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Shared hosting or dedicated web hosting, find your ideal choice

Shared web hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular and least expensive way to own your website. This is ideal for people and business that do not use their website for critical applications. Shared web hosts provide web space anywhere between 20 MB to 200 MB on a shared hard drive costing around $ 35. As 20 Mb is sufficient to host around 1000 web pages, this is the ideal option for small website owners who use for promotional and information purposes.

Free Shared web hosting

There are shared free web hosting that offer certain amount web space to host your web pages. The domain name will be yourname their subdomain ( The do not charge any amount from the website owners but instead often place some ads on home page or any other pages. This advertising income will cover their operation cost and profit.? Some shared free web hosts provide an option to remove the ads and banners from your WebPages on payment of certain charges. They also provide options for upgrade, extended bandwidth and increased web space on payment of charges, often called as premium charges.

Advantages of shared web hosting

There are many benefits attached to shared web hosting

Cost effective or sometimes free of cost

Ideal for personal and small business web sites

Simple and easy to maintain

Disadvantages of shared web hosting

Little or no customer support

Over crowded server and bandwidth

Limited features

Ads and banners distracting the main contents

Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated web hosting costs several hundreds to several thousand dollars every month. This is ideal for very large business that runs critical applications or hosts a large amount of data. This type is considered to be the best web hosting and is required mainly by e-commerce type of applications. Normally, dedicated web hosting gives dedicated server to each user with high bandwidth. Dedicated web hosting provide dedicated IP address which is set aside specifically for a particular domain.

Advantages of dedicated web hosting

The advantages with dedicated web hosting include

Ideal for personal and large and high volume web sites

Sophisticated tools and utilities for easy maintenance

Dedicated IP

Private SSL Certificate

FTP services for sharing files over internet

Can setup own domain Name Server

Disadvantages of dedicated web hosting


Not affordable for small business

Complicated and cumbersome not maintainable with average computer user

2011 Top Web Host Sites Review

Many of the place that were considered before as remote areas are no longer true nowadays because that place is now ON- LINE. This six letter word is so popular nowadays in banks; stock exchange, forex trading, software games and many field of interest in our society are using this six letter word ON – LINE.

Without the service of a web host all our web pages will remain in our hard drive and only viewable by just a few of your friends. But with a web host your web page can not be viewed by anybody around the world and it is now live and on- line.

Getting On- Line is now already a necessity, that is why there are many web host sites that offer their services to anybody who wants their websites to get online to the word wide web. Now since it is already a necessity, it is also necessary for us to know where can we purchase this service without hassle and enjoy the best service.

Visiting some of the Web Host Sites may help you decide accurately since they can provide you with more information for your decision making.

The many business opportunities of having a website has invite many consumers to have an interest in online web hosting. If you are in your first project into the field of World Wide Web it will be of big benefit for you if you prepare a list of things that you want your website to achieve based on your personal objective of launching your own website.

With some preconceive goal in mind, it will be easier to evaluate and check the different services that are available, with this in mind you ensure that you are making a better choice of service for your web site needs.

The following are just few of the best website host that are presently available. You can visit their site and get on the very detail of the services available from them.Hosting Services are reviewed based on their reliability and basically support the following platform Python, MySQL 4, Apache, Microsoft FrontPage Extension and email, PHP 4 or 5. The majority runs on Windows and Linux.

This web hosting business is a very aggressive field of business that many are offering a very cheap web hosting fee with free months and rebates. Three of the top web hosting companies mention below is selected based on performance, popularity, support, feature, quality and price.


Web Host Site Hostgator is one of the world’s top 10 largest web host sites with more than a million hosted domains. It’s the ideal choice whether you are in need for your private, company, or even Fortune 500 hosting. On the other hand, every hosting plan has a money back guarantee and a maximum uptime guarantee up to 99.9%. Some of the web hosting Plans available in Hostgator are the Hatchling Plan and the Baby Plan with a monthly charge of $4.95 and $7.95 respectively.

Just Host:

Web Host Sites Just Host, a top web host site committed to providing their clients with the most dependable web hosting service. Speedy web hosting at an affordable price with protected servers, and 24/7 technical and customer service support. Just Host’s prices are really competitive and every plan consists of an incredible list of features including unlimited email accounts, unlimited transfers, unlimited disk space and the ability to host unlimited domains. A JustPlan is available at $4.45/month.

IX Webhosting:

Web Host Site IX Webhosting Began hosting to their customers since 1999 on a server in someone’s living room, and since then have grown into a company with over 110,000 clients hosting over 470,000 sites. IT has a Tier 3 n 1 redundant data center that keeps your site up the maximum amount of time. hosting plans available in ixwebhosting is the expert plan that comes with unlimited disc space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited hosted domains with 2 free dedicated IP and 1 free domain registration at $3.95/month (special promo).

All the web host sites reviewed above have a money back guarantee and trial period if still you are unsure of their services. You can visit the sites for more details and more plan available based on your need.

My conclusion therefore is that there are many reviews available for Web Host Sites but there is no replacement for doing your own inquiry. Once you already know the major web host in the market look independently for user feedback and balance this against the hosting price they charge.

Pluses and Minuses Of Dedicated Web Hosting

web hosting is a classification of internet hosting services that gives network services for every individuals and numerous firm to have its own websites to stay connected with the world through World Wide Web. It is additional divided into three primarily types, such as dedicated web hosting, virtual web hosting and clustered web hosting. Clustered web hosting is a sort of web hosting which spreads the load above nodes, provides result in decreasing the chances of one’s service and increases availability. Virtual web hosting is otherwise called as shared hosting.

Dedicated web hosting is most generally used web hosting type among all the three 1st types as it found to be additional worthwhile to the users. It has an other name, called managed web hosting.

Benefits of dedicated web hosting:

. Than virtual (or) shared, clustered web hosting gives many flexibility or control above your web server. The finest flexibility is deserved by the user of the dedicated web hosting server.

. Dedicated web hosting services offered by the corporation will not stock their websites among various clients.

. Since it is not a shared server, even the customer having virtual web hosting server aren’t able to stock the hard drive, processor or bandwidth as well as its application.

. Dedicated web hosting is superior to virtual web hosting server, it can’t access to the control over dedicated web hosting server configuration.

. It offers safety by allowing simply the particular customer who utilizes the dedicated web hosting server to have the complete server control for their administrative purpose.

. The specialty of their web hosting is that, the user of this web hosting owns the server and they themselves are web hosting customers, so which have a complete cover above hardware management

. Dedicated web hosting server provides an option to the user to perform his own upgrades and install their own software.

. As you are the simply customer using this server, you don’t have to stock the resources like hard drive and bandwidth; applications, which offers you extra room, more efficient plus speed of processing your database, email and also website application.

. When the advanced organization aided with the needs of custom engineering and design and a number of space to store it, dedicated web hosting is the right choice, since the clustered web hosting is rarely used.

. It is the finest option for you to choose dedicated web hosting server for your websites which gives download compatibilities for customer because of its less bandwidth limits compared with one other two web hostings.

. If your business website contains multiple website then custom applications, increased web hosting room and speed; is needed, that is provided by dedicated web hosting.

Disadvantages of dedicated web hosting:

. It’s costlier compared to the virtual web hosting

. It’s perfect for most internet based corporation, nevertheless it isn’t advisable for business which is advanced and requires custom engineering and design utilizing other web hosting server, called clustered hosting server.

. If an user is initiator in internet based corporation, virtual web hosting is price beneficial and sufficient, so dedicated web hosting is only a finest option, until the user makes progress in his firm level and switches his organization of making use of multiple websites.

. For long term internet corporation plans, upgrade of dedicated web hosting is needed in future with respect to in accordance with rate.

Is Your Web Host Your Friend? 8 Ways to Find Out

Green Web Host - Friend or Foe?

Is Your Web Host Your Friend? 8 Ways to Find Out

Your web hosting Provider is your online partner.

The web hosting company you choose to store your web site and provide access to the world wide web SHOULD be your friend ? your business partner. In fact, your web host SHOULD put your interests first. After all, if your web business soars to success, your web host shares in that success with a stable client base.

If you’re hitting a home run with your URL, you aren’t going anywhere. You’ll stick with the host, the keywords, the site architecture ? you won’t want to change. You’re a web success so don’t rock the boat.

Ah, but how do you know if your web host is truly your friend or just a service provider that charges your business credit card every three months. It’s not always easy to tell, but you can tell a lot by looking around a little before you sign up.

1. How long has the hosting company been around?

Look for a long history of web-based success. Look for a company that’s been delivering hosting services for more than 10 years and has management in place to handle an expanding client base efficiently.

A web host that looks after its clients sticks around and a company management with years of experience knows how to treat clients. They even know how to help clients achieve web success ? something good for the client and good for the host ? a win-win.

And good management knows that.

2. Does the web host kick you to more expensive pricing tier to get more disk space?

You rent disk space from a web host. Most hosts have pricing tiers based on the amount of disk space you take up on the server ( a server is nothing more than a big ol’ hard drive that has a bunch of web sites stored on it) and what “features” you’re willing to pay for.

At Green Host It, we think it’s unfair to force you to pay more for space and features that you don’t need or intend to use. So, we’ve created a system that allows you to grow at your own pace without paying for a few more gigabytes that you won’t use, even though you’re paying an extra $50 a year for that dead zone.

Instead, buy space a gig at a time. And when it IS time to move up big time, you move to the next tier and actually save money. A good web host knows what’s good for web site owners, and Green Host It customizes its services to suit you, not the other way around.

So grow fast. Grow slow. We’ll work with you every step of the way. The less-friendly web hosts don’t do this. You want more disk space, you move up to the next pricing tier, whether you need all that extra space or not. In other words, you’re wasting cash and when you’ve got a “penny jar” budget, every penny counts.

3. Does your web host offer free SSL security?

If you’re selling products or services, or if you’re collecting sensitive customer data (like credit card numbers) you need a secure web site ? one that sends and receives data that’s encrypted so hackers can’t steal it and use it to buy and sell stolen stuff bought on the web.

A web host that DOESN’T much care about the success of your business will make you obtain your own SSL certification to create a secure web site capable of taking and keeping secure sensitive client data. And that costs money.

On the other hand, a web host that’s rooting for your success helps you achieve that success by letting you piggyback on their SSL certification. Your server is secure so your site is secure, thanks to a friendly web host and a pro-active partner in your success.

4. Does your web host require you to sign a long term contract?

That tells you something right there. These companies want to lock you in for three months, six months, a year, knowing that you might not hit that home run. Even so, you’ll be paying those hosting fees for the full term of the contract.

If your web host is your friend ? a partner that delivers value ? there’s no need for a long term contract. No need for any contract at all. Buy your server space and your features a month at a time. As you grow, you can add more space. Or, if you move on to something else, a client centric host isn’t going to FORCE you to keep paying for services you no longer need.

What kind of friend is that?

5. Real People Helping Real People

If you’re just starting out in the web world and launching your first e-venture, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you could call with questions? Someone with endless patience? Someone who recognizes that your web success is the basis of the web host’s success?

And you want access to that friend, or a friendly, helpful sub, 24/7. You want someone to explain how to install a blog or to walk you through installing a secure checkout ? one-step-at-a-time, even if it takes all night. (it won’t.)

A web host that wants to be friends offers that level of service for as little as seven bucks a month! Web hosts that are less “friendly” limit access to certain hours, they make you pay for the call and some don’t even have telephone customer or tech support. If you have a question or problem, you have to drop the web hosting company an e-mail and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, your web site isn’t getting built and your waiting for a long-distance email response from tech support ? and guaranteed, 50% of the time the email answer doesn’t solve the problem.

Do a little research before you register your web site domain name and sign a long-term contract. Any new venture is a risk so work with a company that puts you first, answers questions (even the really stupid ones), provides downloadable guides to help you build and manage a quality web site.

Is your web hosting company your friend? Well, not if they nickel-and-dime you to death. Not if they sell your email address to every “blue pill” pharmacy west of Beijing. Not if they lock you into a contract for a year.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

6. Everything You Need

A good friend will give you what you need to achieve your objectives.

Some web hosts rent you some disk space and leave the rest up to you. Other, friendlier web hosts, provide a tool box that’s filled with free apps and services:

  • web site building software
  • 1000s of customizable site templates so (1) you don’t have to know diddly about programming and (2) because these templates are customizable, they don’t look like cookie cutter web sites
  • free shopping cart and checkout
  • free payment gateways
  • free blog modules, forum mods and bulletin boards so you create the exact web site to suit the needs of your visitors and your needs.
  • security and a ton of it. A friendly web host wants to protect your sensitive client data as much as you do
  • 100% up time because when your server is down your business is down. Not very friendly.

7. Would a good friend leave you high and dry?

There are lots of web hosts from which to choose. Some are host resellers who buy disk space at wholesale and sell it at retail. So you don’t REALLY know who’s hosting your site.

Some of these less-than-best-friends are in the business of collecting client data and splitting for the coast. You log on to your site one morning and it’s gone. For good.

In the middle of the night, while you were sleeping, your friendly web host closed up shop took down the server and now has all of your client data that they can sell on hacker sites.

Happens all the time. A quality host is here today, here tomorrow and here for years to come. Now that’s a good friend.

8. Does your friendly web host put you first in all things?

This is a question of corporate culture. There are web hosts who are in it for the short term (see #7) and web hosts who recognize that your success is the basis for the web hosting company’s success so you always come first.

These web hosts deliver quality services, 100% uptime, a toll-free number and a human to help you with questions. These hosts provide all the tools you need to build a web site and the human touch ? a person to walk you through the process ? even if it takes hours (it never does when you have knowledgeable techies and customer support personnel who are empowered by company management to fix things so you’re happy.)

It starts at the top with a client-centric view of business growth ? your business growth and the business growth of the hosting service. It’s built into the corporate culture. It’s simply the way the web host does business.

So, before you start your on-line businesses, do the research, the legwork, the heavy lifting to find a web host that’s going to be your friend and partner in the week, months and years ahead.

Those companies are out there. In fact, you’re on a friendly, “green” web host site right now. So look around at Green Host It. You’ll quickly discover that everything we do is about YOUR success. Why?

Because our success depends on your success. So let’s be friends and build an on-line business together.

Green Host It ? your on-line friend for life.

Components of Good Web Hosting

Everything seems so confusing when one makes a start to acquire a site on internet.

The obtuse acronyms and definitions that flow freely through the ‘Beginner Friendly’ information sites may at times become hard to come across. The principal reason behind this is the Internet and also the simplicity of the process of getting a website online, and people hardly think of the difficulty they once had after getting past the first stumbling steps, as a result of which they are unable to understand the next wave of dot com newbie?s

So we begin by defining some of the basic terms that are seen commonly when we start looking for a web host. One will promptly realize that computer geeks are fond of using big words for simple concepts. What else can one expect from a group of people who decided to quote half a Byte as a Nibble?

Web Host: These are the people who provide a website which can be accessed .These people are a good treasure of information, it proves to be quite worthy to get ones queries answered by contacting their tech support. This fact makes it important to contact them BEFORE one sign?s up for any packages to guarantee reception of a timely response. One can try sending an email their way and see the outcome.

Disk Space: This is equivalent to the space on ones own PC’s hard drive. Web Hosts usually assign a definite amount of space to ones website, usually in Megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). It helps in finding out how much one can store on ones site.

Bandwidth: The quantity of data that can be retrieved from ones site within the bandwidth period is termed as Bandwidth .The bandwidth period is the measure of the duration of time before ones bandwidth gets reset once again, which is usually about a month. Bandwidth is also measured in MB and GB, similar to disk space. Before purchasing a hosting package it is always advisable to find out the effects of exceeding ones allocated bandwidth.

domain Name: Everyone identified by a domain name on the Internet. One has to type the domain name into a web browser’s address bar to reach ones site. It depends whether ones hosting company offers a domain for free, or it has the facilities to provide a domain for a minimal cost.

SQL (MySQL, SQL Server etc.): Structured Query Language. Interaction with the databases is done using SQL.Chances are that when one start looking for webhosting one have no knowledge of SQL, and have no need of knowing it for at least a little while longer.

HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. Basically, how the Internet works. The protocol that administers the transfer of web pages from one place to another is HTTP.

HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language. This is (usually) used directly or indirectly when one makes his own website. Don’t get afraid by the name, the ‘language’ is very easy to learn.

FTP: File Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol used for transferring pages and files from ones home PC to a server. It is easy to use and if ones host uses this method for file access it will provide the login information. FTP can be used by typing “FTP://” into My Computer on a windows box and it helps to access ones server as if it were a regular windows folder.

POP3: This is a common email ‘post box’ system. It is use to store emails for retrieval.

SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a common protocol used to send emails.

A beginner does not need to know too much about the above two email technologies. If they’re listed, well. It implies one have email account with ones own website (i.e. the email will reach him/her somehow)

Java, Perl, ASP, .NET, PHP are some of the languages used to enhance websites. A started should try learning HTML first before worrying to learn about these advanced languages. Generally they’re not too difficult to learn, but one will want a strong basing before tackling them.

The Internet is a wonderful source of knowledge, so whenever one wants information just fire up the favorite search engine and type in the problem. The Internet is full of sites about the Internet, so the information one want shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Building professional websites takes a lot of time and skill, so many companies hire people to do it for them. If this is the situation that one is in, talk to the designer he/she is hiring about hosting, as they may have struck a deal with a webhost to provide clients with cheaper hosting packages. Also, the professional designer will know what features one is going to need in a hosting plan.

The world of webhosting is not as complex as people assume it to be. One has to make sure that a little bit of research is necessary before diving in and then there will be less chances of one getting burned by a shifty ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ company. Check out the host’s rankings on a few web hosting Directories, do a search for reviews of the company, contact the support staff before signing up and enjoy the world opened by having ones own online presence.