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Why Free Web Hosting May not be a Bad Thing

There is paid web hosting and there is free web hosting. Most people tend to steer clear of free web hosting as they tend to believe that ?there is no free lunch?. Free web hosting must have its catches?

Well, that really depends on your purposes and your position.

Why purpose?

If your web hosting is for your website which is for commercial purposes, such as an ecommerce web-store, you need absolute reliability and uptime. Every second of downtime is lost revenue. While some free web hosting providers guarantee uptime, you cannot hold it against them if their services do not meet expectations and cause your business to lose hundreds of dollars of revenue. Why? Because most free web hosts will have a clause in their terms that state that they do not guarantee uptime at all because they are a free service. Now, most free hosts will not even guarantee any uptime and those free web hosting services are provided on a best effort basis. You cannot risk hosting your crucial business website on such a free hosting plan.

However, for most individuals who are experimenting with building websites, free web hosting is the ideal choice as there is no monetary commitment and no lost for both parties. Everyone deserves a chance to learn and what better way to learn than to do it? Free web hosting plans from free hosts are the ideal platform for aspiring webmasters to start their web-building careers. Of course these free hosts may require something in return: visiting sponsors, displaying ads on hosted pages, reading emails, and lately, participating in online communities of the free web-host. This last option may not be a bad thing as online communities allow the users to interact and learn from each other.

There is also a last category of users who just want free web hosting for a personal site which they do not find the need to be up all the time and do not see the need to pay for it and do not see the need to do anything for it. There are some free web hosts out there who offer free hosting for nothing ? just a simple sign up. Therefore, a clear purpose for using free web hosting is important. If the purpose is critical and there is no tolerance for problems, then free webhosting is not suitable. Other than that, free web hosting is not a bad thing.

Why position?

Web hosting plans are relatively affordable these days (some plans as low as $1 a month) that almost any working person can afford it for their websites. Therefore, paying for web hosting should not be a problem for those who have an income, or some savings to spend on developing their websites further. Also, any working adult should be able to afford using a Paypal account that most web hosts will accept as a form of payment. On the other hand, students and young people do not have much to spend, much less a Paypal or Credit Card with which to pay for hosting. For this group of people, free web hosting plans are the obvious alternatives if they wish to set up websites without paying anything for them.

To conclude, free web hosting may not be a bad thing for selected groups of people who have a specific purpose. For students and people looking to learn about developing websites, free web hosting is a good thing.

Written by: Dax Christopher.

Understanding the Concept of Web Hosting

Web host services allow individuals and organizations to create their websites via the World Wide Web. The hosting companies connect their web servers to the internet. They are kept in a physical center called ?data center?, which has a 24/7 secure environment complete with HVAC temperature control, virus detection software, excellent backup, as well, as disaster recovery capabilities.

Organizations that prefer web host services independently have to incur huge expenses and require the latest technology. Choosing a professional web hosting service is more viable than hosting a site independently.

Web host services generally come with two options – a free web host service and a paid web host service. While free web host services are good option, but there are chances of unnecessary advertisements popping up and distracting visitors. A paid web host service, on the other hand, is more popular with recommended features, such as, a 24 hour technical support, POP3 email accounts, CGI-Bin access and a minimum of 20MB disk space.

Web host services are classified in three main categories:

  1. Shared web hosting

  2. Dedicated web hosting

  3. Reseller web hosting

  1. Shared hosting:


Shared web hosting is used by many businesses as well as hobbyists all around the world. Shared hosting is relatively inexpensive, as several websites share the same server. In other words, websites reside on a same server with the costs shared between the individuals on the server. Most website owners create their own script using PHP JavaScript and HTML.

  1. Dedicated hosting:


In dedicated hosting, an individual has his own server and does not share space with any other website. The best advantage of a dedicated hosting service is the option to host multiple websites on the same server. The individual also has this option to handle site traffic, configure software and even scale the bandwidth.

  1. Reseller hosting:


Reseller hosting involves individuals selling their hosting space further. Reseller hosting is for those who want to start a business and offer shared hosting to their customers. Resellers include web consultants, such as, web designers, and web developers. Most reseller hosting companies require a dedicated server for this service.

Further, there are two platforms for hosting a website – Windows and Linux. Among these two, Linux hosting is becoming a popular choice among organizations. Since Linux is a free operating system, Linux hosting is quite economical and much more secured.

Cheapest Web Hosting Company

Picking a quality one is of utmost importance. However, cost is also a major factor in picking your web host. It is not always practical nor feasible to pick the most expensive or best web host because of cost limitations. Thus, picking cheap, but reputable web hosts would be the way to go.

If quality of web hosting is not of paramount concern, for example for personal blogs or other non-business related websites, then using a free web host would definitely be the best option. Web hosts such as 007sites and 0catch are among the better ones that offer free web hosting. While the free providers often are funded by advertisement banners and texts, they nevertheless offer a free service. Thus if you have no requirement for formal web hosting with 24 hour technical help then you may want to opt for a free service.

However, the free services may not always be the choice. There are many cheap web hosts these days, with costs going as low as $2.00 a month. It is prudent to pick the cheapest possible web host that is of suitable quality, however it is also wise to check for any additional fees. Most cheap web hosts charge a fee for the domain, as well as a fee for starting up and other associated costs. However, these cheaper web hosts provide better service with higher bandwidth and more web space than the free ones, which often provide a minimal amount of resources to their subscribers. However, the cheaper web hosts usually provide little more than the standard web space, bandwidth, and perhaps the occasional site builder or content management system.

The mid range web hosts would likely be the most suitable choice for anyone who wishes to have a proper website hosted. Websites like Host Monster and Blue Host offer cheap web hosting for just $5 and $6 respectively. This is a relatively minimal cost for top-end quality service. Furthermore, there are no start up costs associated with these plans if you opt for a 12 month plan. As expected, these higher end plans offer much more than their cheaper counterparts. With Host Monster you are entitled to various domain privacy services as well as technical help, site builder, and many more services. This obviously is ideal for anyone who wishes to set up a formal web site and yet keep the hosting costs low.

In any case, picking which web host you want to subscribe to would be a matter of personal opinion and website needs. For a low-end private blog the free web hosts would likely suffice, however for formal, nonprofit and even certain smaller business websites, the cheaper or mid range paid services would be ideal. The cheapest web hosting company is not always the best for the website after all.

Where to find Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting companies are a plenty, ranging from the larger ones such as 007sites and 0catch, to the smaller and more obscure ones that lurk in the corners of cyberspace. At first look, free web hosting seems like a promising deal: a free web host that supports your website, letting you effectively earn money and conduct business without any costs involved. However, let us take a look at the implications, advantages and disadvantages of using free web hosting.

Free web host providers are generally supported by ads; banner ads, pop-up ads, text link ads, top/bottom ads, frame ads, are all standard fare of free web hosting websites. The pertinent question is: do you want these ads to be displayed prominently on your website. The answer really lies in what you intend to use your website for.

A business website, one designed to appeal to clients and attract customers would definitely not want these advertisements spoiling not only their business image, but effectively driving clients, disgusted by the pop-up spam, away. Even for a personal blog, these advertisements can occasionally get on your nerves. Is the few dollars a month that you save worth the frustration and irritation of incessant advertising appearing on your website?

Reliability and uptime are keywords in the web hosting industry, of which free web hosts tend to lack both. Free web hosts usually lack a dedicated customer service. This means that your website might just disappear in the middle of the night and it can take up to weeks for it to get back online. This means a loss of visitors, traffic, and possibly some regular visitors may think that your website has been shut down. The consequences for a website, especially a business website, are unthinkable.

Does this mean that there is no role for free web hosting for a proper, serious website and budding website owner? The role of free web hosting is not to replace their paid counterparts, but rather to serve as a testing ground for new website owners. Free web hosting allow the website owner to get an idea of the website, and to allow him to experiment with new ideas with no consequence. Hosting a site on a free web host, even for just a week or two, can allow the web owner to collect real time information and data without signing a 12 or 24 month contract with a paid service.

You can obtain free web hosting at almost any provider available on the internet. A quick search in Google will easily turn up hundreds of free web hosting providers. How do we pick the best free web host? A good way to decide is to compare the number of advertisements that will be run on your website, as well as the amount of space they give you. This can range from anywhere between 50MB to 700MB. With the numerous choices available you can take your time to pick which free web hosting program suits you the best. Ultimately, if you are moving on to a paid service, the free web host you choose is not of crucial importance. However, getting a good free web host is after all beneficial for your website publicity.

Free Web Hosting Review

The biggest question when it comes to selecting a web host has always been which one is better between free web hosting and cheap web domain hosting.

The word FREE is always enticing but not to every body. If you are serious about making money with your website, it will be to your advantage to have your site independently hosted in a paid platform. Although free web hosting is quite popular but be mindful of the fact that the company that hosts your site free on the internet will not be accountable to you in any way. There have been cases of frequent downtime and slow connection in some of the free web hosting packages. The worst may be that the site you had labored to build and freely host may just crash and all the data you have in it will disappear without you having any means of retrieving them,.

Apart from the fact that you will not hold the company that offers you free web host liable for any eventuality to your site, it is vital for you to know that search engines do not give priority to such free web hosted sites as they are regarded them as sub domains. The search engines will start their crawling from the root of the main site and normally ?spiders out? through the links on the home page. This means that the possibility of having your free hosted site ?crawled? by the search engine robots is very minimal. This will be to your site?s utmost internet exposure.

If just having a ?little? bit of presence on the internet is your goal, then you may consider a free web host but if your idea is to make money from the internet, it is advisable to get a cheap web host. Cheap web hosts now start from less than $4 per month and this will afford you the independence to do what you desire with you site based on the limits of the host package you chose. This is a departure from the free web host where you do not have any influence on what happens to your site and the amount of space and bandwidth you will use.

If your budget is really low and you desire to have your site now, it is better you consider cheap web host instead of a free web host. With cheap web hosting plan, you have the option of upgrading to greater and more elaborate hosting package anytime you want. For instance, if you discover that the visitors to your cheaply hosted site is increasing, all you will do is just ask your web hosting company to give you more space and bandwidth. The money you will be required to pay for this kind of upgrade is usually small.

The above discussion is very important if you are currently considering free web host. We also forgot to mention that with most cheap web host, you have some nice applications that will help you to design and upload your website stress free. This is important here because some free web host companies are smart enough to use easy web design applications to lure you to their net. It is not too bad if the purpose of your site is for leisure but if it is for serious business, it pays more to register your domain and have your site hosted. This has been made very easy these days in the competitive world of hosting companies. The hosting company that will offer you cheap, quality and response hosting packages is just a click away. Give it a try today and you will notice it will be cheaper for you at the long run.