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Some Things To Look For In A Web Host

web hosting has changed a lot in the last few years. Gone are the days of paying through the nose to have a website on the World Wide Web. Nor must you be a technological genius to set up a website. There are literally hundreds of choices when it comes to web hosts these days.

So, how do you choose the right one for you? In some respects, it may depend on what type of website you are looking to host. Do you just need to host a simple brochure type site? Do you plan to write a blog? Or, will you need tons of bandwidth for photo galleries or audio-visual media? Knowing the answers to questions such as those is your first task.

However, there are a few essential features that every good web host should have. This article will outline these features, in no particular order.

1. A reasonable price. Unless you have very special needs, you should never have to pay more than $10 to $15 a month for dependable, full-featured web hosting. You can often save money by paying for a full year in advance, but at any rate, there are many cost-effective web-hosting solutions available today.

2. A cPanel interface. All of the best web hosts offer “cPanel”, which is a web-based control panel that allows you to manage your domain through a web interface. It’s an industry standard that enables site configuration and management, including setting up email, database administration, file management, FTP, and installation of scripts. Cpanel also generally comes with Fantastico, which is an easy-as-pie installer for the WordPress blog platform, bulletin board software, and more.

3. 100% reliability. Your web host should be able to guarantee 100% (or at least 99.9%) uptime. That means you can count on your site being live virtually all of the time and that you will have access to it, cPanel, and your email. Being able to guarantee that type of reliability will generally require that the host have back up server capability. If you’re not sure, check before you commit.

4. Easily accessible customer support. Look for both web-based and telephone support. One or the other should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Web solutions may include both email (or an email-based support ticket system) and live chat. You’ll also want the support to be intelligent, reliable, and friendly. In addition, it will be helpful if they offer help files you can download or access online.

5. Multiple domain hosting. If you never plan to create more than one website, this feature may not be important to you. But for most Web entrepreneurs, this is an important consideration when choosing a web host. Most web hosts today offer cost-effective options for hosting more than one domain on an account. Some even offer unlimited domains for one low monthly (or quarterly) rate.

6. Large amounts of storage space and bandwidth allowed. You want to plan for future growth of your site, both in terms of the size of the site itself, and in the amount of traffic it attracts. Ideally, you’ll sign up with a web host that won’t penalize you for your growth, at least not for a long time. 25MB is a good minimum, and if necessary you should be able to easily upgrade your space without having to switch hosts.

7. Number of POP3 email accounts allowed. Unlimited email accounts is best. That gives you the flexibility to add unique email addresses for different functions on your website, such as,,, etc. If you can’t get unlimited email, then at least look for multiple email account capability.

8. Access to logs and statistics. You’ll want to evaluate your site’s performance over time, once it gets going. So having access to free statistics software and web logs will help with that analysis.

9. Ability to use FTP or online file management. File Transfer Protocol (FTP for short) is a tool where you can upload large numbers of files quickly. You’ll want to be able to use FTP, at least some of the time. But online file management (especially through cPanel–see #2 above) is great when you only want to upload a file or two, or when you want to be able to administer your site when you’re not at your own computer.

10. Backups. There should be some sort of plan for backups with your web host. Ideally, they’ll include it in your price, but you may have to pay extra. All companies, though, should be doing some sort of backing up as a routine security measure. Find out, too, what is backed up, e.g., files, databases, server settings, etc.

So, there you have it–a rundown of the top features to expect from the best web hosting companies. By the way, free web hosting IS still available, but the old adage, “You get what you pay for” was never more true than in relation to web hosting, especially if you want to host a business web site. Be willing to pay for quality, reliability, and a full set of features.

Tips for Choosing Cheap Web Hosting Solutions


Every company looking to post their website up on the Internet searches for that golden combination of reliable web hosting services and also cheap web hosting solutions. Some of the various types of web hosting services include dedicated web hosting, reseller web hosting, shared hosting, free web hosting, and collocation web hosting. Free web hosting service providers usually generate their revenue through advertisements on their hosted websites or charge a very nominal fee for allotting the web space.


Dedicated web hosting services refers to the allotment of the entire server to a single website. This service is used primarily by large companies with widespread websites as well as sister sites. Due to their complexity, this form of hosting cannot be coined as a cheap web hosting service. However, shared web hosting solutions can be obtained at lower rates. Here, the same server is shared amongst many websites of different companies. But this form has its own drawbacks, like a slower speed and the fact that web information is more vulnerable to interference.


When physical space for a web server is available, a collocation web service can be used. However, this hosting form is not used widely. The role of a web hosting service provider is to give access to the Internet at the required bandwidth.


It is important to do extensive research in order to find the best web hosting at affordable prices that offer good quality for your money. Be sure to check out the kind and volume of web traffic they can provide you. Also compare the rates with your budget.


1) Be aware of your web hosting needs:

Be clear on what your professional needs and expectations from your web hosting service provider are. This would make the selection of a web service provider an easier task. Take note that many types of web hosting forms are available, and are compatible with different operating systems like Linux and Windows.


2) Price comparison:

There are hundreds of web hosting service providers who provide similar types of web hosting services but charge differently for the same service. Take ample time to compare the rates and services of these companies so that you get the best services at cheap prices.


3) Go through other customers? reviews:

A good and reliable web hosting service provider will also have a section dedicated in showcasing their customers? reviews. Until you make use of their services, it is hard to gage what the results will be. But considering and reviewing the experiences of their other clients may help you in making the right decision.


When you?ve considered all these points, you can be confident that your choice of a web hosting service will be a good one.


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Types of Web Hosting – Shared or Dedicated?

What are the differences and the advantages of each plan?

In a word, under the shared hosting plan, you share server resources with other websites: memory, space and bandwidth. This is ideal for small websites that don?t need much resource to run. Under the dedicated plan however, the user leases the whole web server.

Now let us look into more details at both plans: dedicated vs. shared host.

The biggest advantage of shared web hosting plans is its affordability: Because you share hosting resources with many other websites, you also share the server?s running costs and this brings down your monthly hosting bill. Due to the huge competition in this market, you also get good value for money in terms of space and bandwidth.

Shared web hosting plans are also convenient and efficiency: Because they are run by professionals, you need not worry about that aspect of things and concentrate on building your website. Additionally, shared web hosting is efficient as you only use resources your actually need. And you have the option to buy more if you reach your allocated limit.

Finally shared web host solutions are user-friendly: Most web hosts provide a user control panel through which you can easily upload and delete files as well as access webmaster tools such as site statistics.

Let us now consider dedicated web hosting solutions.

The key advantage of dedicated host plans is the exclusivity you enjoy. You don?t have to share web resources with anyone. Because you don?t have to share your server with 200 other websites, you also enjoy more control over what is loaded on the server. Dedicated web hosting is ideal for websites with huge traffic. If your website attracts a heavy traffic, you will require plenty of bandwidth each month and dedicated web hosts usually offer unlimited bandwidth.

Finally dedicated servers have they own IP address so you don?t run the risk of being blacklisted if other websites on your server get blacklisted by search engines for spamming or illegal activities.

In conclusion, before choosing what plan to go with, carefully consider you needs in terms of web space, bandwidth and memory. But you also need to keep in mind you future needs as your website?s size and traffic grow.

Fruitful Aspects of Getting Affordable Web Hosting Solutions

Along with the expansion of internet usability in the world, the internet age has also continuously witnessing the growth and emergence of several web hosting companies. In fact, if we consider today?s scenario, it is clearly visible that the competition among such companies has reached to epitome, where many companies are now offering affordable and cheap web hosting solutions to beat the growing rage of competition in the market. However, not many are taking the advantage of such low priced web hosting solutions, as they follow the very prominent misconception that these affordable services are given by cheap web hosting companies offering poor performance. Unfortunately, what most web hosting clients do not understand is the fact that there are certain affordable yet reputable web hosting companies that offer high-quality services.

So, let us highlight some of the most important benefiting reasons for having affordable web hosting solution, so that when next time, you think of doing some cost cutting, you do not start fretting on cheap web hosting services:

First and the very prominent aspect is of course, its affordability. Al recently established companies or small size organizers can largely depend on such cheap web hosting solutions. Certain web hosting companies, nowadays, are also providing free web hosting solutions for basic websites that only require a nominal number of images. Moreover, it goes without saying that free or low-priced web hosting services are perfect for personal web pages that are not monetized by its webmaster. Secondly, regardless of the economical price charged on some web hosting plans, most web hosting providers in point of fact, offer quality web hosting services. Subscribers of reasonably priced web hosting companies have the benefit of receiving high-quality service for a budget web hosting service plan.

After using affordable web hosting services, many clients found that the most reliable web hosting services are offered by these affordable web hosting solution companies. The ever-mounting number of web hosting service providers has actually forced these companies to purposely lower their prices. Moreover, this step has also allowed many such companies to make their solid position in the market. Hence, getting a cheap web hosting service plan does not necessarily mean that you are going to get poor quality service.

However, it is still advised to cautiously make the decision while selecting your preferred affordable web hosting provider as we cannot neglect the possibility of fraudulence and duplicity in the market. Keep your eyes open not only on the prices of such budget web hosting companies but also focus on other clients testimonials and feedbacks as well as the company’s over-all performance level. Additionally, prior to your selection of the best possible cheap web hosting company, it is also sensible enough to determine the nature and kind of your website along with the purpose to select the web hosting plan that best suits your web hosting requirements.

The Complete Web Hosting Guide

Through web hosting, companies can establish successful websites using powerful, secure, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. With the help of web hosting, running business operations can be more reactive and more attentive in providing customer needs.

The web hosting Services

web hosting when used well can lead to a more productive business enterprise. Through web hosting, you don’t just provide internet connectivity or huge databases but you provide streamlined and secure platforms and content management.

If your company decides to outsource web hosting services, you have to assure the level of reliability of the provider along with the quality of hosting uptime they can provide.

Other equally important information that involves web hosting are the types of hosting service that will best suit your needs. Some of the specific web hosting solutions include: file hosting services, image hosting services, blog hosting services, one-click hosting services, video hosting services, and shopping cart software.

Web Hosting as a Business Requirement

Also if you are seriously considering web hosting in acquiring internet hosting services you have to have a large space on a server that will be provided by the web hosting company to enable easy set-up and more operations to achieve productive web hosting.

Web hosting services provided by reputable providers are far from the typical and personal web site hosting that is free of charge and sometimes way too cheap. This is because, web hosting services provided to large and small business enterprises require a greater cost.

Web hosting packages made available have database support and various applications development platforms which include Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, and ColdFusion.

If you settle for a free and cheap web hosting services you have to expect to be provided with limited services. And so if you are looking for a complete package that provides database server software, scripting software, an entire operating system, and web content management system you have to outsource an entire web hosting package and service. This way, your business will have all the things that it requires to meet its needs and goals.