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Shared hosting or dedicated web hosting, find your ideal choice

Shared web hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular and least expensive way to own your website. This is ideal for people and business that do not use their website for critical applications. Shared web hosts provide web space anywhere between 20 MB to 200 MB on a shared hard drive costing around $ 35. As 20 Mb is sufficient to host around 1000 web pages, this is the ideal option for small website owners who use for promotional and information purposes.

Free Shared web hosting

There are shared free web hosting that offer certain amount web space to host your web pages. The domain name will be yourname their subdomain ( The do not charge any amount from the website owners but instead often place some ads on home page or any other pages. This advertising income will cover their operation cost and profit.? Some shared free web hosts provide an option to remove the ads and banners from your WebPages on payment of certain charges. They also provide options for upgrade, extended bandwidth and increased web space on payment of charges, often called as premium charges.

Advantages of shared web hosting

There are many benefits attached to shared web hosting

Cost effective or sometimes free of cost

Ideal for personal and small business web sites

Simple and easy to maintain

Disadvantages of shared web hosting

Little or no customer support

Over crowded server and bandwidth

Limited features

Ads and banners distracting the main contents

Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated web hosting costs several hundreds to several thousand dollars every month. This is ideal for very large business that runs critical applications or hosts a large amount of data. This type is considered to be the best web hosting and is required mainly by e-commerce type of applications. Normally, dedicated web hosting gives dedicated server to each user with high bandwidth. Dedicated web hosting provide dedicated IP address which is set aside specifically for a particular domain.

Advantages of dedicated web hosting

The advantages with dedicated web hosting include

Ideal for personal and large and high volume web sites

Sophisticated tools and utilities for easy maintenance

Dedicated IP

Private SSL Certificate

FTP services for sharing files over internet

Can setup own domain Name Server

Disadvantages of dedicated web hosting


Not affordable for small business

Complicated and cumbersome not maintainable with average computer user

What to Ask For at Your Web Hosting Service

web hosting is the backbone of your online business and it is one of the most crucial services that ensures your online presence. There are thousands of web-hosting service providers and all of them claim to be the best. Therefore, it is a difficult process to identify the right web hosting service provider.

There are a few important questions that you must ask your web-hosting service provider before you sign up. Normally, the first question people ask is about the cost involved. Though it is an important factor that will help you make your decision, cost should not be treated as the primary factor. There are other crucial factors that need to be addressed.

You must first ask your web host about their average server uptime. Most of the hosting service providers advertise 99.9% uptime, but, in reality, it may not be so. There are a number of server related problems that can keep the visitors off from your website.

Second, you must ask your web host about the connection speed. You must have fast connections to give your website users an enhanced visitor experience. If the connections are slow, your website will take a long time to load and server connection will get disconnected before people can see your website, leading to annoying “The page cannot be displayed error.”

Third, you must know how much web space you get for the package you are signing up for. Most web hosts offer flexible packages. You should be able to advise your web host on the web space depending on the nature of your requirements. There are web hosting packages that range from 10mb or less to several GBs. The greater the space the greater the price.

Along with the allotted web space, you must also be clear about the data transfer bandwidth that is allowed for your package. If you anticipate high traffic, it is better to go with packages that have higher bandwidth capabilities.

The next question will be on the number of email addresses you can configure. There are many web hosting companies that offer unlimited email addresses. If you choose a lower end package, the number of email addresses may be limited to 5 or 10 or 25, depending on the web-hosting package you choose.

You must also be clear about the nature of the database tools that are available and the database types supported by your web-hosting service provider.

If your website is intended to sell your products online, it is important that you have a reliable shopping cart. Make sure you check with your web host whether you have any built-in shopping carts installed and the procedure to customize them to your specific need.

With the advent of the open source technology, web hosting service providers offer a number of free yet useful scripts for their customers bundled with the web hosting package. Check with your web host on the available free scripts, such as forums, blogs, chat support, web statistic tools, etc.

The control panel should be highly user friendly. Your list of questions to your web host must have a question about the control panel features.

Above all, the customer support capabilities of your web host and the turn-around time to resolve server related issues and other complaints is very crucial. To stand the competition, most web hosting service providers offer 24

Tips for Choosing Cheap Web Hosting Solutions


Every company looking to post their website up on the Internet searches for that golden combination of reliable web hosting services and also cheap web hosting solutions. Some of the various types of web hosting services include dedicated web hosting, reseller web hosting, shared hosting, free web hosting, and collocation web hosting. Free web hosting service providers usually generate their revenue through advertisements on their hosted websites or charge a very nominal fee for allotting the web space.


Dedicated web hosting services refers to the allotment of the entire server to a single website. This service is used primarily by large companies with widespread websites as well as sister sites. Due to their complexity, this form of hosting cannot be coined as a cheap web hosting service. However, shared web hosting solutions can be obtained at lower rates. Here, the same server is shared amongst many websites of different companies. But this form has its own drawbacks, like a slower speed and the fact that web information is more vulnerable to interference.


When physical space for a web server is available, a collocation web service can be used. However, this hosting form is not used widely. The role of a web hosting service provider is to give access to the Internet at the required bandwidth.


It is important to do extensive research in order to find the best web hosting at affordable prices that offer good quality for your money. Be sure to check out the kind and volume of web traffic they can provide you. Also compare the rates with your budget.


1) Be aware of your web hosting needs:

Be clear on what your professional needs and expectations from your web hosting service provider are. This would make the selection of a web service provider an easier task. Take note that many types of web hosting forms are available, and are compatible with different operating systems like Linux and Windows.


2) Price comparison:

There are hundreds of web hosting service providers who provide similar types of web hosting services but charge differently for the same service. Take ample time to compare the rates and services of these companies so that you get the best services at cheap prices.


3) Go through other customers? reviews:

A good and reliable web hosting service provider will also have a section dedicated in showcasing their customers? reviews. Until you make use of their services, it is hard to gage what the results will be. But considering and reviewing the experiences of their other clients may help you in making the right decision.


When you?ve considered all these points, you can be confident that your choice of a web hosting service will be a good one.


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What is The Web Hosting Reseller?

Some web hosting company put up for sale large amounts of web hosting space with the understanding that their client will turn that space into a industry. This web hosting reseller plans present another dynamic in the web hosting business, because it allows for the life of other web hosting company and also provides public with business opportunity. This is plus point of web hosting reseller plan. A reseller can just be a person or group that has obtained the rights to sell a portion of the bandwidth and space it is utilizing from a genuine hosting company.

web hosting reseller plans are ideal for an important person such as a web designer who also creates websites. It is often valuable to offer clientele the option of using the same person who developed the site to provide the web hosting and also the website management. This option isn’t of necessity less expensive, but it is more opportune. Also keep in mind that these companies or individuals may also offer to manage your site for an extra fee. There is also available web hosting reseller plan. We are one among few of them who provide web hosting reseller plan.

You don’t want to be a web designer or graphic designer to make use of the Web Hosting reseller plans, and it is also an outstanding home business opportunity. You should get a web hosting reseller plan that seems to deliver the best creation at the highest value. You will need to create a business plan that will help you analyze the marketplace and create a fairly unique service. You will also need to figure out how to market your industry and also create a website. You can look for on the Internet or find a book on starting a home business to do your first research.

Web hosting reseller plans are the best option for an important person who wants to buy a big amount of web space to either start their own home business or improve an already existing business. This seems to be a brilliant way to increase your income. This option can also help benefit your customers because it may offer a more affordable option for them.

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Selecting The Ideal Web Host For Your Business

A simple and affordable web hosting of your site by a professional host will ensure that your website is performing in the way that is best for your business. Hiring an expert web host will also give you more time to attend to your core business.

In online business, visibility is crucial. If your potential customers cannot find your website, you cannot hope to survive for long, even if you offer the best products or services in your field. Therefore, placing your business on the right place and tuning it in the right way is essential. This is to say that you need to take care of your website along with taking care of your core business. If your business is already up on the web, you probably have some idea about the importance of your website’s content, its domain and also its hosting.

web hosting simply put, is a service in which a professional or a company (the web host) provides web space so you can set up and run your business online. However, setting up of your website is just the start, without a proper hosting, your website cannot help in expanding your business. Businesses, especially small and mid-sized ones require a good web host to grow further.

There are two types of web hosting – free and commercial or professional web hosting. The free web hosting can be done by yourself, but it will require a good knowledge and skill for the same. You could learn about it, but then again, it will distract you from your core business. Hence, the best way is to get a professional or a commercial web hosting company do it for you.

There are hundreds of web hosting companies online who offer great web hosting services including reliable connection, good management, support etc. However, with so many of them around, choosing only one and handing it the reins of your business could be a tricky task; but it has to be done, and done correctly. At Candid Info, we understand that and strive to provide you with options as varied and flexible as possible.

While searching for your web host, it is recommended that you know your goal first. You can start with a cheaper packages and think of upgrading it later, but to avoid any hassle in the future, it is best that you do it right from the start. Here are some aspects that we think you should look into a web hosting company before hiring it.

Reliability and speed

First and foremost, your web host should be reliable in terms of accountability and performance. At least an uptime of more than 90% should be provided by the host so that your site will be running constantly and is easily accessible to your customers.


The host should provide all the necessary features on your website and do away with the unnecessary ones. Its package should be flexible enough to tailor your requirements in to it, and since we are aware of that, we make sure that we provide it. Features such as Secure servers and shopping carts are some you could include to your website.

Data transfer and disk space

For these, understanding the nature of your business and its future will be helpful. You need not go for huge bandwidth or disk space packages initially. It would be wiser to observe your site’s growth and upgrade the package later, if need be.


Technical support, E-mail support, scripts, database support etc., should all be provided according to the need of your business. You should only go for a host that gives 24x7x365 technical support, for that is what they are meant for. You may need them anytime. The host should also support standard and variety of scripts.

Control panel

You should be able to have as much control as possible so you can manage your account without having to approach them (host) every time. Hosts that offer control panels to its clients will save themselves and the client (you) a huge hassle.

Price and plans

Rates and plans may differ from host to host. An expensive package does not always guarantee the best of services, as your requirement might not be whatever they include in the service package. The again, it doesn’t mean that any budget package will do. The key lies recognizing your needs and choosing the package accordingly. The high-price package should not keep you from hiring the host if the services suits your needs well nor should a low price package attract you to hire a host if it has less services compared to your needs.

There are more areas that you can look into and learn before you choose the best web hosting company from the many hosting companies for your business. However, these aforementioned few points should serve you as basic knowledge to start with. An advantage of having a multitude of web hosting companies online is that web hosting expenses has considerably come down. Hosting service providers are also increasingly becoming competitive to prove themselves better.

While selecting one, you could also refer others – maybe friends or at online forums etc., who have already hired such services, for their recommendations. Take a little time and get the most suitable professional web hosting package and provider to ensure a steadfast and stable business in the long run.

You can also get full server manuals and online tutorials and help kits to help you host your sites smoothly. Various web hosting companies offer services that include single site hosting, multi site hosting, E-commerce hosting and more for both Windows and Linux.