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Good Quality

If you plan to own a new website, you will need to host your website on a web server. When your website goes live on the web server, online users can then browse your website on the Internet. Company that provides the web servers to host your website is called web hosting providers.

A web hosting provider will typically have a fast connection to the Internet housed in a physical building called ‘data center’ and they may host thousands of web sites on many servers. The web host essentially rents out space to you so that you can get your website up on the world wide web.

With a well-managed web host, you can free yourself from worrying the up-keep of complicated server technology and proper technical maintenance. That’s the whole purpose of the web hosting companies. You should leave the technical work to web hosting professional while you focus on your own internet business.

There are thousands of web hosting providers on the internet and how do you decide which one you should use? Sites like can help you by comparing all best hosting providers.

The features that web hosting companies are offering are getting quite standard nowadays. There are basic features that you’ll need in a web host. You can find out more here.

To give a web host a competitive edge over others, more attractive features are very necessary. You’ll find that many hosts are willing to give away free stuff that used to cost over $10 per month.

These are some of the advanced features that our top hosts are offering.

  • Web Buider Many of our top 10 hosts offer powerful web builder program called SiteStudio. SiteStudio allows you to make sites without any html, FTP and HTTP knowledge. You can also build site on the fly while at home, school or even at work. Hostgator’s SiteStudio has over 500 ready-made templates for you to choose from.

  • Ecommerce Enabled If you are selling products on your site, you need a merchant account. A shopping cart is a useful tool if you have more than 1 product in different categories. SSL(Secured Sockets Layer) is a must-have if you need to receive valuable information such as your customers’ credit card information. PowWeb, Hostgator and Lunarpages provide osCommerce shopping cart and shared SSL for your ecommerce needs.

  • Marketing Package Most marketing package including search engine submission software, keyword generator and link checker. Some hosting companies like iPower have established partnership with Yahoo! Search (previously known as Overture) and Google Adwords to offer you pay-per-click credit to jump start your business.


The best marketing method is by far from word of mouth. If you sign up for a web host and are satisfied with the performance, most likely you’ll recommend to anyone who is looking for a good host. Big web hosting companies know about this concept so well that they would go all out to retain their existing customer. The more satisfied customers they have, the more popularity they’ll get. We take this as an important indicator of how good a host is. # There are a few factors that we judge the popularity of a particular web hosting provider.Number of existing customers. # The satisfaction level of their existing customers: We manage to get hold of their existing customers from the positive reviews they submitted through our host comment form, their comment in the 3rd party web hosting and inhouse forums and the customers’ comment found on other hosting directories. # The amount of pretigious hosting awards they won # Their sites Alexa traffic ranking

Netfirms top the popularity among our top 10 hosts. Network Reliability, Speed and Uptime Guarantee

In terms of reliability, we are looking at how redundant is the server, how often the companies backup the server and how well they handle emergency. “Redundant” means that if any of the Internet connections get interrupted, the alternate Internet connection will take over. PowWeb Load Balancing Technology is one of the best that we found to ensure your site is up 99.9% all the time.

Benefits of Foreign Web Hosting Services

Any businesses seem to clamor to host a website and it does not depend on its location. It is always hard to define a top web hosting company and so it is very hard to award them as well. There are various types or kinds of needs to be met for different websites to have ideal criteria for a hosting website. Number of top hosting companies meets all standard requirements necessary for a quality hosting services. There are many overseas hosting companies that meet all needs at a low price as compared to US or Europe based hosts. But one question always arises in mind is that should overseas hosting companies be outsourced or not?

Reasons of Difference in Price

Foreign web hosting companies generally offer the same packages like the other top hosting companies in your country but many a times at a considerably low cost. While there are some overseas hosting companies that may offer such low rates just to increases their sales? Such low rates offered by overseas web hosting companies adequately reflect the cost of living in that country. Hosting costs can be tremendously lower in countries such as India as compared to the western countries so your web hosting service can be offered at a very low price.

So such difference in rates makes it quiet difficult for a site owner to determine the top hosting companies based solely on price. While selecting such low rates web hosting services there is always a question of quality that arises along with it. The web owners always are confused with questions related to the budget services that offer the same level of service. The answer to such questions simply depends on the hosting company. Consequently a website owner should not immediately sign up or select for foreign hosting companies simply based on lower rates. Along with rates there are many other determining factors to take care of while selecting a perfect web hosting service provider.

Location of Hosting Company

Much like real estate, location matters in case of selecting a foreign host. It is an important fact that while dealing with such service its server should be close to the clients. The clients will be able to access your website faster if the server is located nearer to them. The physical distance between servers and the clients can also make a difference between the service providers. Most of these providers target United States and European citizens, because by hosting halfway around the globe, response time for target is largely affected.

Customer Service and Support

Many a times it is found that the foreign hosting companies are highly trained in providing their customers with quality service and support. Such companies are highly respectful towards their customers and other clients. Customer care is a top priority for most of these web hosting foreign companies as they know that they must work a bit harder than top western hosting companies to maintain the same level of respect and reputation in the web market. is one of the leading web hosting service providers in India. The web hosting site offers website hosting services affordable to small and medium size companies. Visit for exciting web hosting packages.

Web Hosting Guidelines for Free!

1. The consistency of the service:

First of all think of a brand new hosting company which show off several features, dream of every user but alas! It doesn?t survive for too long. Let’s complete it with an example there is a company offering 500MB of storage capacity, 10GB of bandwidth a month, domain hosting, unlimited domain parking, CPanel along with all possible features, entirely no ads, and this merely for 150 posts in their forum. Outstanding as a dream? But after making few bucks they simply went offline. No declaration in advance, no regret, not anything!

Factors to be kept in mind:

1. Design:

A decent layout is quite important for the consideration. One should verify that the host to whom he/she is going to deal with possess a professional site or just a free template site, which is probably just a waste of time, nothing else.

What is their experience in this sector? It doesn?t mean that new sprung hosting services are worthless, but at least two months experience is quite essential.

One should also enquire about their Google PR, ranking, other locations etc. If the concern site possesses numerous inbound links, the host will have a good budget to maintain his/her client?s site.

2. Advertisements

One should also check for the ads that are placed on one?s space by his/her free web host. It is really annoying to display someone else’s ads on one?s page and it is in real sense the price user has to pay for free service of the provider. However there are some hosts who don?t put these banners or other forms of advertising in exchange for their services.

Thus one should look for:

1) How are the ads looking like in one?s page: User should keep in mind that the color patter of his/her site should not get disturbed with the color of the banner or ad placed by the provider? It is always better that user should select a host who permits user to place a banner code anywhere the user wants. This is the best way as the user is free to place the banner at the place of his/her ease.

2) To check if the host is displaying targeted ads: If one?s site displays totally contrast ads then it is really annoying for one?s visitors example if one?s site is for pet care and the ad is displaying car sale then it is really unprofessional. Moreover one must watch out for sites that display pornographic ads.

3) The kind of ads hosts are displaying: One should never at any cost sign up for a site that advertises through popups. The disadvantage of popups is that they are like a threat of viruses and so visitors don?t like to return back to one?s site after experiencing them.

4) Is the host permitting the user to display his/her own ads: User should check if the host is allowing him/her to display his/her own ads. This issue is not at all small and so user must take it seriously.

3. Availability of tools and scripts available

There are some good features like forums, guest books, counters; polls etc which one can use as additional to his/her site. If user is not willing to handle installing such an addon from a third party then he/she can search for a hosting provider who provides it in advance. One should understand that such tools are not always the best and most are available without any cost. In contrast, if user selects an hosting providing few or no such tools then they probably needs to counter a slow server which will adversely affects the clients.

4. Available bandwidth and situation after full consumption:

It doesn?t matter the size of one?s site but user should verify that the available bandwidth must be at least 1GB a month. The concern host should be such that who propose a paid subscription rather just jamming the accessibility of one?s page as he/she consumed the entire quota of bandwidth. This can be effective to maintain the flow of traffic with out any form of barrier.

To understand better here is simple calculation if one?s pages average are of 50kB, including images, or (approx.) 0.05MB. Now let?s assume one?s visitors browse 3 pages on average, before they leave the site. That is equivalent to 3 x 0.05 = 0.15 MB. Now after dividing 1GB (or 1,000 MB) by 0.15, the result obtained would be 6,666 i.e. the average number of visitors one can expect in one month without exceeding the bandwidth quota. Now after dividing that by 30 one will get 222 visitors per day. One should also keep in mind that search engines also consumes bandwidth which can be even consumption of as much as 100MB if one is having large number of pages.

5. What one?s URL will seem like?

Although one can receive a short URL without any cost from several sites, however, it’s quite nice if one?s host offer a URL that’s easy to memorize. One should go for a host that offers a sub domain if accessible (http:// instead to

Plenty Of Options For Reliable Web Hosting

For the webmasters who create websites, they definitely need some hosts for hosting their websites online; otherwise their websites are of no use. There are many options for reliable web hosting, but before considering the options, one must decide what the needs are and what the requirements for hosting the websites are. Webmaster should first decide upon what kind of website he is using and what the best options available are.

Operating System
The operating system is one of the most important and foremost thing to decide. Options available are the Linux and the Windows. While choosing the first thing budget is a big factor. According to your budget the operating system can be chosen.

web hosting packages
After choosing the operating system, comes the web hosting package. Here one common belief is that any kind of web hosting package is perfect for all your needs, which actually is totally wrong. For all your needs, different packages are available so the webmaster has to choose from them. The kind of website you are making and its popularity decides heavily about what kind of web host solution you are looking for. Many webmasters have enough budgets to buy their own servers but not all of them are capable of doing so. Therefore there are some other options of using third party’s server to host the websites.

Like for starters, free web hosting solutions are available. In this, the creation of website is allowed with mandatory options loaded with ample of unwanted pop-ups and other annoying ads which the company places on your page. These ads can be of no relevance to the content on your page or what your website is about. These ads are placed on the website by the company to generate revenues by pay-per-click on them. But for beginners and someone with websites for personal use, this can serve as the perfect solution.

For more customized solutions, shared web solutions are available. Literally, shared hosts are the ones which have one server and many websites share it. Thus the cost comes out to be minimal. At the same time the drawback is that there are chances of being counterfeited in some illegal action if any of the co-webmaster does something of that nature and then chances are that your website would also come under the threat of closing down as you share the same IP.

Then comes the option of dedicated web hosting solution. Thankfully, here your website enjoys the pleasure of owning one full server in its name along with several other options of high bandwidth, own IP, visitor trackers etc. Here you don’t have to worry about any kind of legal issues etc. and your website can be hosted comfortably around your needs.

Reseller hosting is one another option for webmasters who want to make more money fast and quick. In this option, webmaster buys the web hosting package from the company and divides the whole space into several spaces and then the fellow webmasters, in need of space, can buy that space and the owner webmaster can easily make some extra money.

If your website is big then make sure that the package you choose provides you with lot of space because one needs at least 50% more space than the size of the website so that it can be expanded in the future. At the same time if you are providing some free email addresses or similar facilities like that then it is important to check with the package whether it provides all the requisite facilities.

The Hardware
Now, after you have selected the right kind of operating system and the requisite web hosting package, comes the hardware. To complete a web hosting solution, you need to top it up with the right kind of hardware and the server style. For this, you can either use your own system, for your personal web hosting or some light weighted web hosting or else you can look for the rock mount server which means the huge server rooms the web hosting companies have.

One more important thing while choosing the perfect web host is that you get a company that provides good connectivity with the database while hosting at the same time. Database is necessary while hosting the site to make it more dynamic.

Once you have selected the right kind of solution for your web hosting needs, you are all set to go ahead and reach the top in no time!

Which is the Best? Dedicated Server or Co-location Web Hosting

After knowing shared hosting no longer cuts it, and one?s single office connection is not enough to host a web server ? now an important question which arises is which is best, leasing a dedicated server or buying own server and co-locating someone’s data center?


If one is unsure of the difference; here it is in a nutshell. If one co-locates, it simply means renting space within someone else’s facility to store his/her own server or servers. It is very much similar to a high tech gym locker that user is renting all or part of to house his/her servers. The user either ship or deliver the server to his/her provider. Additional services that are provided by the host along with co-location differ from individual to individual host but it surely will not include the actual server. With a dedicated server the user will get all the features of co-location, as well as, the actual web server itself.

Which is superior?

Between web hosting and co-location webhosting, the best would be which is best suited for one?s need. Comparing both we will find that there are excellent situations for both the dedicated server option is quickly becoming a better choice in more and more cases. If one already possesses a web server, or prefers to use cluster, then obviously co-location possibly will be the user?s ideal choice. If the user is bearing in mind buying new equipment and shipping it off for co-location, he/she should reassess. One should know that, the prices and equipment existing in dedicated hosting currently are outstanding, not only this but it will relieve the user from the burden of hardware. Most hosts prefer to carry suitable spare parts on hand according to the servers used, so that quick action can be taken if any undesirable thing happens. Depending on one?s arrangement with a collocation deal hardware failure could simply mean paying extra to have a server shipped back, having it fixed by oneself rather then sending it back to the data center.