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A Decision Guide On Web Hosting Plan Selection

Whatever be your purpose for setting up a website, web hosting services will be essentially required. After all it will be via this route that your website will set up the communication with the entire world. With the essential said and done, let’s move from here to the more critical part.

You need web hosting services and there is the service provider all set with web hosting packages. It would have been easy had there been only one provider, with a particular package option. But this is not the case; there are a lot many choices. Just type ?web hosting prices’ or ?web hosting packages’ on any of the search engines and there will be thousands of companies, all set with their offers. While choice is good, too many options tend to confuse. This guide thus assists with nuances of Affordable Web Host and thereby aims at reducing the pains associated with the selection process. The details are quite pertinent, because the costs of opting for an inappropriate service provider in the domain of hosting are high.

Direct and indirect costs of a wrong decision

  1. The web hosting fee is a waste because the website fails to reach its audiences.

  2. Money and time invested in designing and developing and promoting a website too gets categorized in the loss account.

  3. Frequent uptime errors leave a bad image on viewers and usually prompts switching over to another website. Of course in the deal your competitors will love your web hosting service provider.

  4. A slow website is frustrating and so for a visitor whatever you try to communicate losses its essence.

  5. Delays in troubleshooting could lead to losses of various sorts.

To avoid these costs, here is a quick list of points to be kept into consideration while selecting from any of the web hosting packages:

  1. Pricing ? the best is not always the most expensive one so compare carefully. Have a balanced perspective. Keep an eye on the affordable web hosting plans and at the same time compare with the expensive options. In fact there are free web hosting options as well, which work fine for a casual website. However, if it is a website requiring substantial data transfer or commercial exchanges, opt from amongst the business Affordable Web Hosting packages.

  2. Available space should be appropriate. When we say appropriate it does not means only today’s requirements but also tomorrow’s necessities. The web host packages for your business or personal needs should have scope for expansion.

  3. The Web host service provider should have a good name. Only with a reliable web hosting service provider you can expect minimal downtime issues.

  4. There should be 24×7 support facility. Web hosting is a domain with absolutely no scope for support leniency.

  5. You do not want site to be exposed to unwanted threats and trespassers. Thus ensure that the web hosting plan includes aspects like spam filtering and other protective measures.

  6. You do not want site to be exposed to unwanted threats and trespassers. Thus ensure that the web hosting plan includes aspects like spam filtering and other protective measures.

Selecting an Ideal Web Host?.it Demands Time

There are several people who focus much while selecting a website designer, but overlook several factors while selecting a website host. It happens with several people that they take there host seriously only after there website goes offline, as this is not a completely forbbidable issue. As one cannot avoid such issues frequently, this will assist the user to select an ideal website host. This article wraps three causes why one should denote time to the good website host selection process.

This article covers three reasons why you should spend some time looking for a good website host.

1. Vanished sales:

It is a general fact that, any business proprietor understands that a user?s sale will go into crater if his/her website is down. If a user denotes time while searching for a website host with least downtime, then he/she can take a sweet nap at the night lobbing away the worry of sales on site.

Consider an example where Oliver, an internet business owner had a problem with his web host and problem was so terrific that the web site server went down and his other businesses also get effected. The biggest trouble was he was running a Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign with several Pay Per Click Search Engines like Google Adsense, Overture etc. When problem came he immediately had to quickly disable all his ads until his website came online again. Afterwards he realized that it was better to look after his website by his own rather than relying on anyone else.

2. Vanishing of Advertising Revenue:

If one talks about the additional business model on internet then it includes sites concern to advertisement and contents. They have a very interesting pattern of doing business, they declares to provide an ample amount of free content but charge when people click on contexts and banners publishing advertisements. There are few popular websites which have several people a day and the account of slaughtering of revenue from the advertisement can be shocking.

Talking about a case, was down one day due to a huge rejection of service Attack. Though, web host was not responsible for that. When a user?s website favors advertisement and it is the main revenue source then, here is the requirement of a host who not only ensure it?s firmness but also believes the user that it has a dependable internet linkage.

3. Failure to expand one?s website:

User chooses a professional host to command his/her website because of his/her own strangeness to hosting scenario. One cannot consider a low priced deal as an outstanding deals because when user wishes to expand his/her website later on, then he/she find the host unable to provide the essential support.

The example of Peter is quite fitting here. Peter wanted to add a sql database for this new script so that he can reduce cost. There were only 2 plans being offered by his web hosting company and the difference in one extra website was dollar fifty. Peter thereafter spent extra time searching for another website host. Such situation to search for another host is not necessary that every one will get. So it is better to think about future prospects in advance before selecting a web host.

At the end, one can say that selecting a web host is not a casual decision because it is an integrated part of one?s internet commerce business. Anticipation is that above highlighted points will definitely help the user to choose a good web host. If yes, the purpose of this article is fulfilled.

Benefits of Web Hosting Review

This the major reason for the multiplication of web hosting services in the World Wide Web. However, it is a bit difficult chore to select the most beneficial and ideal hosting service provider from the bunch. To the contrary, increase in the number of web hosting services add plus to the selection process. When you have many choices to choose from, you are able to select the most beneficial hosting provider from the bunch.


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How To Select A Reliable Web Hosting Company

To conduct a successful marketing campaign on the Internet, your website must be hosted by a reliable web hosting company. Selecting the ‘wrong’ provider can prove very costly along the line.

Below I detail a few important aspects of the selection process based purely on my own experiences over the last six years.

Since there are thousands of hosting companies in the web hosting market, naturally during your research you will encounter hundreds of web hosting resource sites loaded with numerous and sometimes bogus reviews and recommendations, consequently your research process must be very thorough.

First and foremost do searches in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Simply enter terms like “Complaints about ‘Your Potential Host’s Name'” ‘Hosting Reviews’, etc…..You will find a lot of stuff regarding your potential host. Search for ‘web hosting forums’; there are numerous such forums on the web that contain all kinds of information.

If you consistently find too many complaints about your potential web hosting company…. beware!

A company that offers too many features for too little is also suspect. If they are offering huge amounts of bandwidth and disk space for a very low price, be careful. Here is why: The company will most likely be forced to host numerous websites per server, resulting in congestion and server overload. The result: Your site may be too slow and may experience lots of downtime.

Where is your web host’s datacenter located?

A datacenter located in a natural disaster prone and/or a politically unstable region is undesirable. I wouldn’t host my website in a Kabul, Afghanistan or Kinsasha, Congo based datacenter – these two and many others around the world are politically unstable regions. On the other hand a datacenter based in the state of California, a major earthquake zone may be undesirable, but the fact that California is more than well equipped to handle such disasters and is the world’s nerve center for all that is computer, far outweighs any existing dis-advantages.

A foreign based hosting company may be too far away from your customers. It won’t serve you well if your host is based in Australia and your targeted customers are based in The United States. On the contrary, if your are marketing to customers exclusively in Australia from The United States, a web hosting company in Australia would be OK. If you are marketing worldwide, your choice becomes a little bit more complicated….unless of course you are Google, Yahoo or MSN, big companies who host their websites almost everywhere worldwide. Generally, I prefer web hosting companies located in The United States.

How is your web host connected to the internet?

Your potential host’s data infrastructure – regional and local is of utmost importance.

– How is your potential host connected to the Internet…Do they have multiple connections to the internet backbone, and enough bandwidth to accommodate surges in web traffic?

– What kind of computer equipment is deployed within the datacenter?

– Is the latest network security technologies incorporated?

– Are the hosting servers protected behind firewalls and intrusion monitoring software

– Is the datacenter monitored via CCTV and supervised 24/7

How fast is your web host?

Find a couple of sites that are hosted by your potential web hosting company and test how fast their pages load on your computer. You also may execute the PING and TRACEROUTE commands on these websites to determine their suitability. Executing the ping command is called pinging a website and it determines how quickly a server can receive and send back a piece of data through your connection. When you run ping it sends a small packet of data and calculates the time it takes to get a response from the server. It is executed four times by default and a small report of average, minimum, and maximum response times will be displayed. A ping output typically consists of the packet size used, the host queried, the ICMP sequence number, the time to live, and the latency. All times are given in milliseconds. A ping output indicating large values and/or lost packets consistently over a period of time ….is a red flag! Please note that if you have a bad or restrictive connection (Your ISP), the results may be skewed. Firewalls and proxy servers installed in your system or network can sometimes interfere with the ping operation. Also, some web hosting companies do not allow pinging of their servers, in which case you will get a ‘Request Timed Out message’.

The Traceroute utility displays the connection [path] through the Internet between your computer and the potential web hosting company’s server(s). The path between these two locations has many routers, computers and other devices along it which help move Internet information. Each movement from one device to the other is called a hop. Too many hops is cause for concern ….do several Traceroutes for comparison!

Based on my experiences with different hosting companies over the years, I regard the following Web Hosting companies as the most reliable. I am sure there are many other good hosting companies out there, but it would be unfair to comment about a company that I have never dealt with.

One my websites, has been hosted by Ipowerweb since 2000. There were problems at first, typical when a web hosting company is experiencing a spurt in growth. In the year 2000, they had a customer base of 15,000. Six years later this number has grown to almost 300,000 and their service level has improved tremendously over these six years. Ipowerweb is one of the best web hosting companies on the Internet. A first class hosting company which I highly recommend.

I moved my other website, from Globat to iPowerWeb beginning April 25, 2005. With Ipowerweb I have experienced much less frequent downtimes, few email delays and failures. The customer service is superb and well coordinated as expected. The only problem we had at the beginning was their inability to transfer our database from Globat. Club Afrika is targeted at users in Africa, most of who are still on dial-up. It therefore makes no sense that these users have to wait for 5 minutes for pages to load up. In this respect Ipowerweb has delivered. My site is no longer ‘snail slow’ and in spite of a few incompetent TIER 1 Techs here and there, overally I am satisfied with their service. Globat may improve in future….I suspect that they are having ‘growth problems’ just like Ipowerweb had when I first started hosting with them. If they do, then they might be worth considering for they offer the most ‘humongous’ features in the web-hosting business. But be cautious, ‘Greed’ almost always translates into poor website performance….some of their offerings are just too good to be true, for lack of appropriate words.

I have been hosting another website, on Lunar Pages servers since 2000. Lunar Pages web hosting plans start at 5000MB of storage and 400GB of transfer for only $7.95. It is my opinion that Lunar Pages is a great web hosting company. Great website uptime and customer service! Very few websites require more than 1000MB of disk space (Apondo Systems has over 300 pages and I haven’t even used one half of the allocated space), so if what you are looking for is quality first, Lunar pages is a good bet. If you are looking for extra databases, humongous disk space and bandwidth, then take a look at iPowerWeb which is a topnotch company too, or even Globat.

StartLogic is a relatively new web hosting company, a reseller of IPowerweb Web Hosting Services. Naturally, you will expect them to follow in the great footsteps of Ipowerweb. Being the #1 reseller of Ipowerweb, StartLogic’s hosting infrastructure is most probably maintained by Ipowerweb, a large and reputable web hosting company. They offer both Windows and Unix Hosting. Due to the ‘newness’ of the company and the fact that I have not used their services, I cannot judge them authoritatively, but based on the comments I have seen so far, all over the Internet and by virtue of their relationship with Ipowerweb, I think this is a good low cost web hosting company.

GoDaddy currently offers one of the cheapest prices for domain Names and Hosting Services. The pricing on packages is very competitive. With Godaddy website templates you can get a nice-looking Web site with ample storage. Reports indicate that their performance is above average. One thing you may not like is that they do not have an 800 number for Technical Support. They prefer local numbers. I think their pricing especially for domain Names is very reasonable and is worth giving a shot. Also, if you are looking for just a handful of features, Godaddy offers very flexible packages….they even allow you to pay for your hosting services on a monthly basis! The control panel is kind of ‘tight’, scripting Gurus may not like some of the restrictions but I think Godaddy hosting is worth a try. We hosted briefly at GoDaddy but quickly moved it to Hostgator for one and only one reason: Godaddy does not support CRON JOBS, a server feature vital to

Our website, is hosted at Hostgator. We were initially attracted by two things: Unlimited Databases and the option of paying monthly and not the usual year long contract. This means that if we are to disapprove of their services during our self imposed trial period, we will be able to opt out with ease. Well, we haven’t because we love the friendly and professional customer service support offered by hostgator and our website has been running exceptionally well. We have yet to experience any unscheduled downtimes. If you are looking to re-sell hosting, then consider Hostgator. Although the pricing is slightly above the average in comparison to other top hosting companies, we feel that the reliability of their services, the bandwidth, storage, unlimited databases and numerous other features included with their packages are well worth it. Hostgator is a topnotch hosting company, at the same level as iPowerweb and Lunar Pages.

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