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Important features of best web hosting

What are the important features that should be considered when selecting the best web hosting service providers? There are many factors that are important to be considered and the people who want to hire the best web hosts should take care about these important factors. Don’t consider the web hosts final until or unless you check all the features and qualities of these web hosts. Mainly the people consider the reliability and speed most important influencing factors. No doubt these are important but there are many other factors that should be given importance while selecting the web hosting services. In order to compare all the web hosts present in the field you should compare the working experience and potentials.

It is recommended to compare the first two important influencing factors the pace and reliability of the hosting services. It will be better for you to check these two factors before selecting the hosts because if you will select the hosts without investigation then it will be wastage of time, money and efforts. The most important thing is the economic and financial damage that the bad web hosting will cause because of low speed. The customers will feel trouble to sue the online sites and portals if the speed of the hosting service is slow. To avoid such problems you are suggested to ask for the trial periods to check the speed of the online hosting. After checking the speed of the hosting you can calculate either to hire the hosting services by these web hosts or not.

The best web hosting provides you trust and confidence. If the services will be good then you will earn more profits. It will be better for both the service providers and users as it will increase the working relationship. Most of the people do common mistakes while choosing the web hosts. They don’t consider the reliability and working experience of the web hosts. It is the biggest mistake which should be avoided. Remember, you will never get back your payment once paid to any web hosts so you should be carful in order to protect your time, investment and efforts.

Take care of your commercial interests. If you are feeling that your web hosts is not providing you best web hosting then you should ask them to remove the problem. In case if any problem immediately contact with your service providers to tackle down the problems and to avoid mild and severe losses that will be caused by the bad performance and services of the web hosts so don’t delay to contact with your web hosts in case of any problem.

Web Hosting – Function and Types

web hosting is one kind of service that allows internet users to upload their websites .It is then can be accessed by the www (World Wide Web).web hosting brings the facility to net users to have their own websites by the web host , companies that provide space in web server. Users may own it or they can lease it from web hosts. The web host also provides internet connectivity. Opening a website by the users in a browser enables an IP address that is permitted by the web host and is traced .Then the web host load the website. Today is the world of information web hosting permits us to store all sorts of information based on interest.

There are various types of scope for web hosting. The first thing is web page and small categories of file. Many internet services offer free service to their subscribers. Alternative service providers can also deliver web page to average people. Personal web sites are free of charges. They are also sponsored or cheap. But when you want to be an owner of a business site, you have to spend much more money. Personal web pages are easily created by Single page hosting. A large site needs help of database support and also application program. JAVA, PHP etc provide this help.

Choosing a good host is a must. There are many hosts to provide an expected service. In order to open a new website, you have to take some decisions. At first, you have to choose which type of hosting you need. A good must have a good technical support. You have to decide how much space you will be needed. Reviews and the rating are important to justify the service providers. A list of various types of web hosting is given below. You can choose your type from the list.

# Reseller web hosting: This allows clients to sell to others, to be the web hosts. Reseller’s account varies in different sizes.

# dedicated hosting: In this hosting, the user can get full control over web server despite of owning this. Client is also responsible for all sorts of security and management.

# managed hosting service: Users don’t get full control over the web server. By this quality of service is maintained.

# Cloud hosting: This is a powerful web hosting. It is based on utility billing.

# clustered hosting: it is much preferable where many servers want to browse on a single project.

# Grid hosting: This is one kind of distributed hosting where users act like the nodes.

#shared hosting: In a common server, many websites are placed and used by many users.

You should keep in mind that top hosting service is based on the area of expertise, supports, technical supports and their reliability. Cost is also a basic area of consideration. The best web hosting service is the cheapest web hosting service .There should be a 24 hours help centre to call emergency if problems occur. So these criteria should be followed strictly to get a better web hosting.

Dubai Net Solutions – All about Web hosting

Internet is keep flourishing tremendously and web hosting providers are responsible for all this development. Immense development has been attained over the course of last 11 years. Its relation with World Wide Web is also very important. World Wide Web has revolutionized the internet world within short span of time. web hosting is the service that’s provides space on the Internet for websites. When you make a website and want other people to see it, you will need to publish it to a web hosting service. web hosting services work by providing high-powered computers ((i.e)web servers) with a high-speed network for your website to live on. When someone types in your web address (such as they will be connected to your web server where they can surf and download the pages of your website. Here we have given a detailed description of several types of web hosting service providers to choose from:

Free Hosting:
These services are completely free? to users. This is the Right option for people those who hosting their first website or creating a personal websites, but you do get what you pay for. You will be limited with options and the web hosts place advertisements on your pages in place of a fee.

Shared (or) Virtual Hosting:
It can also be termed as virtual web hosting. In virtual hosting, several virtual web servers will be hosted on a single host server. The number of websites sharing a single server can be in hundreds or even thousands.? This is the type of hosting that is used by almost 90% of internet users.

Dedicated Hosting:
The subsequent sort of hosting is dedicated hosting. In this sort of hosting services, a full server is dedicated to a singular customer. This kind of hosting services is applied by vast businesses, professionals as good as really active websites traffic with thousands of visitors daily.You will be the master of the server and the hosting company manages the equipment and connectivity, while the rest of the nuances have to be handled by you.? Although you have full control of the server, you? can not own it.

Colocation Hosting:
These services are mostly identical to dedicated hosting. In Colocation hosting, hosting company will provide users the space to use the server, electrical support and internet access. An excellent collocation web hosting service might be more expensive than the other types of hosting, but for businesses, it works out cheaper than hosting their servers in-house, while having better security.

Reseller Hosting:
Reseller hosting is like owning a small web hosting company.? This hosting will let you to create smaller hosting accounts to either given them away free or sell them to others and make money. You can create and control your very own cluster of websites, instead of using different hosting accounts for each website.? Everything is under one roof.

These are the different types of web hosting plans offered by web hosts.

Web Hosting Directories Importance

The web hosting directories are the finest places to look for a best web hosting service providers. Now, the question arises: What exactly are the web hosting directories? web hosting directories are the marketplace where almost all the top web hosting companies advertise their services, product, hosting plans, prices and other important information so that customers can select a suitable plan according to their requirements.

The web hosting directories even show all the statistics like the monthly bandwidth that is offered, the disk space, the memory, the uptime guarantee that is provided, the applications, software?s, the security features, the customer support that is provided, and other web tools that are offered; and all the various other statistics about various web hosting companies.

Including the details, it also specifies web hosts? rankings. There are many newbie?s who are in search of a reliable web host and come across web hosting directories. But, Are these web hosting directories really trustworthy sources for newbie?s? For that, it is important to understand the working of Web Hosting Directories.

Presently, there are two types of web hosting directories available on internet. These two types are the paid web hosting directories and free web hosting directories. The paid web hosting directories requires the web host of any web hosting company to pay them a set amount for placing their banners on the site. Some of the web hosting directories even take charge from the web hosting company, if they get customers via that medium.

On the other hand, as the name itself suggests the free web hosting directories are completely free of cost. The web hosting companies don?t have to pay anything to these free web hosting directories and can easily advertise their services, products, advertisements, banners and many other things to promote their web hosting directories.

Some people think that paid web hosting directories are very easy to influence as the ranking of web hosts can be changed in unfair ways. Others have the view that web hosting directories that are actually free reflect the true ranking of web hosts companies. Whatever the case may be, paid or free, people should believe the web hosts rankings only if they are based completely on votes of customers who have actually given their remarks and have left their website address as well.

It is not possible for any web hosting company to have 100% positive reviews. It is also observed that at times customers who are satisfied with their web host forget to express their opinion about that host. However, a biased customer who is not satisfied with their web host does not forget to mention their opinion of that web host. This implies that a negative review doesn?t always reflect the true picture of a web host company.

No doubt web hosting directories will help you determine which of these web hosting service providers to choose from. But, when it comes to choosing a web host every webmaster or customers must also learn the basics of web hosting, which is the best platform to launch online businesses.

10 Questions Answered for Choosing a Web Host


When setting up a website and shopping around for a web host, you may find all the technical terminology a bit confusing. In reality, it isn’t really that complicated. By understanding a few basics about web hosting and web hosting service providers, you can easily select a web host that is best for you. Some of the questions you need to ask pertain to your business and others related to the web hosting industry. Here’s a quick run-down of 10 basic questions you need answered before choosing a web host.

1.? What Is a Web Host?

A web host is a service provider that manages a number of different websites on a particular server. They provide the platform on which your website is located. Many web hosts will have a number of different hosting packages available.? They may have shared or dedicated hosting facilities as different options. The type of hosting package that you choose will largely depend on your hosting requirements.

2.? Where Is Your Business and Where Are You Going?

If you have a start-up business, keeping costs low is a major priority. However, if you see your business growing rapidly in the future, you will need to keep in mind how this may affect things such as your website and web hosting package. There are many good entry-level basic web hosting packages. These are usually on shared servers and have a limit on the bandwidth available. If your business grows rapidly, you may find that you need to expand your website and enlarge your hosting package. Not all web hosts have migration or upgrade facilities and this can make it a tedious task to upgrade your web hosting package. Your best option is to choose a web hosting that has the capacity to grow with your business.

3.? What Level of Technical Expertise Do You Have?

Often business owners have a limited understanding of web hosting and web design. If this is the case, you want to sign up with a web hosting provider that has a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise that you can draw on. Ideally, if your budget allows, you will want to go for a web host that offers a managed hosting service. This means that they will take care of all the web server maintenance and security ensuring that you have maximum up-time on your website.

4.? Are Free Hosting Packages Worthwhile?

While there are some good free hosting companies out there, you need to think carefully about signing up for one. Generally, these hosting packages are free because the hosting providers sell advertising space on the websites they host. This means that you may not entirely be able to control the content on your website. In addition, free hosting packages generally have limited support services and can seldom be upgraded to other packages.

5.? What’s the Difference Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting means that your website is allocated its own unique server. This means that you have a greater level of control over your website and generally improved hosting efficiency. You can also ensure higher security levels on your server and have more flexibility in the way you manage your website; however, this comes at a premium. Generally dedicated servers are quite expensive which is why the option of shared servers became available. A shared server hosts several different websites. Generally, the capacity of each is limited and because there are different site owners accessing the server, you have lower levels of security.

6.? What Is an E-commerce Website?

An e-commerce website is basically an online shop. It requires specialized hosting and web design to ensure it functions properly. The web host you choose should be knowledgeable about hosting e-commerce sites and be able to provide you with technical support.

7.? What Is a Marketing or Corporate Website?

A standard commercial or marketing-type website is less complicated than an e-commerce website. This type of website is a shop window for your business as it showcases who you are and what your business is about. While you may not sell products on the website, it still requires that you choose a reliable web hosting service provider.

8.? What Makes a Web Host Reliable?

One of the most important considerations is the level and efficiency of the technical support provided. No systems are flawless so when things go wrong, you need to be able to fix the problems as quickly as possible. A good hosting provider will have technical experts available on their support desk who can assist you with any problems. The stability of the server is another important consideration. A well-maintained and managed server should seldom go down and this is what you want from a web host — a website that is accessible 24/7.

9.? What About Website Security?

A good web host should provide a level of security on the server. However, as the owner of a website, it is important to maintain a good level of security on your website as well. This may include having anti-spyware, anti-virus and anti-tracking software installed in your system. It is important to keep it constantly updated to keep your system protected.

10.? Where Do You Find a Good Web Host?

Your web designer will probably have a hosting provider that they have an established relationship with. It is a good idea to follow their recommendations. Alternatively, you can ask colleagues and business associates which company they use. Lastly, you can search online. However, if you do this, be careful to read the industry reviews of the web host to ensure they are reputable.