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Five Features You Need for Successful Web Hosting

So you need hosting for that great website you have planned. You did the obligatory Google search and found out there are a gazillion web hosting companies. They all are offering what you need (web hosting) and you found the price varies from free to sky’s the limit. You also found that there are a ton of features some of which you have no idea of what they are. So now what you thought was going to be an easy task has just turned into a semester of study at your local junior college. Well believe me I know what you’re going through. Through trail, error and mistake I have learned that not all web hosting is created equal. While there area ton of features and hosting plans offered by web hosting companies, there are five basics factors you will want to make sure you are getting when selecting your hosting provider.???

1. Databases
Be sure you are getting ample databases to support and expand your website. All blogging, forum, and Websites that use any form of dynamic data applications or capture user data require a database to function. Unfortunately, most shared hosting packages only offer one to five databases; this can limit your ability to expand and may not be enough to carry out the planned functions of your website. The minimum number of databases you should look for is ten. Granted you may not need that many but if you do they will be readily available without spending additional money to add on databases. Usually the higher priced hosing plans offer more databases but you should not have to opt for a more expensive plan to get 10 databases.

2. Multiple domains
web hosting companies usually limit the number of domains you can serve from your hosting plan. Some hosting plans, usually the lower cost or free plans, only allow one domain name per plan. If you are for sure you will only have one website then this will be of no consequence. However, if you plan on having multiple websites then you should look for a hosting plan that offers the ability to host multiple sites from a single hosting plan. A hosting plan that offers at least 5 domains is a minimum. You should be aware that the resources of your hosting server will be shared by all domains assigned to the web hosting plan. Make sure the plan you get provides ample disk space, bandwidth and databases to keep multiple sites up and running.????

3. Developer Support
Developer support is the litmus test for any Web host. You may be starting with a simple website but as time goes on many times you may want to add additional functionality or features to your site. Also when adding new websites to your hosting plan additional capabilities may be needed. This is where a hosting provider can easily make or break your plans. If your web hosting provider is limited on developer languages or web application offerings you may have to find a new hosting provider. This is something you do not want to do. Having multiple hosting accounts or hosting providers is a sure way for confusion and frustration. Most hosting companies offer various language support and misc. application support but why not get it all. Yes there are hosting providers that offer everything you will ever need and it doesn’t cost any more.
No matter what hosting package you are considering, make sure you are getting the most support possible. Below is a list of the most popular website development items available:

??Ruby on Rails
??Frontpage Server Extensions
??Content Managment Tools
??eCommerce Solutions
??Project Management Tools
??Message Board/Forum Tools
??Photo Gallery Tools
??Admin Tools
??Misc. web-site add-ons

4. Customer support
Working late at night on that website, or perhaps on the weekend (Sunday Night)? Got a deadline to get a site up and running but just ran into a problem. Perhaps you just discovered you need an additional web app or database. It can be very frustrating and sometimes costly if you cannot get customer support from your hosting company when you need it (on your schedule). Always look for a web hosting service provider that provides 24×7 customer support. That is 24 hours a day 7 days a week and I don’t mean just Email support. Email support is important and should be part of the customer support package but what you really want is phone support. Many times problems or issues need to be discussed to reach a quick resolution, passing Emails around can takes days or sometimes weeks. Your number one tool for support should be the phone, make sure your web hosting company is awake and working when you are. You will want to make sure there is an on-line knowledgebase as well. Not only is a knowledgebase good for answeering questions, it is also very usefull for use as a learning tool.??

5. Server Uptime
Your website should be up and running 24×7. However things do happen in the real world that can sometimes cause a website to go down. In spite of real world problems, your web hosting provider should offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. With today’s internet technology there are ways to insure websites stay functional virtually every minute of every day. Don’t settle for a hosting company that cannot guarantee your website is up and running around the clock.???

Web hosting is the backbone of the success of your website. While the content of your site is vitally important, any short coming in your web hosting service is sure to translate to failure at your site. The hosting company you start with is most likely the one you will stay with, so take the time to choose the right web hosting company from the start, you’ll be glad you did.?????

Don’t Use Luck as The Tool for Choosing the Right Web Hosting Service

The astronomical popularity of the internet and the development of millions of websites have created a huge demand for web hosting services. This demand for hosting services has led to thousands of web hosting companies being created to meet the demand. These companies offer a wide range of options in terms of price, features, disk space, customer support, and other aspects of web hosting. With so many options available, it is a major effort to determine which web hosting company offers the best hosting plan for your website. In order to choose a web hosting provider, there are a number of things to consider.

The first thing to consider is the feature set being offered. However before you spend any time feature shopping you need to have an idea of how much disk space you need for now and the future and how much traffic you expect to receive. You should also know if you need databases, how many and whether or not you will be building more websites in the future. These are difficult questions to answer especially if you are new to website development. To help make selecting a web hosting service plan easier the following is a rule of thumb guide that can lend some direction for making an educated choice.

Small websites (1 ? 5 pages) with low traffic volume, no need for a database and limited future expansion can use free and the cheapest hosting service.

Sites that have 6 ? 50 pages, use graphics/videos, a database or two, a few forms, with a moderate level of traffic should opt for the next higher level of hosting services. This generally ranges from $3.49 to $8.99 per month and is typically the most appropriate hosting plan for most sites. If you are planning on adding more websites in the future make sure the hosting plan will allow multiple domains.

Sites that have 6 ? 50 pages or more use lots of graphics/videos, lots of content, high level of user interaction, maybe offering lots of downloaded information with a high level of traffic, and plans to add more sites in the future, need to select a higher level of hosting. You will find this level of hosting will be in the range of $6.99 to $17.99 per month.??

For sites on the upper level of capabilities which include perhaps 100?s of pages with heavy use of graphics/videos, content, interactivity, high level of security, extreme level of traffic (lucky you), plans for future growth, need to select the highest level of hosting services. For sites like this, generally you need dedicated services. Pricing ranges from $14.99 to $99.00 per month.??

Once you figure out what level of hosting service you?ll need you can begin your shopping. The things that are of most importance are the amount disk space, bandwidth, databases, and domains you can get for current and future needs. In general you want to get the largest set of features you can. There is a broad range of features offered by the various hosting companies but you?ll find that individual hosting plans are similar from company to company. So what is the difference maker from one company to another?

Perhaps the most important factor and the difference maker for selecting a hosting provider is customer support. There are many things that you have to know when managing a website, such as the uploading of files, domain management, DNS setup, Email setup and other misc. web operations. A good hosting provider will be able to give you customer phone support anytime of the day or night, and can reply to emails in 1 or 4 hours. The customer support team should be knowledgeable and supportive enough to help solve any problem that you may encounter. A good thing to do is call customer support of a few hosting companies and ask a few questions. See what kind of response you get. Were they readily available? Could they answer your basic questions? Here?s a good question to ask: Will there be any penalties for either upgrading or downgrading hosting features?

Some web hosting providers offer a wide selection of free add-on applications to allow additional functionality to be quickly and easily added to your site. This is a distinct advantage as this factor alone can make a significant difference in your success. The question here is will the customer support staff help you install new applications?

One more consideration before selecting a hosting provider is to evaluate whether or not the hosting provider can offer everything you might need to run a website. Besides the basic hosting plan, does the company offer Dedicated Servers, Dedicated IP?s, SSL?s, eMail Accounts, domain Registration, Website Marketing Tools, Traffic Analysis Tools, eCommerce Support, Shopping Carts, Web Design Tools and Website Management Tools? You may never need these things but if you do it is far easier to integrate and manage these features if they are provided by one hosting provider.???

Once you have carefully considered the above mentioned factors, you will be ready to select a web hosting provider for your website. A good place to end your web hosting shopping is at the Web Hosting Goods Store.

Key Questions to be asked,when choosing The Best Web Hosting provider for your Website-Part 1

You can find many articles over the web which educates you about the various factors that needs to be considered when choosing the best web hosting provider for hosting your website/s.Once you have followed those guidelines and shortlisted a couple of web hosting companies,here are the questions that you need to ask the hosting providers before finalising and signing up with a web hosting service provider.

General Questions

  1. The duration since the company has been in the business?

Its important for you to know the period since the hosting company has been in the business.The longer they would be,the more experence they would have.This would prove useful for online business websites success.With experience in the bag,faster would be the issues sorted (atleast you can hope so).

  1. Does the Best web hosting company that you’ve shortlisted offer Good Value for Money

When finalising a web hosting provider to host your domain/s, you need to ensure that you are not pating anything extra for the resources that are offered with the hosting packages. These days due the high level of competition,web hosting services have become fairly affordable.You must compare the resources offered alongwith the packages and the price that you need to pay.

  1. Does the host offer Money back guarantee for the packages?

Most of the best web hosting providers in the industry offer Money back guarantee.If not any money back guarantee,then almost all the reputed web hosting providers offer trial period with their web hosting packages. This option enables the users to have the option whether to continue using the services or to withdraw them.

  1. 24×7 paid or free support

It is advisable to select a web hosting service that offers 24×7 assistance. This enables you to contact the host at any point of time and get the issues regarding the hosting account resolved.

  1. Flexibility in Hosting

It is important that the web hosting provider offers flexibility in upgrading or downgrading the services availed from the hosting account.

Question for Billiing Department

  1. What are the modes of payment?

A user should check the modes of payment that the host accepts.For example: PayPal,2Checkout,Google Checkout,Money Bookers,Bank Transfer etc.

  1. Payment Cycles offered ?

Check if the host accepts payments on a Monthly,Quaterly,Semi Annual or Annual basis. Also find out if the host offers discounts on any of the payment cycles.Accordingly you can decide the cycle that suits your budget.

  1. Can the account be cancelled if you sign up for an Annual Cycle?

It may happen that after using the services from a web host you may decide to quit their services,in that case you should have the option to so and get a refund of the money that you have already paid.

  1. Can an SSL be purchased later if required?

It may so happen, that you do not need an SSL right now.In such a case make sure that the host would enable you to purchase and install it later onto your domain.

  1. Does the Host offer additional disk space and bandwidth,if yes then at what cost?

You may experience situations where you do not want to upgrade the hosting package but get additional disk space and bandwith,hence is advisable to make yourself aware whether this can be availed later.Also check the charges for that.

  1. Buying a hosting package without registering a domain with the host.

Its mandatory with some hosts that you need to buy a hosting package if you need to register a domain under their registry.

Benefits of Web Hosting

Benefits of web hosting services are myriad, but majority of people are not aware about its implications. It is considered by many as just another evolution in Internet, while many consider web hosting as a good opportunity to make money. web hosting in essence offers the business the advantage to move the information or business product details and research, on the internet. The major two benefits offered by web hosting service are:

1. web hosting allows the business to advertise its ideas as well as potential on a broad spectrum called internet. Present world is driven with an increase in demand pertaining to information on any subject, arraying from tourism to best product to banks.

2. It increases job opportunities especially for candidates, who have the potential to work as resellers on behalf of web hosting firms or, act as affiliates or server based network to web hosting firms.

Benefits of Varied Web Hosting Kinds:

Web Hosting has become more like a necessity in present day. Few such services are offered without any cost and few are purely paid services. As per the requirements of the business, varied kinds of web hosting services are available.

Free web hosting benefits the user by allowing hosting of web page for no cost. Shared web hosting enables the website to get hosted on similar server with other websites. Dedicated server on the other hand offers outstanding benefits such as good performance, higher reliability, security, and customized configuration as per the requirements. Likewise, each type of web hosting offers unique benefits to the business or individual users.

Use of Cheap Web Hosting

Anyone cannot deny an old age saying, “One gets what he/she pays for”.

When one talks about some aspects of life, and business, there is quite strength in this statement, but not much when it comes to web hosting industry. Many a times, one will not get what he/she deserve to get or invest the money for.

For instance, there was a client paying $600.00 a month for his web hosting account.

After observing his requirements the conclusion was that there is nothing extraordinary in the features required by the client, which can be available in the basic hosting plan i.e. below $5.

What can be the conclusion regarding this client? It is that he is not only overburdened by the huge monthly charges but also not receiving the basic support required by him.

No doubt, an acute example, but a horrible incidence which several users needs to counter in their life span.

Many years ago, there was no trace of web hosting existed in the industry. Almost entire websites were hosted via local ISP’s. If one talk about average basis, the monthly charges for hosting a website was $20.00. Usually, if any user asks for any technical query to ISP, their opinion would be to purchase a book or rather go for a class to sort out the query.

It was somewhere around 1996, when few of the “web hosting” companies emerged in the market. Their commitment was strictly on to hosting websites. That time they can easily offer a hosting package around $10.00 a month. In addition to it, they can easily provide technical assistance to meet user?s necessities.

With the emergence of the year 2005 new type of hosting termed as cheap web hosting raised in the market providing hosting services at a very low cost of even less than $5.00 a month.

Normally, cheap web hosting companies are latest companies in the market. This is due to the reason that it is quite daunting for the older companies to decline their cost as they possess a huge customer base which is ready to pay higher prices. This can adversely affect their expansion which cannot be a positive deal for many of the companies.

Thus what way low priced hosting companies provide hosting packages at such a cheap rate?

One of the reasons for this is that servers, hard drive space and bandwidth are quite cheap as compared to many years ago. This is one of the triumph cards for the web hosting companies.

Other reason is that cheap hosting providers adopts diverse business structure in comparison to older companies. Certainly, Web hosting business is severely competitive. Recently, the basis of competition is the tools and features provided to the user. When one talk about this sort of strategy the major draw back is that every user doesn?t require all the features provided by the concern hosting company. Several hosting providers deliver free backup services for all their clients without any biasness. Off course, Backups are expensive, and it is not required by everyone, but every user is compelled to pay for it due to concerned package offered to them.

In contrast, low priced hosting companies might offer user the basic features that is applied by everyone, but put forward weekly backups as an available but additional feature, putting the cost of backing up restricted to those users only who really demands it.

Certainly, sweet to hear, but what when it comes to service? Will the user receive swift and proficient customer support just in the monthly charges of $4.00?

The reply will be, unbelievable but generally is YES.

Certainly, one cannot expect all the cheap hosting providers to deliver an outstanding service. In contract one cannot expect very good service from the hosting providers who demands large amount for their service.

Still the success of a cheap hosting provider lies in the fact that how well it can maintain the trust of customer. A hosting provider full of abilities and potential will try their level best to care their present customers.