting. 11) Best virtual private server hosting. 12) Best dedicated server hosting.

To identify a web host, can be a very difficult experience since there are so many web hosts available nowadays. All of them sound good and reliable. However, I am going to talk about the top 10 web hosting providers and based on the basis of their features and other factors, who can then decide which one is suitable for you.

1) Bluhost web hosting provider ranks first among the top 10 web hosting providers. It is affordable and provides reliable web hosting solutions. Bluehost hosting plan consists of free domain name, free setup, free $50 yahoo search marketing credit, free $50 google Adwords credit, 24/7 support plan and a 30 day money back policy is also being provided. You can enjoy the facility of hosting unlimited domains in one account. A professional web hosting plan is being provided for $6.95 a month.

2) Yahoo web hosting provider is considered as the most reliable hosting provider. It stands second among the top 10 web hosting providers. The plan includes free domain name, $100 yahoo credit and $50 google credit offer.

3) Hostmonster: is known for its cheap unix hosting. It ranks third among the top 10 web hosting provider. It offers a free domain forever. It includes $50 yahoo credit and $50 google credit.

4) HostingPad: is known for its cheap unix hosting. It is the fourth among the top 10 web hosting provider. The package includes free domain forever, $25 yahoo credit and $30 google credit.

5) Vistapages: is fifth among the top 10 web hosting provider. The package includes a free domain facility and $25 yahoo credit. It is known for its cheap web hosting facility.

6) FastNext: is the sixth among the 10 web hosting provider. It is popular as a cheap reseller hosting provider. It includes 500gb space and free domain name.

7) Lunarpages: stands seventh among the top 10 web hosting provider and is known for its best shared hosting facility. It provides free domain forever and facilitates hosting of 11 domains.

8) Startlogic: is considered as the best value hosting provider. It stands eight among the top 10 web hosting provider. It offers free domain name, can allow a hosting facility of 50 domains. It provides easy to use professional multiple domain web hosting solutions, free domain, free setup, free $50 yahoo search marketing credit.

9) Dot5hosting: is considered as the best budget hosting provider among the top 10 web hosting provider. It is a professional and reliable web hosting provider. The package includes free domain, free setup, free $50. Yahoo search marketing, credit, 24/7 support facility and 30 day money back policy. Also, you can host up to 6 domains in one account. The Dot5hosting plan starts from $4.95 a month.

10) 1and 1: This hosting provider stands tenth among the top 10 web hosting provider. It is known for its cheap web hosting plan. It offers a space of 120gb, 2 free domains is being provided and also offers $25 yahoo credit and $25 google credit.

The top 10 web hosting rankings are given based on their best price, host reliability, uptime, its key features, customer support facility, past and current user feedbacks, user ? friendliness and their hosting awards.

Web Hosting Guidelines for Free!

1. The consistency of the service:

First of all think of a brand new hosting company which show off several features, dream of every user but alas! It doesn?t survive for too long. Let’s complete it with an example there is a company offering 500MB of storage capacity, 10GB of bandwidth a month, domain hosting, unlimited domain parking, CPanel along with all possible features, entirely no ads, and this merely for 150 posts in their forum. Outstanding as a dream? But after making few bucks they simply went offline. No declaration in advance, no regret, not anything!

Factors to be kept in mind:

1. Design:

A decent layout is quite important for the consideration. One should verify that the host to whom he/she is going to deal with possess a professional site or just a free template site, which is probably just a waste of time, nothing else.

What is their experience in this sector? It doesn?t mean that new sprung hosting services are worthless, but at least two months experience is quite essential.

One should also enquire about their Google PR, ranking, other locations etc. If the concern site possesses numerous inbound links, the host will have a good budget to maintain his/her client?s site.

2. Advertisements

One should also check for the ads that are placed on one?s space by his/her free web host. It is really annoying to display someone else’s ads on one?s page and it is in real sense the price user has to pay for free service of the provider. However there are some hosts who don?t put these banners or other forms of advertising in exchange for their services.

Thus one should look for:

1) How are the ads looking like in one?s page: User should keep in mind that the color patter of his/her site should not get disturbed with the color of the banner or ad placed by the provider? It is always better that user should select a host who permits user to place a banner code anywhere the user wants. This is the best way as the user is free to place the banner at the place of his/her ease.

2) To check if the host is displaying targeted ads: If one?s site displays totally contrast ads then it is really annoying for one?s visitors example if one?s site is for pet care and the ad is displaying car sale then it is really unprofessional. Moreover one must watch out for sites that display pornographic ads.

3) The kind of ads hosts are displaying: One should never at any cost sign up for a site that advertises through popups. The disadvantage of popups is that they are like a threat of viruses and so visitors don?t like to return back to one?s site after experiencing them.

4) Is the host permitting the user to display his/her own ads: User should check if the host is allowing him/her to display his/her own ads. This issue is not at all small and so user must take it seriously.

3. Availability of tools and scripts available

There are some good features like forums, guest books, counters; polls etc which one can use as additional to his/her site. If user is not willing to handle installing such an addon from a third party then he/she can search for a hosting provider who provides it in advance. One should understand that such tools are not always the best and most are available without any cost. In contrast, if user selects an hosting providing few or no such tools then they probably needs to counter a slow server which will adversely affects the clients.

4. Available bandwidth and situation after full consumption:

It doesn?t matter the size of one?s site but user should verify that the available bandwidth must be at least 1GB a month. The concern host should be such that who propose a paid subscription rather just jamming the accessibility of one?s page as he/she consumed the entire quota of bandwidth. This can be effective to maintain the flow of traffic with out any form of barrier.

To understand better here is simple calculation if one?s pages average are of 50kB, including images, or (approx.) 0.05MB. Now let?s assume one?s visitors browse 3 pages on average, before they leave the site. That is equivalent to 3 x 0.05 = 0.15 MB. Now after dividing 1GB (or 1,000 MB) by 0.15, the result obtained would be 6,666 i.e. the average number of visitors one can expect in one month without exceeding the bandwidth quota. Now after dividing that by 30 one will get 222 visitors per day. One should also keep in mind that search engines also consumes bandwidth which can be even consumption of as much as 100MB if one is having large number of pages.

5. What one?s URL will seem like?

Although one can receive a short URL without any cost from several sites, however, it’s quite nice if one?s host offer a URL that’s easy to memorize. One should go for a host that offers a sub domain if accessible (http:// instead to

How to Choose a Reliable Web Hosting Company in India?

Finding a web hosting company in India is not at all a difficulty for there are many that claim to offer top-notch services. The main glitch lies in finding out the most reliable and affordable one that would offer web hosting uninterruptedly and at the same time allow complete control of the domain as well as web space. You should be able to find the best web hosting company that will offer the tools you require so that you could run your website efficiently and effectively. Prior awareness of all your requirements will make the selection of the company easy.

A good web hosting company will facilitate smooth functioning of your website after domain registration and will also provide support to install the tools and features you need for your website. There are a few companies that offer free web hosting and emails too with domain registration.

web hosting in India is offered by many but comes in two basic types?free and paid. Needless to mention, the former has its own share of disadvantages but the latter is found to be more reliable. Free web hosting brings along with it a whole host of advertisements that the web hosting company might place on your website to make up for the costs. This might hamper the entire look of your website. The customer support also might not be effective.

As far as paid web hosting is concerned, there are again various hosting packages available that come at different costs. A closer look at the packages will give an insight into the tools and features it comes with and will help you decide on the one that is right for you.

Web Hosting India brings a whole lot of services to the eager wannabe online business people, but to get things right, one has to spend considerable time researching the right web hosting company and getting their domain registration. Convenient for you, you could also get in touch with friends of yours who already have a website put up on the internet for business or any other purpose and get yours hosted through if the services are found to be good.