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Disadvantages of Cheap Web Hosting

Monetary factor is one of the most important factors in it. Every user wants to have the web hosting service at the most reasonable price. The users who are new to the web hosting gets attracted on hearing free or discount web hosting and choose that hosting, but there are definitely some things they need to know about discount web hosting and free web hosting before choosing the web host for their website. Generally discount web hosting only suited the personal websites rather than business websites as their capabilities and reliability are not necessarily suited for the business users.

The most important thing for any of the business concern is time; this is also applicable in the case of Internet businesses and home-based businesses. In case of retail store, if any time they are not open for shoppers, then in result they are missing out on potential sales and related revenues. One of the most important advantage of internet business is that if one?s business is internet-based with an automated sales process, then his/her business can be open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Generally website of the business users plays the role of their shop and if website will remain shut down it means the shop is closed. Closed shop results in loss of sales. So it is necessary for an Internet business to have a reliable host providing maximum uptime say uptime of 99%.

The new comers certainly make some mistakes one of them is that they don?t the disadvantages of free or cheap web hosting and only after seeing the discounted price they choose one of them, they realize their mistake later on after loosing the effectiveness of their website which diminishes the website’s potential. Second major mistake is that the user does not take important things into consideration while selecting a web host. This is true that discount web hosting and free web hosting usually sounds good in the beginning but when one chooses any of it then their loopholes come into the picture, such as it is much more than cost to consider when choosing a web hosting service.

Many times in case of small business or of private website discount web hosting packages may be sufficient. The best way to make the right decision is to review the options and to compare the costs, benefits and potential problems. Following are some factors one should consider while choosing web hosts.

1. Speed: One should check the speed of the web hosting servers and the bandwidth provided through the hosting packages

2. Space: One should check in advance the space provided for various hosting packages

3. Control Panel: It is important to check in advance whether or not the web host provides a control panel for self-serve, web-based administration of one?s website

4. Server logs and reports: it is important to check in advance if the host is providing server logs and reports that helps one in managing his/her website and marketing efforts

5. Email: As emails are most crucial part in web business, one should check email services and email limitations.

6. Backup policies: It is important to check in advance the web host’s back-up policies and procedures.

7. Data retrieval policies: It is important to check the web host’s data retrieval policies and procedures in advance.

8. Uptime: It is another important feature, which needs attention of user. One should check the web host’s reliability in terms of uptime and relative downtime as it can affect business favorably or adversely.

9. Existence: user should check the web host’s longevity in the business of web hosting and their reputation.

10. Extra options: In addition to above user should check extra options like CGI, SSH and FTP access and compatibility or availability of various scripts and software.

A company that specializes in commercial web hosting for businesses provides maximum reliability, greater web space, speed, and also free or discount web-hosting services. Generally Internet service provider?s offers discount web hosting services to Internet service subscribers as a process for adding value to their standard services. Thus one should act prudently and take any decision accordingly as it is going to have effect straightly on his/her business.

Web Hosting Tips and Recommendations For Finding a Host Provider

What do I look for when searching for a web host for my internet business? There are many things to look for when setting up your web hosting account. With a little research and information, you can find the perfect web host provider for you internet business.

Even though you have a computer, you do not have the capability of hosting your website from your home computer so the website is live 24/7. The exception to this is if you have your own server at home. Having your own server is expensive and a lot of work. The majority of internet businesses host their websites through hosting providers on remote servers.

There a numerous ways to find a host provider. The easiest is by doing a search in your favorite search engine for web host providers. You will find a return of numerous providers. Now to search through those providers to find the one that is compatible with your internet business goals is simple with a little research.

Some web host providers offer more features than just web hosting. If you are in need of a complete package web host, website, and domain name this may be an option.

However if you are just looking for a host for your website then compare the features of up to three different web host providers. Below are features you will want to consider when selecting your web host.

o Uptime guarantee

o Money back guarantee

o Customer Service

o Email and Phone Support

o Number of domains allowed

o Do they require a contract?

o E-mail features (unlimited)

o Cost to transfer domains or DNS

o web hosting Features it supports

o E-commerce features for security

Are these all the features you must consider? No, these are a few very important features.

You definitely want to review the hosting provider’s uptime guarantee. This is the percent of time the host’s servers are up and running so to say and your website is visible to the masses. If their host’s servers are consistently down, your website is not accessible on the web. This means potential lost customers and lost revenue.

Customer service is a very important item when comparing host providers. Do they have 24/7 customer service via phone and email. When do we always have problems with something? Doesn’t it seem like it is always after business hours? If so, how do I resolve this problem when it is not the normal business hours of the provider? This is very important. I go so far as to call them after hours or email just to test them prior to selecting their services. Test run the company yourself before deciding on a web host provider.

Another must have feature with your web host account is unlimited domain name options. If you have to pay for an additional web host account every time you want to set up another domain name do not do it. This is very costly at the beginning of your new internet business venture. Purchase from a provider who offers unlimited domains. The additional domains will actually be subdomains of your primary domain but that is okay starting out as a new internet business owner. Internet visitors finding any of your domains will not see your primary domain or see that any domains are subdomains of another account. Therefore, this is an easy and inexpensive why to start additional internet businesses.

These three features are three important features to have in a host provider for the reasons stated above. However not the only features you need to compare.

I review more about selecting web host providers in my eBook for those new to starting an internet business.

With research and some comparison, you can select the web host provider that will be a viable partner in your new internet business venture.