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Why Cheap Unix Web Site Hosting is the Best Choice for your Web Hosting Needs

A Web host is a place where you can put your website on-line and make it seen on the internet. Web host is just a space on a web server that you are renting every month to do this for you. web hosting makes use of a web server which is usually a much expensive and much powerful computer unit than what is usually used for personal use. Anyone who would like to start a web hosting business will have to choose the right platform for his server – and it’s choosing between Windows Operating System and Unix Operating System.

Why Web Servers using UNIX Operating System are much cheaper?

Gone are the days when you have to pay $20.00 to $50.00 a month for a shared web site hosting company to host your site. Nowadays, many people are choosing UNIX web servers to host their websites over Windows. The very first reason is because of its affordability. UNIX web site hosting plans come in cheap price packages. This doesn’t mean that because it’s cheap, users are in the danger of compromising the future of their small business or their integrity because of possible frequent server downtimes. They are not. In fact, many of the web site owners have become aware of the reasons why UNIX web site hosting plans are cheaper than the Windows web site hosting plans. The first one costing only a quarter of what is needed to set-up the second one. Why is it possible? This is merely because anyone setting-up a UNIX web server makes use of the free editions of UNIX system which are under GNU Public License. The Operating System used under the GNU Public License also comes with the source code which a qualified individual can modify to fit his needs.

UNIX Web Server Stability and Performance.

When it comes to stability and performance, UNIX web server tends to perform better under high loads than Windows web server – thus, saving web host companies both time and money for the maintenance.

UNIX Web Server Security.

Since UNIX is an Open Source Operating System, anyone who understands the language that it was written can freely modify it. Any problem like in the areas of security, are easily solved through writing a patch code to the existing program. You may also let other users test the written patch for you. Open Source Systems also has a community of developers and users to help you through sharing of ideas and experiences.

Web Host Features.

When it comes to web hosting features, UNIX web hosting packages comes with a lot of extras. Fantastico script package that is bundled in Cpanel hosting comprised of more or less 80 scripts that you can use freely with your website without extra monthly cost. You can also customize each application to match the theme of your site or provide additional features.

When you are looking for cheap hosting, don’t be afraid to try cheap UNIX web site hosting. Getting a cheap UNIX web site hosting does not mean that you are putting your company or career in danger. Think of the advantages of getting a cheap UNIX web site hosting as an opportunity for you to use your extra money in other areas to grow your business.

If you need cheap UNIX web site hosting, Profit Builder Club is offering cheap UNIX web site hosting. The hosting package comes with Fantastico script and guarantees 99.9% uptime. All hosting accounts come with RVSite Builder Pro, an on-line site builder for everyone who wants to create presence on-line without the knowledge of HTML.

Know About the Web Hosting Control Panels

There are so many players in the web hosting field from individual to big corporation. web hosting service is a highly competitive field and this drives the web hosting players to offer feature rich hosting plans at affordable cost. web hosting is the basic thing a webmaster needs to make his website presence, to the whole world.

The competitiveness of the web hosting field compel the web hosting companies to excel each other. So almost all the top companies are giving very efficient technical support. The extra features like free domain name and site builder and the pricing are varying from company to company. But the control panel makes a difference and you have to pick up the correct service which suits your need.

The control panel is a soft ware provided by the web hosting company to control and manage your web site hosting. It is like a vital part of your body. Through control panel you can mange all your activities like email creation, opening of your FTP accounts, statistics report and many more. Though control panel alone can not be used as a yardstick to judge the quality of a web hosting service, it is important to know about the control panel as it is an vital aspect of a web hosting service.

Control panels for Windows Only platform

Helm is a Windows only web hosting control panel. Helm control panel has many customer friendly features and the most striking feature is the billing information. Except the H-sphere, all most all the commonly used control panels do not provide billing information inside the control panel. Helm is easy to operate and has a good standard interface.

Hosting Accelerator is another windows only web hosting control panel. It seems to make a best impression by showing more stuff, but showing too much won’t make a best impression. It makes an impression that the interface is not planned properly and it lacks in extra feature. It suits the seasoned players.

Control Panels For Linux Only Platform

cPanel occupies the number one place among the control panels, because of its many features with easy operation and inexpensive aspect. It is based on Linux platform and serves for over ten flavors of Linux. Many hosting companies prefer it, as it costs only $20 per month/server.

Interworx has many features and deserves to be ranked at the top of Linux only platform web hosting control panels. Considering the fact that there are more Linux based web hosting providers, Inteworx has dedicated to the Linux platform. It has a feature to see the up streams and sown streams. Interworx has a clean interface.

DirectAdmin is another control panel serving Linux platform. DirectAdmin provides low hosting cost at $10 per month. It is the easiest control panel to use. Though it claims to have more features, needs lot of improvements to match the other Linux only control panels.

The disadvantage of both Linux only and Windows only control panels is that they lose the hosting customers of the other platform.

Control Panels For Both Linux And Windows

Plesk, because of its availability for both Linux and Windows platforms, has little advantage over the panel control panel. Many web hosting providers who serves both Linux and Windows hosting customers prefer Plesk. Plesk interface looks like Windows XP and it is expensive as it serves both the platforms. The website builder tool and other features integrate well with Plesk.

H-Sphere is another control panel for both Linux and Windows. Through H-Sphere is widely used by the web hosting sites, it lacks some features when compared to Plesk and cPanel. But it offers many features from key functionalities to complete automation.

Ensim, another control panel for both Windows and Linux, has to cover more grounds when compared to other web hosting control panels serving both Linux and Windows.

As per the ratings, cPanel is preferred for Linux platform and Helm control panel is for Windows platform.

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Affordable Web Hosting

Five Features You Need for Successful Web Hosting

So you need hosting for that great website you have planned. You did the obligatory Google search and found out there are a gazillion web hosting companies. They all are offering what you need (web hosting) and you found the price varies from free to sky’s the limit. You also found that there are a ton of features some of which you have no idea of what they are. So now what you thought was going to be an easy task has just turned into a semester of study at your local junior college. Well believe me I know what you’re going through. Through trail, error and mistake I have learned that not all web hosting is created equal. While there area ton of features and hosting plans offered by web hosting companies, there are five basics factors you will want to make sure you are getting when selecting your hosting provider.???

1. Databases
Be sure you are getting ample databases to support and expand your website. All blogging, forum, and Websites that use any form of dynamic data applications or capture user data require a database to function. Unfortunately, most shared hosting packages only offer one to five databases; this can limit your ability to expand and may not be enough to carry out the planned functions of your website. The minimum number of databases you should look for is ten. Granted you may not need that many but if you do they will be readily available without spending additional money to add on databases. Usually the higher priced hosing plans offer more databases but you should not have to opt for a more expensive plan to get 10 databases.

2. Multiple domains
web hosting companies usually limit the number of domains you can serve from your hosting plan. Some hosting plans, usually the lower cost or free plans, only allow one domain name per plan. If you are for sure you will only have one website then this will be of no consequence. However, if you plan on having multiple websites then you should look for a hosting plan that offers the ability to host multiple sites from a single hosting plan. A hosting plan that offers at least 5 domains is a minimum. You should be aware that the resources of your hosting server will be shared by all domains assigned to the web hosting plan. Make sure the plan you get provides ample disk space, bandwidth and databases to keep multiple sites up and running.????

3. Developer Support
Developer support is the litmus test for any Web host. You may be starting with a simple website but as time goes on many times you may want to add additional functionality or features to your site. Also when adding new websites to your hosting plan additional capabilities may be needed. This is where a hosting provider can easily make or break your plans. If your web hosting provider is limited on developer languages or web application offerings you may have to find a new hosting provider. This is something you do not want to do. Having multiple hosting accounts or hosting providers is a sure way for confusion and frustration. Most hosting companies offer various language support and misc. application support but why not get it all. Yes there are hosting providers that offer everything you will ever need and it doesn’t cost any more.
No matter what hosting package you are considering, make sure you are getting the most support possible. Below is a list of the most popular website development items available:

??Ruby on Rails
??Frontpage Server Extensions
??Content Managment Tools
??eCommerce Solutions
??Project Management Tools
??Message Board/Forum Tools
??Photo Gallery Tools
??Admin Tools
??Misc. web-site add-ons

4. Customer support
Working late at night on that website, or perhaps on the weekend (Sunday Night)? Got a deadline to get a site up and running but just ran into a problem. Perhaps you just discovered you need an additional web app or database. It can be very frustrating and sometimes costly if you cannot get customer support from your hosting company when you need it (on your schedule). Always look for a web hosting service provider that provides 24×7 customer support. That is 24 hours a day 7 days a week and I don’t mean just Email support. Email support is important and should be part of the customer support package but what you really want is phone support. Many times problems or issues need to be discussed to reach a quick resolution, passing Emails around can takes days or sometimes weeks. Your number one tool for support should be the phone, make sure your web hosting company is awake and working when you are. You will want to make sure there is an on-line knowledgebase as well. Not only is a knowledgebase good for answeering questions, it is also very usefull for use as a learning tool.??

5. Server Uptime
Your website should be up and running 24×7. However things do happen in the real world that can sometimes cause a website to go down. In spite of real world problems, your web hosting provider should offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. With today’s internet technology there are ways to insure websites stay functional virtually every minute of every day. Don’t settle for a hosting company that cannot guarantee your website is up and running around the clock.???

Web hosting is the backbone of the success of your website. While the content of your site is vitally important, any short coming in your web hosting service is sure to translate to failure at your site. The hosting company you start with is most likely the one you will stay with, so take the time to choose the right web hosting company from the start, you’ll be glad you did.?????

What Is The Definition Of Web Hosting ? Find Out About What Web Hosting Means

Anyone intending to set up a website will need to have an understanding of what a web host is and what it does.? No website can exist without a web host.? In layman?s terms, a web host is a specialist company that provides computers for your web pages to be stored on, and from where they are accessed by anyone visiting your site.? To do this they provide you with two key services, memory space on their computers to store your web pages, files and images, and bandwidth, which is used when people view and download your pages.? Bandwidth is essentially a measure of data transfer over a length of time.

With millions of websites out there, needless to say there is no shortage of companies offering web hosting services.? While this means you have plenty of choice when it comes to finding one, it also means it can be very difficult to choose when they all appear to offer very similar services and promises.? Sadly they are not all the same in terms of quality and service, so you do need to take some time to research when you come to choose a web host company.

There will be certain technical requirements you have for your website, and this will serve to narrow down your search a little, and to focus on the most appropriate types of hosting plans on offer.? The provision of web hosting does cost money, so you can expect to be charged in proportion to how large and busy you expect your site to be.? These factors will dictate how much disc space and bandwidth you ask your web host to supply you each month, and the more you need, the more it will usually cost.

The other factor that will affect the cost of hosting is the provision of good technical support.? Many web hosts have deals that look extremely cheap, but some of them will have such awful technical support that you begin to see why it is so cheap.? That is not to say that some hosts do not provide packages which are both inexpensive and with good support, but you cannot tell which ones these are without doing some research.? The most important thing to know is what existing customers think of the service provided by the web hosting company.

Given the nature of a website, you naturally want it to be available 24 hours a day.? Less reliable web hosting companies may have more technical problems and more times when the servers are not functioning properly, so your website is unavailable.? This is known as downtime.? Almost every web host will brag of 99.9% uptime, but again, you need to check the reality with existing customers, unless the web host publishes an uptime report by an independent third party monitoring company.

web hosting companies provide a vital service, but choosing the right one can make the difference between online happiness and misery.? A little time invested in reading reviews and recommendations before signing up to anything will be well rewarded.

Cheap Web Hosting Review

When you are looking for a web host, it will not be a bad idea to save some few dollars and have quality service at the time. Some web hosting companies offer web hosting and design in a full pack as one. Their features vary from one hosting company to another but there are things you should be looking for when you are searching for a relatively cheap web host.

It is not enough to just look for any cheap web host, even if they offer web design to compliment their service. You should be able to find the web hosting companies that offers web designs you can be proud of. Not only that, it will not be to your advantage if your clients get to your website and discover that it takes ages for it load. They may not be patient enough to wait while it loads and this singular reason should propel you to only seek for the cheap web hosting companies whose server is quite fast.

You should expect at least between 3 to 5 pages in any given web host and design pack. This may seem not too many but it serves to readily give your customers the information they may be searching for about your company, where they will locate your business and your contact details. The images you are to have in this kind of web hosting plan may be smaller compared to other bigger hosting plans but it is generally advisable to be as concise and direct to the point as possible in your message delivery to save space and bandwidth.

So many web hosting companies offer cheap web host and design but some larger hosting companies will require that you pay for a full year?s web hosting upfront for you to qualify for their free web design services. In the evolving business of today where every customer that visits your website is really important to your business, you may find out that with this kind of web hosting plan, your site may be down at the time it is quite critical to your business. It is true that they will handle the web design for you but the back up or support they offer may not be prompt enough. What this entails is that when your site is down and you need to figure out what the problem actually is, instead of you to just contact your web designer who will immediately get down to sorting out the issue, you will have to wait for this company that host and design your site to help. You and I know that this will not be as swift as you will want it to and it is a negative factor for your business.

Another option in this range is that you can get a web designer who will align your site with theirs and be ready to respond to you at short notice. They will offer you a comprehensive free hosting while you will need to pay for just the web design. In these circumstances, you have some level of influence on the designer who you can call up within a short notice and are sure of getting appropriate support. This works best if your company is small and you do not have enormous issues to handle at your WebPages.

Affordable web design does not imply that you will opt for less quality hosting and web design. It is best for you if you are still growing your business because the web designer who handles your web design will likely add more features as you two get to know each other better and your business requirement grows. This is a departure from the bigger web hosting companies who will just be taking your money on monthly basis without offering any technical service or back up whatsoever.? You will get more satisfactory service from these cheap web hosting and design concerns because they will not have too much clients to deal with and can afford to offer unique services to each of their customers.