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Can You Make Money Selling Web Hosting?

There is a new fad in the web hosting market. Reseller hosting. Where individuals like you and I can become web hosts (sell web hosting) without having to buy all the infrastructure and do-hickeys that go along with setting up such a business.

Becoming a web hosting reseller for a web hosting company is becoming a very profitable past time for a lot of Internet marketers. Being able to earn a monthly on going income selling a service every webmaster needs with out huge setup costs is a hard business model to ignore.

So what exactly is reseller hosting and how can you get started?

Reseller hosting allows you to sell a web hosting companies services as your own. This is called private labelling. Basically they offer you a discount rate on their web hosting services and you sell it off as your own at any price you want.

Reseller hosting can start for as little as $20 a month. That means you can have a full featured web hosting business without any major start up costs.

The great thing about some companies offering reseller web hosting is that they do all the technical work for you as well. They provide around the clock support for you, they manage your servers and they can even bill your customers for you, so all you have to sell is focus on selling their products.

There is more to it but you can find out more about a web hosting companies reseller program by asking them directly. In this article, I want to focus on how to make money by selling web hosting.

So how can you make money selling web hosting? Here are my favorite methods.

1 – Create And Sell Businesses On Ebay

This is my favorite method of generating sales for my web hosting services. In a nut shell, what I do is I create turnkey businesses (businesses built just to be resold to other people) on Ebay and charge people a flat monthly fee to host the site they just brought on my web hosting service.

If you go to Ebay and have a look in the website/businesses for sale section, you will see people doing just this. It might look strange seeing a website sell for a few dollars. I never use to understand exactly how they made any money, then I realized, they were not making money from the sale of the business, but on the back end. They would create good clean website site, sell it on Ebay for a few dollars and then charge the buyer to host this site on their hosting service.

This is perfectly legal, as long as you tell them up front that they must continue to host their website on your web hosting services for a certain period of time.

You could easily sell 100 small websites a week on Ebay. On average, you could sell hosting for $10 a month. So every week, you could be making $1000 a week. But that’s not the best thing, since web hosting is paid monthly, you get paid monthly for as long as they stay with your web hosting service. This is as close as a steady pay check as you are going to get with Internet marketing.

You get paid every month whether or not you actually even work.

2 – Become A Dedicated Hosting Service Just For Blogs

Blogging is hot right now. Very hot. There are an estimated 40,000 new blogs started every day. EVERY DAY. Can you imagine that? Sure, most of them are hosted for free, but there are a lot of blogs and bloggers who want the control of having a domain name and their own web hosting for their blogs.

The great thing about blogs is that they take up very little disk space and transfer (bandwidth) allowance. You can host many, many blogs with very little resources and you can charge a good price for your services.

Another great thing about blogs and bloggers is that most successful bloggers have more then one blog. This is great because blogs take very little technical assistance on your part which means you can grow your business quicker and have more paying customers without the need for costly and time sapping technical support.

So how can you market your blogging web hosting service? Good question! Here’s an even better answer.

Forums! And not just forums about blogging. Any forum, any topic could be perfect for a blog, and there are a lot of people in forums looking for a way to express their interest in their hobby or passion.

You could easily position yourself as the service to go to for niche blogs. You could target forums that talk about any subject. Fishing, gardening, dog training, pie eating, you name it.

Posting in forums with helpful answers will no doubt bring you a lot of qualified business. Just make sure you answer with helpful posts and not just blatant plugs for your business.

The way to really make an impact with this type of service is to offer something no one else is doing. Maybe you could get an ebook written about the secrets to niche blogging and give that away with every hosting sale, or maybe you could give away free unique content that they could use every month on their blogs when they sign up for 6 or 12 months of hosting.

There are many ways to make money reselling hosting, and as you can tell, it is quite the lucrative business model.

To your success.

How To Make Money Online Through Web Hosting

First, what is web hosting?

web hosting is an Internet service that provides a means for businesses and individuals to post their websites on the Internet. Web hosts offer space on a server that their clients can use to connect to the Internet. There are several types of web hosting that you may offer in order to make money online. Whether you choose to provide a basic web hosting service or a more complex and diverse service depends on your knowledge and ability to make money online from web hosting. Some of the choices are:

* Free web hosting service

* Shared web hosting service

* Managed hosting service

* Home servers

Free Web Hosting Service

This service is free and is often supported through advertisements posted onto the sites that are hosted. The options you can offer your clients are usually very limited to a basic web page with no frills. For beginners with little to no Web hosting experience, this may be a good way to start.

Shared Web Hosting Service

With shared Web hosting any number of websites, from a few to hundreds, are placed on the same server. All domains share the same server resources, such as RAM and CPU, which can limit the size of a site that can be hosted.

Managed Hosting Service

This enables the user to have his or her own server, but does not allow full access to the administrative aspects of the site. The user cannot go into the management tools and change anything on the site. This allows the host to guarantee quality control of the server while leasing the server to the user.

With self-managed or unmanaged dedicated hosting, the user has full administrative access to his or her web site and is responsible for all the maintenance and security of the site. However, the user does not own the server space the site is posted through.

Home Servers

In some cases, a Web host will operate a server from his or her own home, then offer Web hosting from a typical broadband connection. This type of hosting is generally the least reliable as the larger ISPs actively work to block these individual servers from gaining Internet access.


One danger you must avoid if you intend to build a reputable Web hosting service is overselling. This is a situation where you have sold too much Web space and cannot sustain all your customers if everyone used the services to their full extent. While uncommon, overselling can be detrimental to the point of completely sinking your Web hosting business. You also could gain a reputation for providing substandard and unreliable features and services.

Web hosting can be a legitimate and profitable method of making money online. The type of service you offer will depend on your knowledge and access to equipment and programs. You have the option to begin small and slowly expand your service offerings as you build your knowledge base.