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A Decision Guide On Web Hosting Plan Selection

Whatever be your purpose for setting up a website, web hosting services will be essentially required. After all it will be via this route that your website will set up the communication with the entire world. With the essential said and done, let’s move from here to the more critical part.

You need web hosting services and there is the service provider all set with web hosting packages. It would have been easy had there been only one provider, with a particular package option. But this is not the case; there are a lot many choices. Just type ?web hosting prices’ or ?web hosting packages’ on any of the search engines and there will be thousands of companies, all set with their offers. While choice is good, too many options tend to confuse. This guide thus assists with nuances of Affordable Web Host and thereby aims at reducing the pains associated with the selection process. The details are quite pertinent, because the costs of opting for an inappropriate service provider in the domain of hosting are high.

Direct and indirect costs of a wrong decision

  1. The web hosting fee is a waste because the website fails to reach its audiences.

  2. Money and time invested in designing and developing and promoting a website too gets categorized in the loss account.

  3. Frequent uptime errors leave a bad image on viewers and usually prompts switching over to another website. Of course in the deal your competitors will love your web hosting service provider.

  4. A slow website is frustrating and so for a visitor whatever you try to communicate losses its essence.

  5. Delays in troubleshooting could lead to losses of various sorts.

To avoid these costs, here is a quick list of points to be kept into consideration while selecting from any of the web hosting packages:

  1. Pricing ? the best is not always the most expensive one so compare carefully. Have a balanced perspective. Keep an eye on the affordable web hosting plans and at the same time compare with the expensive options. In fact there are free web hosting options as well, which work fine for a casual website. However, if it is a website requiring substantial data transfer or commercial exchanges, opt from amongst the business Affordable Web Hosting packages.

  2. Available space should be appropriate. When we say appropriate it does not means only today’s requirements but also tomorrow’s necessities. The web host packages for your business or personal needs should have scope for expansion.

  3. The Web host service provider should have a good name. Only with a reliable web hosting service provider you can expect minimal downtime issues.

  4. There should be 24×7 support facility. Web hosting is a domain with absolutely no scope for support leniency.

  5. You do not want site to be exposed to unwanted threats and trespassers. Thus ensure that the web hosting plan includes aspects like spam filtering and other protective measures.

  6. You do not want site to be exposed to unwanted threats and trespassers. Thus ensure that the web hosting plan includes aspects like spam filtering and other protective measures.

Experiencing First Time Web Hosting

After purchasing a domain name next step is to fill it up with contents but is it enough? No! Not yet next is ?


One should have proper knowledge of hosting for running his/her site successfully and its quite easy to know about it just what is required is to type ?web hosting‘ in Google, clicking ?I’m filling lucky’ and then simply clicking the big ?BUY’ button on a website that appears.

Ok! That was just a joke now coming to point given below is the list of what one need to learn before choosing a web hosting company.

Disk Space

It totally depends upon the size of the website. It?s easy to calculate the volume of the disk space. It can be calculated by checking the website’s weight at one?s computer folder. But one must take care to keep some space as spare to be used in future if required.

Example, if one?s web site needs 100 MB of disk space, and then he/she must opt for the plan, which offers at least 150 MB of web space, which will help in preventing a large unexpected bill at the end of the month. This is so because most of the web hosts charge heavily afterwards for extra space.


For bandwidth also earlier calculation is needed. One must try to estimate how much bandwidth (data transfer) is required for his/her web site and thereafter should get bandwidth little bit in spare.

Example, if one?s website uses 5GB bandwidth monthly, then he/she must select a plan, which offers at least 8 GB bandwidth per month. This again as in above case will help in preventing extra bill afterwards for extra bandwidth at the end of the month.

Website Speed

Website speed is an important factor while considering a hosting service as only this facility will decide how fast one?s website loads when some one visits his/her site. One must keep in mind that no visitor in future will waste his/her time by just watching website getting opened.

One must ask his/her hosting provider to provide with a list of their client’s websites to check their speed. Only after getting positive report one should move ahead.

Mail Server

Finally one must make sure that he/she gets enough email addresses with own domain name. It is not required to pay more for use of a mail server as many hosts offer this service now for free, within the hosting plan.

Thus the above points can serve a lot for a beginner and will help him/her in overcoming several problems, which can arise afterwards.

Tips on Finding the Right Web Hosting Company For You

For the average Joe off the street looking to set up his own website, be it for business reasons or purely for entertainment, the process of selecting a web hosting solution can sometimes be enough to deter them from following through with their great idea. Does this sound like you? If it does, fear not! This article takes a look at some of the basic factors that should influence your decision, as well as some FAQs from others who are currently trying to select their own Web Host.

What is web hosting?

web hosting is the process of storing your website on a web hosting server which is permanently connected to the internet. The simplest/cheapest web hosting packages will simply provide you with a small amount of space and bandwidth where you can store what is called a Static HTML Website. These are the simplest form of websites. Static sites don’t get updated often and are usually just a very basic source of information. More dynamic websites (websites which change and update often) require a little more from a hosting server. Dynamic sites are usually sites which require scripts to be run and installed on the hosting server. The most popular scripting languages often required for dynamic sites are ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and PERL. Dynamic sites will also need servers that have access to a database. Therefore, before even starting to decide on a host, it is important that you know exactly what sort of website you want to set up.

Where can I find out about different Web Hosts?

Well, if you have any friends in the internet industry, ask them who they’d recommend. Otherwise, simply type “web hosting South Africa” into Google and browse some of the top results in South Africa.

What makes a good web hosting Company?

There are three main factors that should influence your decision when deciding on a Web Hosting site:

SECURITY: You need to make sure that the host has a proven track record of being safe and secure. Ensure that they have the correct measures in place to avoid being hacked by any unwanted computer nerds.

RELIABILITY: Check out the host’s uptime track record. “Uptime” refers to the percentage of time that the hosts are actually online and people are actually able to access your site. Smaller, less well renowned hosts tend to have a lot of downtime due to technical errors or teething problem which is why more reputable companies such as Web Africa, who have been around the block and back, are a much better option.

SERVICE: This is a huge factor. As a webmaster of your site, you will most likely need to be in close contact with the hosting company on a regular basis. It is important that they have suitable processes in place that enable you to contact them without any fuss or issues. Some companies have instant web messengers which allow you to chat instantly to support technicians. Others have dedicated emergency phone lines that mean you will never be stuck in a caller queue.

Do not settle for anything but the best, even if it means you have to pay a little extra instead of getting free web hosting.

Should you host locally or overseas?

Technically speaking, it doesn’t really matter. In the past, their used to be massive differences in response time if you were accessing servers overseas, but thanks to fiber optic cables and other technical trends, it is no longer an issue. Factors you do need to consider however are payment, cost and time zones.

If you sign up with an American web hosting company, it may become an issue when you have to call them for support. Your call costs will go through the roof, and everyone might be fast asleep in the office as most Americans are during South African daylight hours. You will also need to make sure that you can make secure payments in the relevant currency, which can sometimes work out to be expensive depending on the strength of the rand.

Local hosts are perfectly capable of securely and reliably hosting your website. Be sure to check out some of the more reputable companies.

To summarize: