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What Web Hosting Does

web hosting is a way of putting your business on the web. You can send message to your customers, you can get additional applications, whatever your intentions are, web presence is practically a necessity. web hostingsimply allocates a space for your website on computer servers that are up on the Internet 24/7. However, when you are choosing something as important as hosting it is very important that you shop around and become educated as to what services are available. This is not easy, but the following criteria can help you.

Enough amount of web space.

What is a web space? Web space or disk space is the total amount of megabytes or gigabytes a web hosting company provides. It is important that you have enough of this if you are planning to expand your site in the future. So how much web space should you need?

If you are only hosting one simple website, then you probably won’t need more than 50 Mb of disk storage. However, if you’re thinking on hosting a large website or multiple websites on a single hosting plan, then you should opt for a hundred gigabytes of storage capacity.

In addition, there are also free hosts in the web that you can use. They will usually give you about 15-25 Mb of diskspace, 250 Mb-2Gb of monthly data transfer, along with other freebies thrown in such as web designing software, web mail sub domains, counters, etc.

FTP Access.

It is also important that the service you choose provides you with FTP access. FTP, or File Transfer Protocol for your knowledge is a method used to transfer a file from one computer to another through the Internet.

If you have this, you can have the most simple and secure way to send and receive files. You can also use this to publish your web pages on the Internet. Anytime you download a file from the Internet, you’re using FTP. If you plan to create a website with anything downloadable, it is exactly what you’ll use to get the job done. FTP access, or at the very least is needed and is mandatory.

Reliability and speed of access

These are extremely important for your online business. If your site is frequently down, you will eventually lose not one but a lot of visitors. For example, if someone finds your site on the search engine, and he tries to access it but find that it is down, he’ll simply go down the list to find another site. Slow access is also very frustrating for visitors.

Reasonable Price

Price is always a factor that you need to consider carefully. You should remember that you often get what you pay for, meaning if you pay less then you will get less, so on and forth. Although it’s not necessarily true that the most expensive hosts are the best, still we can say that those with pricey tags are usually the most reliable.

There are different types of web hosting services that are available today. Most packages come with certain capabilities that correspond to the criteria above. Few of these are as follows:

? VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting
? Dedicated Hosting
? Windows Hosting
? Ecommerce Hosting
? Business web hosting

If you are planning to start a new business online, choose one from these which you do not want to cut corners. Your choice can make you or break you in your online business. Remember, when your site goes down, you are losing money and customers. You don’t want that to happen, do you? In order to avoid this, you need to compare hosting providers thoroughly before making your final leap.

Basic Overview of Web Hosting Services

A web hosting service is a service given by companies to individuals and businesses that allocates them space on their server and provides connection to the Internet. In this way, the information that they want to share will be available for all internet users.

In this day and age of the Internet, you can almost find all the information that you need in the World Wide Web. These different types of information can be seen through websites that are uploaded to the Internet. Several individual and businesses see the Internet as a very good way to share relevant information with other people across the world.

In order for this to actualize, these web developers, or simply the people who make websites, need a space in the Internet so their websites will be available for everyone to see. This is the main goal of a web hosting service.

There are several types of web hosting services that are available today. The simplest one is small-scale hosting, which usually deals with personal web pages. It is the process wherein files that are to be place in the web page are uploaded thru the File Transfer Protocol. This type of web hosting service is readily accessible as many companies offer this for free, and it is commonly known as free web hosting service.

Another type of web hosting service is the shared web hosting service where different websites share the same server, thus may share the resources used for web hosting such as the Random Access Memory.

A different type of web hosting service is the dedicated hosting service where the user gets a Web server for himself and also controls it the way he wants to. The server does not necessarily belong to him though. A type of dedicated hosting is the self-managed hosting where the user gets full access and must maintain the dedicated box by him.

A virtual dedicated server is also another type of web hosting service where each user has a virtual server for his webpage. Virtual since this server is actually divided between different users but it is as if there is a personal server for each one.

The most expensive web hosting service is collocation, which is very similar to dedicated web hosting service. The only difference is that the user owns the server and the hosting company just provides the space taken up by the server and its corresponding maintenance.

Managed hosting service is one more web hosting service available for use. The server is usually leased to the user but he is not allowed full control over it to guarantee the quality of their service. Data management is done thru the file transfer protocol.

An added type of web hosting service is the home server where the server is located in a private residence that allows it to host one or more websites using a broadband connection.

These are just some of the web hosting services that are available for individuals and businesses to avail of. Choosing which the best one for your needs is must be thoroughly decided upon since not all web hosting services are free and they differ in the provision of the server.

Create Your Space With Web Hosting

web hosting is a sort of Internet facility that permits organizations and individuals to have their own website accessibility through the World Wide Web. The companies that offer space on a server with Internet connectivity are known as Web hosts or web hosting providers.

Among the wide-ranging exploits of web hosting, web page and small-scale file hosting has been rated as the most basic one, wherein files are uploaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a Web Interface.

Personal web site hosting comes generally free, while the business web site hosting entails comparatively higher expense. For personal web pages, a single page hosting is more than enough. On the contrary, a complex site necessitates a more intense package that offers database support and application development platforms like PHP, Java, and ASP.NET.


web hosting is generally presented as part of a general Internet access plan, and you can come across several schemes of free and paid web hosting providers providing these services. It entirely depends upon a customer to decide what kind of hosting to use. Reaching to a certain decision comprises of considering database server software, scripting software, and operating system. Majority of the web hosting providers endow with Linux-based web hosting that provides a thick array of different software. If you look at a basic configuration for a Linux server, you will get to know concepts like the LAMP platform: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/ Perl /Python.

The web hosting client can expect to comprise the services, like email for their business domain, databases or multi-media services for streaming media. Besides, a customer might well make up his/ her mind for having Windows for its hosting platform. The customer would have PHP, Perl, and Python, and also go with ASP .Net or Classic ASP for the purpose of facilitating website development. Generally, a Web Content Management System is included in Web hosting packages. This reduces the worry of the end-users about the more technical aspects.

Web hosting providers can also provide allied services, like monthly backups, web design services and domain registration, apart from doling out even conference rooms in their data centers.

Cheap Web Hosting India

A web hosting service is a internet hosting service that make one’s site accessible through www (world wide web). It means web hosts provide space on server to clients for hosting their sites with internet connectivity. web hosting also provides data center space. The scope of hosting services varies accordingly. We offer cheap web site hosting in India with affordable domain name host provider, choose as a quality web hosting India provider.

The scope of hosting services varies widely in terms of cost, service and even geographically, we claim to provide best services of web hosting in india, rather we niche in reseller hosting india. The most basic is web Page and small-scale file hosting, where files can be Uploaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a Web interface. The files are usually delivered to the Web “as is” or with little processing. Many internet service provider(ISPs) offer this service free to their subscribers. People can also obtain Web page hosting from other, alternative service providers. Personal web site hosting is typically free, advertisement-sponsored, or inexpensive. Business web site hosting often has a higher expense. The host may also provide an interface or Control panel for managing the Web Server and installing scripts as well as other services like e-mail. Some hosts specialize in certain software or services (e.g. e-commerce). They are commonly used by larger companies to outsource network infrastructure to a hosting company.

There are different types of web hosting:-

Shared web hosting:-It offers shared server in which number of clients using the same space with limited resources. Reseller web hosting:-It allows clients to become web hosts themselves. In this hosting owner can further host his own client’s site. Reseller account vary in size.

Virtual Web Hosting :-It divides the resources of server in virtual servers and resources are allocated in a manner that doesn’t reflect the hardware configuration.

Dedicated Web Hosting:-In this user gets his own server and full control over it. Managed hosting :- The user gets his or her own Web server but is not allowed full control over it (root access for Linux/administrator access for Windows) they are allowed to manage their data via FTP or other remote management tools.

Grid hosting :- This form of distributed hosting is when a server cluster acts like a grid and is composed of multiple nodes. provides web space and domain registration services, Web Host Services on Linux/windows hosting Platform. We provide best deals in Linux reseller Hosting in India and Linux based servers. Web hosting in India. Get unlimited webspace, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain, unlimited email ids, unlimited databases with

My Web Hosting Features

Explanations to all web hosting cpanel account features that comes with every purchase.

99% Uptime Guarantee – A promise that your website will not be disconnected to the internet. 99% means your website will be connected to internet only next to daily server maintainance such as daily reboots.

domains and FTP

Addon domains/Parked domains – The number of additional domain names allowed to be hosted under the current plan.

Sub domains – The number of new domains your allowed to create from your current domain name under the current plan.

FTP Accounts – FTP stands for file transfer protocol. A FTP account allows you to create directories under your website for others to access files. Transfering files to your website is done by a FTP program.

Anonymous FTP – Allows others to transfer or views files without a required login.

Supported features

MySQL Databases – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs such as forums.

CGI – Allows installations or creations of popular scripts and programs such as forums.