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Free or Paid Web Hosting?

It really depends on what your needs are and what you are trying to accomplish. There are advantages and disadvantages for both paid and free web hosting.

Free web hosting


– The most obvious benefit is that it’s free.

– You can use your free web space to practice programming. Not many, but some free web hosting plans support a programming language such as PHP, ASP, CGI/Perl, Coldfusion or JSP.

– A free web hosting plan is great for creating a small personal website.


– A bunch of free web hosts place their banner and text ads on your website.

– With a large number of free hosts, your website is placed in a sub-domain or a folder ( or which sometimes results in poor search engine rankings.

– Because they are offering free hosting, the majority of free web hosts can not afford to offer 24/7 or any support.

– Very few free web hosts offer a control panel with their plans.

– Another flaw with free web hosts is many don’t allow FTP access which is an obstacle if you have many files to upload.

– Free web hosting plans don’t offer much disk space or data transfer. This could be a problem if you have a lot of large files or if your website generates a lot of traffic.

Paid web hosting


– With paid hosting, you will now have any unwanted text or banner ads placed on your website.

– Your website will not be placed in a sub-domain or folder. You will have your own domain name ( which will not only result in better search engine rankings, it also looks more professional.

– Most paid web hosts offer 24/7 support.

– A lot of paid web hosting plans offer a control panel such as cPanel, Vdeck, Plesk or Ensim which offer features like web stats, the ability to password protect directories, and the ability to create web based email accounts.

– Most paid web hosts offer FTP access.
– The majority of paid web hosting plans support at least one programming language to offer you PHP web hosting, ASP web hosting, CGI web hosting, Coldfusion web hosting or JSP web hosting.

– With the more disk space and data transfer you get with paid hosting, you can add more files to your
website and it can handle more traffic.


– The only disadvantage here is that it’s not free.

Taxonomy of Web Hosting Terms

Almost every one has the knowledge of present internet scenario! How fast it is!!? A bud of web pages nurture to trillions of pages on the Internet, providing several hosting plans to choose from under which comes affordable web hosting, Cheap web hosting, ASP web hosting, Budget Hosting, Dedicated Servers, eCommerce Hosting, FrontPage web hosting, Hosting With Templates, Managed web hosting, PHP web hosting, Reseller Hosting, Shared Hosting, Unix / Linux Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Windows Hosting, Co-location Hosting and few others.

Above mentioned are the few web hosting terms which reflects several faces of web hosting. The entire highlighted web hosting plans and terminologies can be categorized in terms of cost, programming languages, operation systems, Web servers, and functionality.

Broad description is given below:

1. Cost:

Web hosting plans are mentioned and divided between affordable web hosting, budget hosting and cheap web hosting. Cost of web hosting is the prime aspect that several small budget site holders are looking for. On displaying the cost of Affordable web hosting, budget hosting or cheap web hosting plan one will come to know that it is less than $5 a month.

2. Programming Languages:

When a user wants to make his/her site dynamic and interactive, he/she should search for hosting plans that support the programming languages that user have command over. Usually applicable languages are PHP, ASP, JSP, PERL etc. hosting plans assisting such programming languages are called PHP Web hosting, ASP Web hosting, JSP Web hosting or PERL Web hosting.

3. Operating Systems:

After selecting suitable programming language(s), user still has sovereignty to choose the operating system that can host the concern websites. Moreover, as everybody that ASP is restricted to Microsoft Windows, further programming languages, PHP, JSP and PERL; work not only on Windows, but also on UNIX and Linux. hosting plans assisting particular operating system is termed as Window Hosting, UNIX hosting or rather Linux hosting.

4. Web Servers:

Talking about web servers, Apache is the most widely supported Web server in Web hosting industry. It operates only on Microsoft Internet Information Server or IIS server. For JSP hosting, Web logic or Web sphere is the main requirement. When ever there is any discussion related to Web servers, the main attraction is server performance. There are several solutions available like Managed Web Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, or Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Out of these shared hosting is the cheapest plan, and one can host as many sites as he/she likes with a Reseller Hosting option. The cost of VPS is just $50 a month, and Dedicated Server plan costs from $50 – $100 or more per month depending upon storage space and bandwidth of the hosting plan.

5. Functionality:

In the market, one can find several hosting plans which either makes the site creation simple or rather offer assistance for the protection of online transactions. Creating a simple website can be a game of certain hours if the hosting plan selected by user supports assorted templates.

Thus on the hope that this article will definitely serve its users we wish best of luck.

How to Select a Web Hosting Company

web hosting opinion

In the present scenario it is a daunting task to choose a web hosting company. There are literally thousands of web hosting companies to prefer from, each offering unparallel set of combinations of web space, bandwidth, databases, asp, customer support etc. Some company?s trend us to entice customers with fancy offers on the assets like space and bandwidth. In return, however, most customers did not get satisfactory level services. In the hosting business, the client is at top most priority.

So now the question comes how one can choose the dreamed web hosting company? One must always suggest that the priority must be given by type and need of his/her website (whether for a company or personal). Is the database required? If so, what kind one prefers, MySQL or something else? Likewise, is PHP, CGI, ASP, or some other programming language needs additional support? These questions can come into play when one uses certain scripts into his/her own website. One must also consider the space of his/her website from future prospects. The same is applied for bandwidth, or transfer. One must secure enough space and bandwidth now so that he/she need not pay for extra services, in the future.

One should convey an important financial lesson in the topic of bandwidth and storage space concern. Although one should try to possess sufficient amount of both for a predictable future still there is no need to pay a huge sum for bandwidth and storage space which is not required. For instance, companies are providing 5 GB and perhaps 100 GB of space and bandwidth respectively at a very fair cost. Now, one can easily find a nice 500MB / 20GB plan for only under $5 per month. One must know how much space and bandwidth he/she will require before searching for a host.

Numerous hosting companies are in the race of providing fascinating services. But it is not confirm to be the passport of providing best caring facility. One must look for a company having a good, honest support structure set up with a variety of support options: support tickets, live support chat, e-mail support, and perhaps phone support. If someone is considering about a particular web host, the best thing he/she can do to evaluate their support is via. an e-mail or open a support ticket and perceive the duration of response. It?s not a good sign if it extends to more than 24 hours.

The credibility of one?s web-hosting company can be easily measured just by looking on to its customer testimonials on its web page. One must contact at least one customer if his/her e-mail or website address is provided in the list and must know about their experiences with the given company. Google and Yahoo! Search engines can be useful if there is no testimonial provided to search the customer. Forums and other WebPages can also be used in customer feedback about one?s company. Several times, many customers use to share their experiences, either good or bad with hosting companies. Thus one can also ask from them their recommendations while selecting a web host and by this a third party can judge the credibility of his/her host also.

10 Web Hosting Tips to Consider When Selecting a New Host

The following are the tips one must keep in mind while choosing a new web host: –

1) One must make sure that the new web host plan offers the storage capabilities to handle all of the current website storage requirements. If the size of the website is 50MB, then one must check for the plan that offers at least that much space or more. In case one is not able to make estimates about the space required then he/she must ask his/her current host. Also this information can be found on control panel.

2) One must also check how does his/her current web host determine the amount of storage used for? It is necessary to check what one?s current and new host includes in the plan’s storage amount also one should check are one?s emails and log files counted towards his/her total storage, or the web files only?

3) Its necessary to know what operating system does one?s current hosting plan use? Windows or Unix? Mostly it makes no difference but in some cases it can make the difference between a working website and a broken website. In case one?s site is currently on a Windows server and the website uses ASP scripting, then its difficult to make things work well on a Unix server, as ASP is a Windows based programming language. So one should check immediately whether his/her hosting plan is on a Unix or Windows server.

4) Also its important to check if one?s your site currently use FrontPage? Before switching to new host one should check if the new host supports FrontPage and the prevailing version.

5) Another important issue to take care is the amount of bandwidth offered by the new host. One should check if the new hosting plan offers the same amount of bandwidth that the current host offers. This should be checked in advance to avoid unexpected high bills afterwards.

6) Make sure if the new web hosting plan gives the same amount of email accounts, auto responders and mail forwards that the current host provides.

7) Its necessary to check if one?s site uses a shopping cart that the current hosting plan provides? It is essential to have a suitable shopping cart replacement in case one desires to move the cart to the new host. So one must check that as well.

8) If one is using any scripts on his/her website, its important to check if one?s new hosting plan supports all of one?s scripts. One must make sure in advance if there is any need to make any modifications to scripts to get them working on the new server.

9) Don?t forget to set up the existing email accounts on the new server before transferring domain name to the new server.

10) In case user is just a beginner and even don?t know how to upload files, its necessary to check with the provider if he can do that with no extra charges. There are some hosts who offer such facility free of cost yet some don?t offer this facility because of liability issues.

It?s necessary to double check if the site looks and functions properly on the new server after completing the uploading process. Preview facility is provided in the form of preview link to see how the site looks and some hosts provide this facility before the domain name is transferred over. In case this preview facility is not available with the host, still there is a method to preview the site. One can modify his/her host?s file to preview the site. The host file tells the computer where to go to look for sites that are listed in that file and this works with any version of Windows. Here the file location can change but the file name remains the same. Below is the way to modify the host?s file:

The file HOSTS should be in the c: windowssystem32driversetc One can find a file named HOSTS.SAM (as in SAMPLE). That is OK; one can modify the HOSTS.SAM file as well and do a SAVE AS HOSTS.

In both the cases one should double click on the HOSTS file to open it. Thereafter one will be prompted by Windows to select an Application (Program) to use to VIEW the file.

Now scroll the list and select Notepad and then one should click on the OK button. The NOTEPAD program will now open, displaying the file HOSTS.

So, in order to tell computer that is at the address (replaced with the real IP) 12.345.678.90 one should add the following entry to the bottom of the hosts file:

12.345.678.90 (As in the example).

Now one should click on FILE, slide down and click on SAVE AS. Then in the Save As one should type field, select ALL FILES. After completing that click on save. One warning will come which should be ignored i.e. the file already exists but that?s ok, then just one has to click YES.

Now one should close Notepad, by clicking on FILE, slide down to EXIT, and click.

Now when one will open the web browser, or try to ping the site, the system will go to the IP address one typed in the HOSTS file.

One should not forget to undo this when testing is finished else the computer will always want to go to that IP address whenever one want to go to that site.

After being satisfied with the site looks and functions, one can go to his/her registrar (where the domain name is registered) and modify the nameservers associated with one?s domain name to his/her new web host’s nameservers. In case one does not know his/her new host’s name servers, should confirm with them. However most hosts have that information listed somewhere on their website or in the email one first get after signing up for an account.

After the completion of domain nameserver modification it will take around 24-48 hours and the site will be displayed on the new server.

One must check his/her domain name and should see if the nameservers added are listed. If yes, the website transfer is complete to new web host. And after the confirmation is received one can cancel the old web hosting account.

Way to Get a Combination of Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting

As with the event of time, one can easily find an immense number of low cost hosting providers on the net these days. Creating confusion in the mind of user which to select? A cheap web hosting, or a reliable web hosting, because experience compel the user to believe that in several occasions cheap hosting is not a dependable option. If the user has decided to go for cheap web hosting he/she should go carefully through the features proposed by the host and should pick the one on which he/she can trust upon. Fortunately, there are several cheap web hosting providers in the market providing guarantee for a month to the user from there side, hence, one can easily look for an another alternative if the current hosting server is not fulfilling the user?s requirements to the expected level. Talking in general, duration of one month is quite sufficient to judge whether current server is dependable or not.

What can be a crucial factor user should consider while selecting a free web host? Answer is, the features provided by the free hosting server, it includes, type of supportive programming language, provided bandwidth, accumulating number of email accounts, charge of course, and probably very crucial feature i.e. disk space, because a large website cannot survive with a small quantity of disk space. An expert advice is instead of going straight to the cheapest, one should keeping in mind that even that small amount he is paying for is useless as in return the user would get a server which will be most of the time down. While exploring sites providing hosting at a cheaper rate one should not be concern about the fact that host is offering cheapest service or not but should verify that it is dependable or not. Because many a times service cheap in price are cheap in quality also. After all the formalities and going through all the features, user should not act as a blind with proper eyes, rather should investigate about the web hosting server from the people related to that field, forums and exploring search engines.

While dealing with the condition, when user have more then one web site, he/she should locate for a hosting provider who offers several accounts at the charge of one, there are several hosting providers in the market who provides such facility, and if user stars are favoring him/her, he/she can probably get an unique offer, which on doubt will demand few amount but provide the user a free setup or something related to it, however, one should read the contract papers carefully and should avoid signing long term contract, it is a thing which definitely provide the user a fair amount of concession, till the time he/she go for a dependable web hosting server.

Now at the end it can be concluded that a web hosting providers do not have full control over their server; they just work in cooperation with other companies, to make their services cheaper, so one should keep this aspect in mind and then must carry on with his/her search.