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What Is The Definition Of Web Hosting ? Find Out What A Web Host Is And How To Select A Good One

web hosting is an important service provided by thousands of companies around the world.? It is essentially the renting out of data storage space and bandwidth to people who have websites to publish.? The web host provides powerful computers (servers) on which the web pages are stored, and from which anyone surfing the internet can download pages from any website hosted there.? You as a website publisher are in effect paying the web host to use their computer disc space to store your website on, and for their bandwidth so that visitors to your site can download pages, images, etc.

All websites must be hosted somewhere and there are an enormous amount of web hosting companies to choose from, offering a huge range of options from free hosting to plans costing hundreds of dollars a month.? Why the big difference?? Because what is on offer varies enormously.? If you run a business with a website that has many hundreds of pages and thousands of visitors a day, you will need a host that can provide a lot of storage and bandwidth and one which is very robust and reliable.? This inevitably costs money.

There are free hosting options available, which can be fine for experimenting or for a small family and friends type site, but these are never going to be appropriate for even the smallest business or a remotely serious webmaster.? Apart from limitations on the size and appearance of your site, you are not likely to have your own domain name and will have little or no ability to influence any of the features of your site that should lead to it showing up well in search engine results.

Definition of web hosting ? Reliability

One of the great things about websites is that they can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.? This is only true if your web host ensures that the servers hosting your site are fully operational and online all the time.? Some web hosting companies are far less than satisfactory in this respect, and it is important to be able to check this out before committing to a hosting plan.

Most web hosts will offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, meaning that they promise to keep your site online and accessible for 99.9% of the time.? This is the least you should expect, so treat with caution any host that does not offer this.? However, you should check whether the hosting company has managed to keep this promise.? Some of the most reliable ones will show you their uptime history as monitored by a third party.? Once you have a website up and running, organisations such as InternetSeer provide a free service that monitors your site every hour to check that it is accessible.? They will then email you if there is a problem, and send you regular reports.

Definition of web hosting ? Disk Space and Bandwidth

When you are looking at the various plans offered by web hosting companies, two of the most important things to consider are disk space and bandwidth.? These are vital considerations because if you do not select a hosting plan with appropriate bandwidth and disc space for your website, you could find that your site is taken offline for exceeding one of these limits.? Disk space relates directly to the size of your website.? It refers to how much space your site can occupy on the server storage disks, so relates to how many pages you have, the size of these pages, the number of image files, etc.? Bandwidth is about the traffic your site gets, and is a measure of how much information (data) is downloaded from your site over a period of time.? This data transfer is usually measured in Gigabytes (GB) per month.? If you exceed your monthly bandwidth limit your site could be taken offline without notice.

Many web hosting companies will offer hosting plans which give you ?unlimited? disk space and bandwidth.? While this sounds perfect in theory, it is worth checking what their definition of unlimited is.? Providing disk space and bandwidth costs the host money, so they are not going to be happy for it to be genuinely unlimited.? What they usually mean is unlimited for a typical website in the category of plan you are choosing.? The usual exceptions would be for sites that involve gaming, video/music streaming or storing thousands of large image files.

Definition of Web Hosting – Types of Server

The vast majority of websites are hosted on shared servers.? In other words, your website is stored on the same computers as many other websites.? By doing this web hosts are able to keep their costs reasonable and there are rarely problems that arise from this.

The alternative to shared hosting is dedicated hosting, which means that your website has its own server.? It is unlikely that you will need dedicated hosting unless you have a substantial business involving a very busy website. ?Dedicated hosting generally gives you the ability to specify the level of disc storage and bandwidth that your site requires, and should involve a higher level of support.? It may also be an appropriate choice if there are customised options you require for your website.

Webhosting: Enlightening on Dedicated Web Hosting

Looking at the cost involved ranging from $150 – $1000 per month why is that dedicated web hosting such a huge punch on the business web hosting market? Is paid web hosting worth it?

Now what is dedicated web hosting? Dedicated web hosting is having one single server rented to a single customer by the webhosting provider. Virtual dedicated servers and co-location web hosting are two similar solutions relatively familiar in the web hosting industry. In virtual dedicated server hosting plans one does not get an entire computer just for oneself this means that the virtual server shares the resources of a web server computer with other customers of the web hosting provider. There are many similarities between both Co-locating web hosting and virtual dedicated servers but the main difference is that, in co-locating web hosting the customer owns the web server computer and web-hosting provider only houses the web server computer and sells bandwidth to the customer whereas in dedicated web hosting the web server computer belongs to the web-hosting provider and is only rented by the customer.

When single web server is rented to a single customer it is called real dedicated web hosting.

For businesses that work with high traffic, dedicated web hosting is the idyllic way out. Application required for its operation and functionalities of web site falls under ones specific control.

There are many advantages of dedicated webhosting:

? Concerns regarding the maintenance, the security, and the reliability of ones web server are all handled by hosting provider.

? One doesn?t have to bother about maintaining the hardware and the connectivity of the computer as it is on rent and not been purchased

? One is freed from replacing the component or solving the problem, as everything is provider?s responsibility

? One gets compensations as part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) by most o f the web hosting providers.

? In the occurrence of failure one may get reimbursement with the cost of ones hosting plan for a month or a fraction of it, depending upon the severity of the failure.

? When compared to having to pay for the component and for the technical support required for actually replacing the component, while web site in not online all these advantages seems quiet good as at the day end one will just be paying for functional hardware.

Imagine the business with all the resources being saved on the above maintenance issues. One can choose between ?managed? or ?unmanaged? service levels as the costs of administering and maintaining the web server one has taken on rent will vary depending upon the web hosting provider.

One can choose ?managed? dedicated hosting which means one will have access to ?control panel? if one is uncomfortable with the technical expertise required by the management of a web server computer. All the essential tasks required to be performed by the proper functioning of ones web server via a simply point-and-click user-friendly interface are allowed by control panel.

This way one can setup, administer and maintain all the web sites on web server without knowing or typing any command lines nor having any in depth knowledge of the operating system.

Those with great degree of technical expertise in mastering a root access to the server can go for ?unmanaged? option. ?Unmanaged? option offers complete server administration, thus having possibility of configuring every service on the web server. But if necessary services are not configured properly it may result in failure of system. Due to these reasons unmanaged dedicated hosting is recommended for only people having solid server administration background or for web developers who require custom applications for their web sites, or a customized environment. Thus people having dedicated server computer?s stability will not be prone to the plagues affecting shared web hosting solutions.


-errors in programming usually made by the beginners,

– Or overload i.e. server being crowded with applications and components required by the other customers

– Or in a shared web server when the processor time and the installed memory are both shared by the software applications needed by the other users.

Instant support is provided to its customers when required by the dedicated web hosting whether managed or unmanaged which is not possible on a shared hosting plans where one will be facing delays and possible additional technical support fees.

If one is having prompt support service from ones side then the customers will be happy and at the same time there will be growth in business. For those doing business in web designing advantage to have his own dedicated server is priceless not because he will be able to offer pure hosting services, but because he will able to offer them packaged with the web design activity also. When one is having access to web server for 24 hours, then within minutes one can modify a website for a customer or upload a new one.

If complete web presence solution, design and hosting, is offered by the studio to a customer there is chance of that customer being regular this is an added advantage.

The benefits of a good dedicated web hosting are:-

? Businesses solutions being translated into sales growth

? Better customer relationship results to improved company image

? Reduced cost compared with in-house web hosting solution, and so on.

? One can run a better business and better business gives good profit.

More Info About Web Hosting

Where to publish your web site?

web hosting service is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for several Web sites. It is important because it provides fast link with the Internet. You need web host so that they can publish a website online. The online world host stores all the pages within your website and makes them on the market to computers connected to the Web-based. A number of hosting suppliers describe their services as exclusive hosting. Virtual hosting usually means their services will be transparent and the each Web site will have some domain name.

web-hostingThe domain term, is actually linked to a powerful IP address that points to the specific computer. When somebody enters your url of your website into their browser’s address particular field, the IP address is located and Web site is loaded from your Host. Most websites are accessed originating from a “shared host, ” which is actually a single computer that can host several hundred Web sites. Larger websites often use a good “dedicated host, ” which is actually a single machine that hosts just one single website. Only very busy web pages require dedicated hosting. In order to publish your own web site you must sign up for web internet site service. You won’t have any trouble choosing a good web hosting service since there are actually thousands available. Only thing you should watch out is technical support and downtime and of course you need to pay for a monthly service charge. The price will depend on how much disk space and bandwidth your websites will use.

How to find reliable vps web hosting service company?

Here is checklist with considerations when searching for a web host:
You need to look for a company ? is it trusty, profitable and stable; people ? their honesty and professionalism; location ? it may possibly local, regional, worldwide; reliability; redundancy; availability ? check if it may possibly handle peak traffic volumes; scalability ? are they able to accommodate growth; hardware ? have they got fast servers together with quality components; monitoring ? automatic checking of your network; backups ? good frequency and easy recovery; technical support ? you have to be experienced and helpful; support hours ? you have to be available all the time; response time ? they really need to respond in minutes or sixty minutes; support method ? supporting by way of e-mail, phone and other;
Blueprints: operating system ? Windows, Linux, etcetera.; disc space ? measured around MB; additional space ? what amount does it cost for far above the limit; data transfer ? proper in GB; additional transfer – what amount does it cost for far above the limit; databases ? space and database type; statistics ? summaries; shopping cart solution ? some offer a default shopping cart; control panel – web-based akun management; setup time – auto, hours, days, or unknown;
cost terms – monthly, quarterly, per year, other; price – satisfy your wants, then worry about price.

web hosting service is the future of commerce, education and communication. The commerce portion of of which statement is of the utmost importance those of you that are running a business throughout this difficult financial time. Choosing the right host can be overwhelming. A super easy Googling of the term “web sponsor providers” gets 108 million occurs, which is a lot of information to get through. Even more confusing is that every host you encounter will more or less be offering the same products and services as their competitor, only in the drastically different price. Some hosts are free, while others have a number of requirements your site must speak to before they take you on being a client.
Of course, many of the specifics of the web host’s agreement and pricing will pertain to the type of site you have and its purpose, but it’s important to note that this is your business, your money, and your hard work. The web hosting company you end up picking will literally control your company’s connection to its customers, and that ought not to be taken lightly.

When turning to the Internet to see a web hosting service that’s befitting you, you will come across countless sites that attempt to lure you in by making it feel like seem as if they’re providing honest side-by-side comparisons of various hosting sites. Be wary: a lot of them are affiliated with hosting suppliers and their supposed “reviews” are nothing more than a glorified paid advertisement.
Here are options so you might choose:
Free hosting allows you not only create a web page, but it helps beginners, despite how much experience they have. Although there are popup downsides and other annoyances, free web hosting provide you with everything that you need.

Shared or dedicated vps web hosting service?

vps-web-hostingFor many webmasters, shared hosting is a favorite. This means that an abundance of websites are actually on just one server. While this only costs one or two dollars a month, there are still issues that come along with it. For instance, if a fellow webmaster were to have done something illegal, chances are your website would be shut down as well. This is because you have an IP, which of course is extremely dangerous. For this reason, it’s essential to be careful when choosing individuals to share a host with.
Sales channel reseller hosting is another. If you will be a webmaster and are hoping to make some extra cash, this is usually a great opportunity. In simple stipulations, you purchase a web hosting package originating from a company and divide the breathing space into several sections. These sections may easily be purchased by fellow webmasters, who are in need in space. With this business into position, you will effortless make one or two dollars.

Here are some reasons when you have reliable hosting:

* Server monitoring and 24×7 security to shield your site
* Spam filtering
* Firewall protection to protect the site from unwanted trespass
* Each day site backups
* 99. 9% uptime make sure

Certain components responsible for reliable web hosting not only decrease your stress but also increase productivity. Reliable web hosting is known to provide dependable uptime for you to make changes on your web-site and upload it for customers to view in minimal time. Reliable web hosting is fundamental for serious business clients who need their web pages to be fully-functional and their domains accessible regularly.
Regardless of what you feel the need to make, web hosting is necessary. From free companies to dedicated servers with just one single website, there are endless opportunities. The only requirement is you’re ready to work hard, often be innovative, and stand out among the crowd. With these factors in mind, you could be to the top very fast.

Determine your Web Hosting Needs

You have a lot of choices in the web hosting market and it can be very confusing to find the best deal that meets your needs. So the first step of web hosting guide is to determine your needs of web hosting.

It can be very tempting to look for plans that offer everything. There are many such deals available, even at a low price, but you will be storing up trouble for yourself. Take a step back and determine exactly what you need, then select a best plan for your web site with the right price from a web hosting company that you are comfortable with. Let’s make a good start point for your web site.

1. Reliability and Speed of Access

Not only should the web host be reliable and fast, it should guarantee its uptime (the time when it is functional). Look for a minimum uptime of 99%. In fact, even 99% is actually too low – it really should be 99.5% or higher. Most of the Paid web hosting can promise this percentage, and you will not get it from Free web hosting site. So if your business is critical, Paid web hosting Plan is your only choice.

2. Data Transfer (Bandwidth/Traffic)

Data transfer (sometimes loosely referred to as “traffic” or “bandwidth”) is the amount of bytes transferred from your site to visitors when they browse your site. If you go over the limit, then either you will have to be an extra fee, or your website will not be available. The amount of bandwidth you use is obviously related to the amount of traffic (visitors) that you receive.

There are web hosting companies that offer Unlimited bandwidth. This sounds like a good deal. The truth is that this is nothing but a lie and you should steer clear of web hosting companies that offer unlimited bandwidth. Bandwidth is a commodity that costs the web hosting company money – unlimited bandwidth is not only impossible, but would cost an unlimited amount of money. When web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth they are trying to trick you. They know that you will probably not use very much bandwidth. The moment you try to use a lot of bandwidth – then you will find your website shutdown.

For most web sites you will not need much bandwidth. Probably 99% of all websites use less than 2 GB of bandwidth a month. If you intend to have a lot of downloads of software, audio or video, then you may end up using a lot more bandwidth, maybe 50 GB. Sites like require an enormous amount of bandwidth, but for the average site – a low level will be enough in almost all cases.

3. Disk Space

For the same reason as bandwidth, watch out also for those “unlimited disk space” schemes. Most sites need less than 5MB of web space, so even if you are provided with a host that tempts you with 200MB or 500MB (or “unlimited space”), be aware that you are unlikely to use that space, so don’t let the 500MB space be too big a factor in your consideration when comparing with other web hosts. The hosting company is also aware of that, which is why they feel free to offer you that as a means of enticing you to host there. As a rough gauge,, which had about 80 pages right now, used less than 5MB for its pages and associated files.

You will see that even a lot of pages doesn’t really create a big requirement for disk space since the size of each file is small. If your web site doesn’t have a lot of picture, video or mp3, Disk Space should be an important factor when you choose a web hosting plan. Many web hosting plans will offer large amounts of disk space. This is fine, it doesn’t hurt to have the extra space – but unless you have a huge site – you will more than okay with 20MB.

4. Technical Support

You need to ask yourself questions like Does its technical support function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? If you have a small website that is not critical (i.e just some personal web site to introduce yourself) then you probably don’t need it. Otherwise, you should see this item in your web hosting plan.

5. Email Accounts

If you have your own site, you would probably want to have email addresses at your own domain, like, etc. How many email accounts will you need? Normally 10 is enough, but if you think you might want more then you can use, especially you build the web site for business usage, and you have many employees in your company, you will need more email accounts, and the good news is: most of the web hosting plan will give you more than 1000 email accounts, and some of them are un-limited.

6. PHP, Perl CGI-BIN access

This requirement depend on how you build your web site, do you use php or perl in your source code? If yes, you need to have this one in the plan otherwise, your web site will not work properly.

7. SSL, MySQL, and Shopping Cart (eCommerce Cart)

If you are planning on doing any sort of business through your website, you might want to look out to see if the host provides these facilities. These facilities normally involve a higher priced package or additional charges. The main thing is to check to see if they are available at all before you commit to the host. You will definitely need SSL if you plan to collect credit card information on your site.

8. Server Type

Is the type of operating system and server important? Whether you think so or not on the theoretical level, there are a few practical reasons for looking out for the type of server.

  • If you have a small website, then it is unlikely that you will need to select a particular type of server for your website.
  • Windows 2000 server web hosting tends to be a little bit more expensive than Linux. If you need to run a Microsoft SQL server database, or use Microsoft Active Server pages then you should choose Windows2000.
  • If you have no clue what these things even are – then you don’t need Windows2000 – you will almost certainly be fine with any type of server and my preference is to sign up for accounts using the often cheaper, more stable and feature-laden Unix systems running the Apache server.
  • 9. Subdomains, or Multiple domain Support

    For those who are thinking of multiple domains or subdomains hosted in your account, you should look to see if they provide this. If you have many web sites, and most of them don’t use a lot of space and bandwidth, then, host all your domain in a web hosting plan is a great choice for you and will save a lot of money for you. Many company provide this kinds of plan, such as: StartLogic, IXWebHosting, HostMonster, and BlueHost, etc; They can host 6-10 web site in one web hosting plan.

    10. Price

    Price is always a factor, you should realize that you often get what you pay for, although it’s not necessarily true that the most expensive hosts are the best. A stable, 24*7 support server is more important than money.

    Most web hosts allow you to select an annual or 2 years payment plan that gives you a cheaper rate than if you were to pay monthly. You might be worried about if you aren’t satisfied with the plan you purchase, what can you do. You need to check that whether the company provide the money back period so that you can request a refund if you are not satisfied. Or the other choice is to sign a plan provided by a reputed web hosting company. Below are some company will provide money back guarantee (trial days): StartLogic, and IXWebHosting, etc.

    11. Free Domain Name

    You need to check whether a free domain name is included in the plan. In most of the plan with price more than $3 monthly, a free domain will be included. But if not, you need to apply for domain name by yourself and then direct it to the service you just order. To register a domain name, please refer to Register Domain

    12. International

    If you don’t stay in the USA, you have the option of hosting your site with some local provider. The advantage here is the ease of dealing with them (they are after all easily accessible by phone call or a visit), your familiarity with the local laws and easy recourse to those laws should it be necessary. It should be your choice if your target audience is local (eg a local fast food delivery service). On the other hand, hosting it in USA has the advantage of faster access for what is probably the largest number of your overseas visitors (particularly if you have an English-speaking audience). You also have a large number of hosting companies to choose from, and as a result, cheaper prices too.

    13. Else

    There are also some specific requirement related to what web site you want to build and your skill levels. Considering web hosting company provide more than just hosting, you might want they can provide some web design tool if you don’t know HTML well and also want to build it by yourself. Or you want to create a blog, photo galleries or Forum in your web site, if all those are included in the web hosting package, it would be easy for you to build the site. Below are some addition service you might find in web hosting package:

  • Blog
  • Photo Galleries
  • Forum
  • Web Design Tools
  • Web Site Market Tools
  • etc.
  • Although, we have listed a lot of factor above, you need to think about what’s the most important factor to you, try to rank all the factor above, and give them a value. If you care about the support and reliability and with a lot of budget, you should find some company can provide quick support and 99.99% uptime. If you only have limited budget, you might need to lower your expectation on bandwidth or multiple domain host, etc. There is always a trade-off between price, reliability and features that you’re willing to live with. There’s no way for you to afford to put all your sites on your “ideal” web hosts. For sites that are not so critical, you can pay a cheaper price at the cost of a little more “down” time and inconvenience than your more important sites.


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    Benefits of Web Hosting

    Benefits of web hosting services are myriad, but majority of people are not aware about its implications. It is considered by many as just another evolution in Internet, while many consider web hosting as a good opportunity to make money. web hosting in essence offers the business the advantage to move the information or business product details and research, on the internet. The major two benefits offered by web hosting service are:

    1. web hosting allows the business to advertise its ideas as well as potential on a broad spectrum called internet. Present world is driven with an increase in demand pertaining to information on any subject, arraying from tourism to best product to banks.

    2. It increases job opportunities especially for candidates, who have the potential to work as resellers on behalf of web hosting firms or, act as affiliates or server based network to web hosting firms.

    Benefits of Varied Web Hosting Kinds:

    Web Hosting has become more like a necessity in present day. Few such services are offered without any cost and few are purely paid services. As per the requirements of the business, varied kinds of web hosting services are available.

    Free web hosting benefits the user by allowing hosting of web page for no cost. Shared web hosting enables the website to get hosted on similar server with other websites. Dedicated server on the other hand offers outstanding benefits such as good performance, higher reliability, security, and customized configuration as per the requirements. Likewise, each type of web hosting offers unique benefits to the business or individual users.