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Why Cheap Unix Web Site Hosting is the Best Choice for your Web Hosting Needs

A Web host is a place where you can put your website on-line and make it seen on the internet. Web host is just a space on a web server that you are renting every month to do this for you. web hosting makes use of a web server which is usually a much expensive and much powerful computer unit than what is usually used for personal use. Anyone who would like to start a web hosting business will have to choose the right platform for his server – and it’s choosing between Windows Operating System and Unix Operating System.

Why Web Servers using UNIX Operating System are much cheaper?

Gone are the days when you have to pay $20.00 to $50.00 a month for a shared web site hosting company to host your site. Nowadays, many people are choosing UNIX web servers to host their websites over Windows. The very first reason is because of its affordability. UNIX web site hosting plans come in cheap price packages. This doesn’t mean that because it’s cheap, users are in the danger of compromising the future of their small business or their integrity because of possible frequent server downtimes. They are not. In fact, many of the web site owners have become aware of the reasons why UNIX web site hosting plans are cheaper than the Windows web site hosting plans. The first one costing only a quarter of what is needed to set-up the second one. Why is it possible? This is merely because anyone setting-up a UNIX web server makes use of the free editions of UNIX system which are under GNU Public License. The Operating System used under the GNU Public License also comes with the source code which a qualified individual can modify to fit his needs.

UNIX Web Server Stability and Performance.

When it comes to stability and performance, UNIX web server tends to perform better under high loads than Windows web server – thus, saving web host companies both time and money for the maintenance.

UNIX Web Server Security.

Since UNIX is an Open Source Operating System, anyone who understands the language that it was written can freely modify it. Any problem like in the areas of security, are easily solved through writing a patch code to the existing program. You may also let other users test the written patch for you. Open Source Systems also has a community of developers and users to help you through sharing of ideas and experiences.

Web Host Features.

When it comes to web hosting features, UNIX web hosting packages comes with a lot of extras. Fantastico script package that is bundled in Cpanel hosting comprised of more or less 80 scripts that you can use freely with your website without extra monthly cost. You can also customize each application to match the theme of your site or provide additional features.

When you are looking for cheap hosting, don’t be afraid to try cheap UNIX web site hosting. Getting a cheap UNIX web site hosting does not mean that you are putting your company or career in danger. Think of the advantages of getting a cheap UNIX web site hosting as an opportunity for you to use your extra money in other areas to grow your business.

If you need cheap UNIX web site hosting, Profit Builder Club is offering cheap UNIX web site hosting. The hosting package comes with Fantastico script and guarantees 99.9% uptime. All hosting accounts come with RVSite Builder Pro, an on-line site builder for everyone who wants to create presence on-line without the knowledge of HTML.

Choosing an Affordable Reseller Web Hosting Program

There are several techniques that can help make your online web hosting business a hit. One of these technique or strategy is getting an inexpensive reseller web hosting program, which in hindsight, is perhaps one of the most reasonable moves in advertising someone’s web hosting business.

Affordable reseller web hosting will surely help you to rapidly grow your business by providing you with the capacity to advertise on the world wide web (internet) and hosting your catalogue online. Reseller web hosting even rings up your sales via e-commerce transactions. With the growing power and continuous evolution of the internet, you would be amazed with the high returns you would truly gain at such a minute of investment.

Almost all internet marketing gurus nowadays would tell you that in order to compete and survive in today’s business world, you will have to set up your own e-commerce capability to your existing sales and marketing efforts. Unfortunately, what businessmen don’t know is that this need not be expensive. Today, there are already several web hosting companies that can offer cheap but quality reseller web hosting program.

An affordable reseller hosting is a type of web site hosting program wherein the web host’s account is under a shared hosting plan. The web hosting service provider, therefore, apportions his or her disk space and bandwidth in order to resell web hosting. Furthermore, while keeping the costs low, cheap reseller web hosting can help you host as many websites as you want all at the same time. Some of these sites can have its respective technical support and dedicated servers. In a bird’s eye-view, everything can actually be tailor-fitted to suit your requirements.

When window shopping for an affordable reseller web hosting program that best fits your needs and budget, make sure that your web host can offer the services that they promised to provide you with. The need to build a lasting and strong relationship with your reseller can never be over-emphasized since it will complement each of your marketing efforts in the long term.

One other thing that makes reseller web hosting more advantageous than other types of web hosting is that it leaves you with more time for other business marketing duties. This is because in web host reselling, the web host is spared from other responsibilities and burdens that come along with web hosting such as managing the servers and maintaining the data center.

Furthermore, there no additional financial cash outs in reselling because it is shared. This business set-up is highly recommended for those who are still starting out with their small web hosting business.

What is more, for web site developers, the fun does not stop there. More and more companies are now offering franchising, so other web developers could offer their own affordable reseller web hosting program that could benefit other smaller businesses, especially those who are just starting. Through this, you can start your own business and help out other businesses and individuals as well.

Know About the Web Hosting Control Panels

There are so many players in the web hosting field from individual to big corporation. web hosting service is a highly competitive field and this drives the web hosting players to offer feature rich hosting plans at affordable cost. web hosting is the basic thing a webmaster needs to make his website presence, to the whole world.

The competitiveness of the web hosting field compel the web hosting companies to excel each other. So almost all the top companies are giving very efficient technical support. The extra features like free domain name and site builder and the pricing are varying from company to company. But the control panel makes a difference and you have to pick up the correct service which suits your need.

The control panel is a soft ware provided by the web hosting company to control and manage your web site hosting. It is like a vital part of your body. Through control panel you can mange all your activities like email creation, opening of your FTP accounts, statistics report and many more. Though control panel alone can not be used as a yardstick to judge the quality of a web hosting service, it is important to know about the control panel as it is an vital aspect of a web hosting service.

Control panels for Windows Only platform

Helm is a Windows only web hosting control panel. Helm control panel has many customer friendly features and the most striking feature is the billing information. Except the H-sphere, all most all the commonly used control panels do not provide billing information inside the control panel. Helm is easy to operate and has a good standard interface.

Hosting Accelerator is another windows only web hosting control panel. It seems to make a best impression by showing more stuff, but showing too much won’t make a best impression. It makes an impression that the interface is not planned properly and it lacks in extra feature. It suits the seasoned players.

Control Panels For Linux Only Platform

cPanel occupies the number one place among the control panels, because of its many features with easy operation and inexpensive aspect. It is based on Linux platform and serves for over ten flavors of Linux. Many hosting companies prefer it, as it costs only $20 per month/server.

Interworx has many features and deserves to be ranked at the top of Linux only platform web hosting control panels. Considering the fact that there are more Linux based web hosting providers, Inteworx has dedicated to the Linux platform. It has a feature to see the up streams and sown streams. Interworx has a clean interface.

DirectAdmin is another control panel serving Linux platform. DirectAdmin provides low hosting cost at $10 per month. It is the easiest control panel to use. Though it claims to have more features, needs lot of improvements to match the other Linux only control panels.

The disadvantage of both Linux only and Windows only control panels is that they lose the hosting customers of the other platform.

Control Panels For Both Linux And Windows

Plesk, because of its availability for both Linux and Windows platforms, has little advantage over the panel control panel. Many web hosting providers who serves both Linux and Windows hosting customers prefer Plesk. Plesk interface looks like Windows XP and it is expensive as it serves both the platforms. The website builder tool and other features integrate well with Plesk.

H-Sphere is another control panel for both Linux and Windows. Through H-Sphere is widely used by the web hosting sites, it lacks some features when compared to Plesk and cPanel. But it offers many features from key functionalities to complete automation.

Ensim, another control panel for both Windows and Linux, has to cover more grounds when compared to other web hosting control panels serving both Linux and Windows.

As per the ratings, cPanel is preferred for Linux platform and Helm control panel is for Windows platform.

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Affordable Web Hosting

Personal Web Hosting – Professional Image or Family/Friend Connection

When it comes to personal web hosting, we are talking about using web space not only for keeping in contact with family and close friends, but also a promotional tool for your professional image.

A personal web site could be very useful in promoting your professional image to potential employers and business contacts. The look of a personal URL and e-mail would definitely benefit your image as a professional. Part of the image of successful professionals nowadays is a good personal website.

Another side of personal hosting is family website creation and hosting to stay connected with friends and family. In this day and age family members are becoming spread out around the globe. Going to college in another part of the country or taking a job on another continent, families become disconnected.

With a family web site, all members of a family can stay in contact with one another. Sure, there is email and telephones, but with family web site hosting you can stay connected with everyone at once sharing photos, videos, exchange messages or even chat live – anytime of day.

Some web hosts even have professional genealogy features to start your own online family tree.

With personal web hosting many face the dilemma of choosing between free or paid web hosting. Although the costs associated with paid web hosting is rather small, it’s still money.

If you are just starting your experience with the World Wide Web, or if you are setting up a web site with only close friends and family as intended audience, a free personal web host or a low cost web host might just do it for you. These are just a few of the examples of having a good reason to publish your web site with a free personal web-hosting provider.

Free personal web hosts or a good budget web host has helped thousands of people to be acquainted with the Internet experience, as first cradles for their web presence. This is one of the reasons free personal web hosts have contributed to the overall popularity of the Internet.

One good suggestion when researching a family web-hosting site is the site is easy to customize and manage. You do not want to spend time learning web publishing tools or becoming a web wizard – you want connection with your family – the most important reason for having this web site.

Get everyone in your family connected and preserve your family history with a family web site. A web host that offers security with your own private password protected web site is the way to go. Security with family website creation and hosting is important to keeping your memories safe.

There are many web hosts on the internet ranging from free services to paid. If you are looking at a paid hosting site, check to see if they offer a low family fee instead of a fee for each family member. Having a family web site created and hosted on the internet will enable your family and friends to create a lasting gallery of life’s special moments.


When the plan is clear it is time to choose what is going to be your domain name and to find a webhost. There are a lot of free options out there that lets you build a site on their domain for free, but this is not recommended. The only thing this is recommended for is to give your self a try at web site building at no cost. I would suggest trying it out for fun, but not spending a lot of time on doing it. That time you should rather use to build your business. No matter how you turn it, you will need an own domain name and a web host. When you are choosing your own domain name, try to find one that is including your main keyword. If you have the main keyword in the URL it will help the ranking for that keyword. This is unless you have a specific product, service, or company that you are marketing. Then the product name, service or company name would be the best.

Before Choosing a web hosting Company

There are so many web hosting services offered by web hosting provides like cPanel Webhosting, Linux Web Site Hosting, Yahoo web hosting, cheap internet hosing, business web hosting etc at very different prices So When you start shopping around for your next web hosting provider, there are certain criteria you will want to hone in on, namely: disk space, bandwidth, upload/download speeds, customer service and guarantees. One by one details is given below

Disk Space and Bandwidth

Disk space is the storage space your web hosting provider allows you for all the files that make up your website (from image galleries to databases to HTML and ASP docs, etc.). Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer your web hosting provider permits you in a given period (usually a month). It is disk space that determines how rich and elaborate your site can be. It is bandwidth that determines how much traffic you can accommodate.

Upload/Download Speeds

When someone visits your website online, how long will it take the page to load? The answer to this question alone — and the consistency with which
you and your web hosting provider maintain it — can be the singular point that makes or breaks your business. People have short attention spans made even shorter on the web. The longer you keep them waiting, the more likely they will stop waiting.

Customer Service

Is it 24/7 365? Is it all free or only certain services? Or is none of it free? Can you talk to a human being by toll-free telephone? In what areas? Does the web hosting provider use email query tickets or live chat or both? How extensive are their user guides, tutorials, and help docs? Do they use Flash or streaming audio/video or are all of their help
guides merely text based?


A Best web hosting provider will also usually offer some sort of uptime guarantee, meaning the percentage of the time your site is guaranteed to be live when a visitor tries to visit it. The best ones go from 99.95% to 99.9999%. As long as they have one in the 99% range, you can feel somewhat secure.

Upgrade/Downgrade Policies

Are they free? For how long (1year, life)? What if you discover you have chosen the wrong web hosting plan for your needs, or you outgrow your existing plan, or
you downsize? Don?t sign any contracts with any web hosting provider that locks you into one particular plan with no recourse should these situations arise. There is no need to have to pay exorbitant fees to get out of one plan and into another. Especially when a decent web hosting provider will allow you to change plans whenever you need to and for whatever reason.