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60 Reasons Why Web Hosts Suck

With our combined experience over the years, we have seen the best and worst of web hosting companies.? He?s a light hearted but rather jaded list of reasons web hosts SUCK!

1. Calling into customer support and waiting on hold for 40 minutes and the hold music is Marilyn Manson!

2. You ask for RoR (Ruby on Rails) and the tech on the phone assures you he can provide that and yells ?RWAAAAR?

3. Your hosting company just got bought out by a web hosting company you just transferred away from.

4. They claim to be a member of the BBB but later you find out their BBB is The Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (quality fetish suppliers).

5. You call in tech support and a gentleman with an Indian accent says ?Sir is your computer plugged in?? .. and you?re a woman

6. You sign up for domain privacy and later do a WHOIS and see your credit card information and SS number.? ?I was told I would get domain privacy!? ?Miss we thought you requested domain piracy? .. and you?re a man.

7. You ask the tech if he has a TOS and he says yes.? You later find out he meant totally offensive smells and your site has been suspended unexpectedly, you have no leg to stand on and the tech?s response is ?Oh THAT TOS!?

8. The same tech who told you he has backups on your pre sales call turns out to be a wannabee singer and his ?backups? are his 12 year old twin sisters who ?doowup? when he busts a move in the bathroom.

9. You ask him how big his file size limit is and he responds ?That?s kinda personal.. but what I can tell you is I leave the ladies smiling?.

10. The same tech (let?s call him Hubert since there?s a whole theme happening here) answers yes to your questions regarding shared server offerings.? You later find out that Hubert is a very giving and generous guy and he ?shares? your server space, bandwidth allocation and resources with all the clients hosting on the same server as you? along with your personal information and email address!

11. When you ask Hubert how long they have been in business his response of 15 years reassures you that they are a legit and solid company.? When you phone in to challenge this as their whois says 2006 he replies ?Ohhhh I thought we were talking DOG years!?

12. When your server goes down right before a big marketing campaign goes out.

13. Calling into support to ask a question and the rep cannot find your account because somehow it got deleted OOPS!

14. Your host asks you to verify your account by repeating your password over the phone.? Every time you say it, you hear a stifled giggle and they say ?I?m sorry sir can you please repeat that??? Your password is IamTheBe$tLOVER

15. Your web host has automated support.? After 23 minutes of keying in your SS number, last 6 digits of your credit card and your domain name (37 characters) you finally speak with a real person who requests the SAME information AGAIN!

16. After cancelling your hosting account you are continually getting billed but now for 2 dedicated servers instead of your $100 a year hosting account.

17. After 36 straight hours of working on your new sites web design and meticulously putting every image in its place you find out that your server crashed and there is no backup. NOOOOOOO!!!

18. Getting a deal on your first year and then having to renew at a more expensive price.

19. You have never been on the internet before and you decide to buy a hosting account and setup an email account through them. Within 20 minutes you already have spam!!!!!

20. Your host experiences power failure and they have no backup generators!

21. When you call your hosting company and ask why your servers went down.? They respond with ?No they didn?t.? It must be a propagation issue or something with your ISP?

22. You call support because your site is down and they say ?We are going through an upgrade?. That works once but when it happens every week sporadically during the middle of the day and they keep saying ?it?s an update to help better serve you? SUUUUCKS!!!!

23. Your hosting company has a problem with spam and the filter is up so high that no mail is getting through but when you are in a meeting and check your mail all there is in your inbox is porn spam and everyone is looking at you like you?re a sicko.

24. Every time you go to your website it?s down but when other people go to it, it?s fine. Sometimes you will sit your friend down at his computer and you at yours and you phone conference each other to see if it comes up and it does for him but not for you. You decide to go to his house and he to yours and see if it?s just your home computer but wherever you go your website will not be displayed. SUCKYVOODOONESS!!!

25. You call your web host support team because something is wrong with your site and they tell you that a widget 2.0 socket 5 cloud storm hit their data center and that?s why a page got deleted.? IDIOT SUCKFEST!!

26. After many attempts of being patient with your web hosting customer support techs inability to fix any problem you get frustrated and a little upset. Later that day you find the following things wrong with your site.

? Your real estate site is unexpectedly not selling real estate anymore. You are selling liquor stores now.
? You just put up a very professional picture of yourself on your site and the next thing you know someone photo shopped your photo with a mustache, a black eye and teeth missing.

27. When you bought your website and domain name through a sales rep at your first hosting company the hosting company used the CEO?s name to register your domain name. Now you want to leave but they own your domain name. TRICKY WEB HOSTY!!!

28. You bought a hosting account through a template hosting agency because you don?t know html and their backend admin area looks cool. After you purchase this you find out that they don?t support their templates!

29. You are talking to smooth salesman Timmy over at a hosting company and he promises you 4 add-on?s, forum management, bulletin management, Free email marketing and a 200 Google adwords credit. After you sign up for their premier account for 5 grand a year you notice that the freebies are not included in your package. You call back for Timmy but no one knows who Timmy is and a ?Timmy? has not worked for them EVER!

30. You do not have log files!

31. Your log files are never accurate.

32. You started a lead generation site where people fill out forms for products/servers/newsletters and in return you get there email addresses. Someone decides to give your site a virus and take over your mailing list and your web host cannot do anything about it.

33. Your built in traffic stats never work.

34. Your built in traffic stats are always off.

35. You purchase a large hosting account with a lot of extras but when you need small things done you are nickeled and dimed till you are broke.

36. Your hosting company charges you to park domains.

37. You buy a hosting account with a ton of space but cannot put up multiple sites on it.

38. The only way you can put up multiple sites on your account is via your .htaccess file but you have no freaking clue how to do that and your web host does not support that. GREAT that?s awesome good work!!!!

39. You actually love your hosting company because it?s a smaller no name company but the service is great. You tell all of your 5 friends to join and they do and their servers are overloaded.

40. You sign up for a web host by doing a Google search and after you sign up you call their support line but find out they are a foreign hosting company in Germany and all there support techs speak German.

41. You sign up with your web host but you only get 1 MYSQL database.

42. Your web hosting company is in charge of sending you notification on domain name expiration but you never get yours. Your domain expires.

43. A cyber squatter picked up your domain name and is holding it hostage. You find out it?s the guy from your web hosting companies support team who you previously screamed at and called a stupid moron.

44. You utilize a free web hosting service but they place ads all over your page.

45. Your hosting company has backup servers but they are in the same geographical location so when the power goes off the original servers go down AND the back up?s go down.

46. Your hosting company cannot automate its billing and invoices and its all done by hand.? Sadly, the accounts guy was recently paralyzed in a freak server accident and types by blowing into a straw.

47. Your web host goes ?down? for 24 hour periods at a time.

48. Your user control panel consists of 2 options. On and Off!

49. You need redirection for your ASP site and when you call to make sure they can support it the sales-guy happily announces they can but when it comes time to implement it the only advice they can give is to hit the forums where you discover that you just need to edit a couple files.? Files they don’t support.

50. They offer SSH on shared servers and your site is constantly OWNED by 12 year old hackers.

51. They advertise domains for under $2 but when you complete the purchase your charge says $98?

52. You request support and they advise you support costs extra!

53. You request a CPanel them change and they escalate your request to a System Admin!

54. They don?t tell the truth. They claim a lot of services that when you host with them, you find out they don?t offer.? Like bandwidth, they?ll claim to provide x amount of bandwidth, then you find out they have a daily cap for using it and when you multiply the daily cap x 30 or 31, it is about 1/2 the size of the bandwidth they claim to provide monthly.

55. canceling – they?ll claim they let you cancel anytime within the contract, but it turns out you can?t ever get a refund (you have to write a letter in your own blood to prove you are who you say you are, then send it to their office in Nome, Alaska that reads mail only once a year during the famous dog sled race). Of course, when you complain about these points, they point you to their TOS where it spells out the whole Nome and dog sled stuff, although it doesn?t mention the writing the letter in your own blood (the person on the phone just made that up to be funny).

56. When immediately after you sign up with them, they offer this great deal on more space/bandwidth/whatever?but you can?t get it because you are already a customer.

57. EVERYTHING is an extra charge, and you feel like you are getting nickle/dimed to death.

58. You get treated like you just won the ?Imbecile of the Year? award. (Even if you do deserve that award, being treated that way is not nice.)

59. They pretend to help but can?t speak English?.only geekspeak. And they refuse to repeat or explain any further.

60. They don?t have a community forum!!!

Types of Web Hosting

web hosting is one of the primary facilities required for the online business and as you progress with your online services then your web hosting needs also tend to increase. Few dollars per month would be enough during the fist few months but incase you feel that the site is not generating the adequate traffic then you would need to look for another web servers that can offer you better feasibilities. It is also consider the different types of web hosting services which have been discussed in detail in this article.
Shared hosting

As the name indicates that the shared hosting means that you need to share your server space with other websites. The biggest benefit of shared hosting is that it is very economical as you share the web servers you can derive the benefit of shared cost, you can almost use the service with almost $5-$10 per month.

The biggest demerit of this kind of web hosting is that you need to be at the mercy of the other website who is sharing and worst part is that if you are sharing the server space along with a popular website, this will affect the performance of your website. But if your website is a popular then you can enjoy the services at an economical cost. This kind of web hosting is ideal for brochure ware websites.

Reseller hosting

The reseller hosting is like the shared web hosting with sophisticated tools which help you to resell your hosting space. They have greater technical control generally through the web host manager control, software for the purpose of billing and other essential tools. Some of the other perks which you have other than the billing software are the free websites templates, technical support which ensures that the hosting company will look after the technical issues and you can get the benefit of selecting the trendiest names for your website. The prices of the reseller hosting varies according to the additional features which have been offered for the web hosting.

Grid or cloud hosting

This is a recently invented hosting technology that allows several individual servers work together so that it looks like a giant server and as the needs of web hosting the hosting company would add hardware to make the required grid of several servers work together. The pricing structure of grid web hosting depends on your usage as they follow the strategy of pay for what you use. Incase you are intending to get your web services starting through grid packages that I would recommend it to you if you are a tech savvy.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

The virtual private server have one physical server but they act like separate servers. A VPS stand midway between shared hosting and getting your own machine. The VPS web hosting services allocates a dedicated slice of computing services. In this you would not have any problems of sharing your browser with other websites as you will have a complete domain, of course incase you are selecting this method then you need more than the shared hosting. The prices range from $50-$200.

Introduction to Web Hosting

It seems as if almost everyone has incorporated the internet as a part of their daily activities. People are frequently using the net to communicate, socialize, listen to music, download videos and a lot of stuff we would rather not discuss. As a modern-day freelance writer, the internet is something I just can?t be without. The popularity of this worldwide network has led to the emergence of several online markets and the web hosting business is thriving like no other. With more people looking to benefit from all the resources of the internet and World Wide Web be it for personal or business reasons, web hosting firms have been able to make out rather nicely.

What is web hosting?

Website or web hosting, is a service that allows you to have your very own website. How does it work? Well, you sign up with a web hosting provider and they allocate disk space among other resources,? for you on a high-capacity computer, more commonly known as a web server. Hence the name, the web host?s server serves your website pages on the web, making them accessible to internet users throughout the world. Nearly every site on the web is being powered by one web hosting company or another.

Types of web hosting

There are many different types of web hosting available, each of which are geared towards businesses, webmasters and developers at varying levels. Some of the most popular types of web hosting including the following:

Shared Hosting

The most common type of web hosting, shared hosting describes a situation where you are literally sharing server space and various resources with other website owners.? Simplicity and cost-efficiency has made this arrangement quite popular among individuals and small businesses.

Dedicated Hosting

More commonly termed as a dedicated server, dedicated web hosting refers to a situation where you have an entire server dedicated to your website or business. Server space and all resources are made exclusive to you, providing the utmost in control and flexibility.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting generally refers to the full managing and servicing of a dedicated server.? This may include server administration and database management among other services.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a situation where you purchase server space and associated resources from a web hosting provider and then sell it to your own customers. A reseller essentially acts a middleman between the customer and the web hosting company.

As you can see, web hosting comes in a variety flavors and these are just a few of many. Narrowing them down and finding one that suits your needs isn?t always easy but one thing is for certain – with all the providers currently on the market, there is sure to be a host capable of meeting your needs.

Web Hosting Solutions

HOSTING companies provide reseller hosting (RH) services on both Windows and Linux Platforms. They give fully private label anonymous plans. They have various schemes for all kind of businesses. And also offer many free of cost tools with our reseller plans. Now take a tour at our plans, if you have any problem then you can live chat with hosting company.

Provide you totally private label turn key hosting and dedicated web servers on Windows. Their plans are perhaps the best and most successful in the hosting industry today. Windows web hosting plans are affordable yet reliable solutions with support for features like MS SQL, MS ACCESS, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and PERL and MySQL making them a perfect choice for the starting up companies, small and medium size business and the advanced webmasters.

CPanel is the next generation control panel which allows you to manage your hosting with complete ease. With easy to understand navigation, complete control, interactive and intuitive GUI interface and online knowledgebase CPanel makes the hosting a pleasurable experience. Reseller and Window Hosting is where a Web host buys a bulk plan from the hosting company, and then subdivides that plan into smaller pieces to on-sell or “resell” to individual users. The sever is run by the reselling company, and all server issues are taken care of on behalf of the reseller’s customer: the Web host. The Web host is generally free to claim the server as “theirs”, although they rarely have full access to it. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t ask for things to be done to the server. Many web hosting companies are in fact reselling the server space and bandwidth of another company. Using a reseller is an extremely effective way to break into the web hosting industry, as it generally entails a reasonable monthly cost without the worries of server management, maintenance, and dealing with data centre’s.

Guidance on reasonably priced Web Hosting

If you are doing online business, providing important information or sharing views online on a common interest you require reliable web hosting service. Cause of these online visitors can browse your site effortlessly and easily. So the web hosting Organization for web hosting in Bangalore, India or in all over world must be powerful. So you should research for selecting the most appropriate web hosting company for your website.

web hosts are changing with the changing trend of technology. Suppose you are running an e-commerce website, then you need high end security and a medium through which you can manage your web content efficiently. After determining web hosting services you require for your business, you require to enroll web hosting features and options.

Quality web hosting is one of the basic fundamentals for creating a successful website. With so many organizations offering web hosting, choosing the right web hosting company in India can be a complicated and tedious procedure.

If you are currently looking for a web hosting company to host your website, here are a few tips to help you find the best web hosting company:

Determine your space requirements If you are planning on running a regular website that is not e-commerce oriented, then as little as 3 GB server space is enough. It is important that you know exactly how much server space is required for your website as larger e-commerce sites usually require an ever increasing amount of server space. If you are running a large e-commerce site, make sure you get a high-end server package that has sufficient server space with the option to buy more server space if required.

Technology requirements

If you are planning on implementing complicated client/server architecture that involves newer technologies like .NET, you might want to check with your web hosting company before buying a web hosting package. Typical web hosting packages only cater to MYSQL databases and only support PHP.

If you require features like Microsoft SQL Server databases, ASP (Active Server Pages) support and support for newer technologies like Ruby on Rails, you should speak to your web hosting provider for special hosting packages. Monthly transfer limit Web hosting providers usually host multiple sites on the same server, this implies that hardware resources are shared among various sites and one of the most demanding aspects of web hosting is managing simultaneous data transfer.

Most web hosting providers limit the amount of data that can be uploaded/downloaded between the webmaster and the hosting server. If you are planning on making a lot of revisions to your website, make sure you know your transfer limit. A typical web hosting provider allows data transfer of around 15 GB per month with a regular web hosting package.

If you are expecting more data transfer, then buy a hosting package that allows higher data transfer on a monthly basis. Modern day web hosting providers have an intuitive control panel that allows clients to manage their FTP accounts, email accounts and other web hosting attributes at the click of a button. Irrespective of which web hosting company you hire, make sure that your web hosting provider is offering a control panel.

Customer Support

A vital factor to look for is the support being provided by the web hosting provider. Most web hosting companies offer 24x7x365 customer care support by email, phone or via chat, make sure that you understand the level of customer care provided. If you are running a mission critical website, then look for a web hosting provider that is available on phone 24×7. Make sure you understand exactly how the web hosting provider is offering customer services.

Understanding free web hosting

There are numerous web hosting providers that are willing to provide server space for free. The only problem with such free hosting sites is that the server space is usually limited to a certain amount, and the transfer rate is also restricted. In addition, most free hosting solutions require a website to host advertisements or banners from sponsors. If you are looking to host a website for the sake of hosting a website, then a free web hosting provider is not a bad option, but if you are serious about your business then a free web hosting provider is not a good idea. With the price of web hosting services and server space falling, free web hosting providers are best left alone. For quality services in web hosting in Bangalore visit