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Free or Paid Web Hosting?

It really depends on what your needs are and what you are trying to accomplish. There are advantages and disadvantages for both paid and free web hosting.

Free web hosting


– The most obvious benefit is that it’s free.

– You can use your free web space to practice programming. Not many, but some free web hosting plans support a programming language such as PHP, ASP, CGI/Perl, Coldfusion or JSP.

– A free web hosting plan is great for creating a small personal website.


– A bunch of free web hosts place their banner and text ads on your website.

– With a large number of free hosts, your website is placed in a sub-domain or a folder ( or which sometimes results in poor search engine rankings.

– Because they are offering free hosting, the majority of free web hosts can not afford to offer 24/7 or any support.

– Very few free web hosts offer a control panel with their plans.

– Another flaw with free web hosts is many don’t allow FTP access which is an obstacle if you have many files to upload.

– Free web hosting plans don’t offer much disk space or data transfer. This could be a problem if you have a lot of large files or if your website generates a lot of traffic.

Paid web hosting


– With paid hosting, you will now have any unwanted text or banner ads placed on your website.

– Your website will not be placed in a sub-domain or folder. You will have your own domain name ( which will not only result in better search engine rankings, it also looks more professional.

– Most paid web hosts offer 24/7 support.

– A lot of paid web hosting plans offer a control panel such as cPanel, Vdeck, Plesk or Ensim which offer features like web stats, the ability to password protect directories, and the ability to create web based email accounts.

– Most paid web hosts offer FTP access.
– The majority of paid web hosting plans support at least one programming language to offer you PHP web hosting, ASP web hosting, CGI web hosting, Coldfusion web hosting or JSP web hosting.

– With the more disk space and data transfer you get with paid hosting, you can add more files to your
website and it can handle more traffic.


– The only disadvantage here is that it’s not free.

The Checklist Web Hosting Service for Business Owners

One of the inceptive quality I develop is that the hosting companies can ripe with you. If they separate propose one package, and you thirst more, your netting dwelling possibly down for up to 2 days and/or you may have to change the code on any forms you use to match the new “server settings”.

Don’t be bothered to interpret a hosting service’s subscriber information, FAQs (frequently asked questions), pastime areas or recognition boards on their sites.

A right hosting firm offers as copious of these basics as possible:

This is a hosting company I can succulent afford.

They instance a Money Back Guarantee.

They have hash on their zone about server uptime/downtime.

The transaction contacts me, at my first off email address, when/if acknowledged are installment server problems. (Could be problems when they’re updating their server, hurricanes, etc.)

They arrange at maiden 5 POP email accounts (example Your email accounts should receive Alias Accounts, which sight eat up a POP balance to the business sending you an email; however, the inscription is in toto an “alias” that’s forwarded to molecule other email account you choose. And when you send an email back to the original sender, it is the forwarding email account, NOT the that the sender receives.

There is a Web-based Email channels (a build for you to rationalize your email online). If not, my favorite is an undemanding disposition for email forwarding (and stop notice) capability.

24-hour customer service, by phone, leveled if it’s a high station call, is best!

50 mg show (the room you infatuation for a 100 page website with each page in that approx. 8×11)

2 Gig Data Transfer/month (this bequeath be enough for utterly a while!)

Front Page Extensions – single wanted if you undertake a interlacing point with MS Front Page

Cgi/PHP/MySQL (or asp availability). Check with your designer to excogitate what you’ll have need for forms to be created).

Easy Control Panel: This character is especially right-hand if you requirement to keep at your zone
or have someone heavier tender make headway it. It’s the one father to adventure when making changes to your site, add addresses, etc

Statistics – Does your hosting companies works gain weekly and yearly statistics on each of your lattice pages? Will you notice how someone launch each of your web pages?

Secure server, Shopping camper (and unrelated things you’ll ravenousness to side with elaborating a merchant bill system)

Server type: The trait of server a hosting care you choose, should advance consequence explanation the programs you consign migration for things pleasure in your shopping cart, affiliate program, lacework site pages, etc. If you’re using ASP, JSP, PHP, CGI, PL, or CSS, these programs will influence the choice of a server and vice-versa. Your hosting service may use Windows (which for example accepts ASP but not PHP), Linux or Unix-based (Apache/FreeBSD/etc.) servers.

Pros and Cons of Free Web Hosting

Advantages to Free web hosting

  • Price
  • Great practice space and often a no pressure way to learn.
  • Awesome for Personal or Educational websites.
  • Great for communicating to small group or family.
  • Great place to start a commercial website–to get your feet wet. If it succeeds you can move it to a paid site with more space and higher bandwidth limits.

Disadvantages to Free web hosting

  • Often your only naming option includes your Host’s name. Example is one of my webpages which is on The link is in my signature box.
  • Many free web hosts will post their advertisements or banners on your site.
  • Many free web hosts won’t accept FTP access and do not support many programming languages.
  • Usually there is minimal support for Free web hosting. Your support will come from forums and or FAQs.
  • Size of files and size of the website is often severely limited by Free hosts.
  • Speed of most Free web hosts is way below average for the web.
  • Data Transfer limits will hamper your website growth if it starts to generate a lot of traffic.
  • You normally cannot use the website address as your email address.

Advantages to Paid Hosting

  • Most have a full featured Control Panel.
  • FTP access for large uploads is always available.
  • 24/7 support is available often by phone or email or instant messenger.
  • Web Based email accounts with your website as the name.
  • Many Paid web hosting plans have an affiliate plan.

Disadvantage to Paid web hosting

  • Price

Every day there seems to be another dozen web hosting companies popping up. I believe the addition of Google as a free web host and most probably a paid web hosting company in the near future has many of the bigger web hosting companies sleepless. I have written a web page primer for GooglePages at

Google Free Web Hosting offers a reasonable 100 meg of file storage, 41 web templates and 4 page layouts. Your edits are automatically saved even if you forget to or get bumped off your internet connection. This is a really handy feature.