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If you plan to own a new website, you will need to host your website on a web server. When your website goes live on the web server, online users can then browse your website on the Internet. Company that provides the web servers to host your website is called web hosting providers.

A web hosting provider will typically have a fast connection to the Internet housed in a physical building called ‘data center’ and they may host thousands of web sites on many servers. The web host essentially rents out space to you so that you can get your website up on the world wide web.

With a well-managed web host, you can free yourself from worrying the up-keep of complicated server technology and proper technical maintenance. That’s the whole purpose of the web hosting companies. You should leave the technical work to web hosting professional while you focus on your own internet business.

There are thousands of web hosting providers on the internet and how do you decide which one you should use? Sites like can help you by comparing all best hosting providers.

The features that web hosting companies are offering are getting quite standard nowadays. There are basic features that you’ll need in a web host. You can find out more here.

To give a web host a competitive edge over others, more attractive features are very necessary. You’ll find that many hosts are willing to give away free stuff that used to cost over $10 per month.

These are some of the advanced features that our top hosts are offering.

  • Web Buider Many of our top 10 hosts offer powerful web builder program called SiteStudio. SiteStudio allows you to make sites without any html, FTP and HTTP knowledge. You can also build site on the fly while at home, school or even at work. Hostgator’s SiteStudio has over 500 ready-made templates for you to choose from.

  • Ecommerce Enabled If you are selling products on your site, you need a merchant account. A shopping cart is a useful tool if you have more than 1 product in different categories. SSL(Secured Sockets Layer) is a must-have if you need to receive valuable information such as your customers’ credit card information. PowWeb, Hostgator and Lunarpages provide osCommerce shopping cart and shared SSL for your ecommerce needs.

  • Marketing Package Most marketing package including search engine submission software, keyword generator and link checker. Some hosting companies like iPower have established partnership with Yahoo! Search (previously known as Overture) and Google Adwords to offer you pay-per-click credit to jump start your business.


The best marketing method is by far from word of mouth. If you sign up for a web host and are satisfied with the performance, most likely you’ll recommend to anyone who is looking for a good host. Big web hosting companies know about this concept so well that they would go all out to retain their existing customer. The more satisfied customers they have, the more popularity they’ll get. We take this as an important indicator of how good a host is. # There are a few factors that we judge the popularity of a particular web hosting provider.Number of existing customers. # The satisfaction level of their existing customers: We manage to get hold of their existing customers from the positive reviews they submitted through our host comment form, their comment in the 3rd party web hosting and inhouse forums and the customers’ comment found on other hosting directories. # The amount of pretigious hosting awards they won # Their sites Alexa traffic ranking

Netfirms top the popularity among our top 10 hosts. Network Reliability, Speed and Uptime Guarantee

In terms of reliability, we are looking at how redundant is the server, how often the companies backup the server and how well they handle emergency. “Redundant” means that if any of the Internet connections get interrupted, the alternate Internet connection will take over. PowWeb Load Balancing Technology is one of the best that we found to ensure your site is up 99.9% all the time.

Basic Overview of Web Hosting Services

A web hosting service is a service given by companies to individuals and businesses that allocates them space on their server and provides connection to the Internet. In this way, the information that they want to share will be available for all internet users.

In this day and age of the Internet, you can almost find all the information that you need in the World Wide Web. These different types of information can be seen through websites that are uploaded to the Internet. Several individual and businesses see the Internet as a very good way to share relevant information with other people across the world.

In order for this to actualize, these web developers, or simply the people who make websites, need a space in the Internet so their websites will be available for everyone to see. This is the main goal of a web hosting service.

There are several types of web hosting services that are available today. The simplest one is small-scale hosting, which usually deals with personal web pages. It is the process wherein files that are to be place in the web page are uploaded thru the File Transfer Protocol. This type of web hosting service is readily accessible as many companies offer this for free, and it is commonly known as free web hosting service.

Another type of web hosting service is the shared web hosting service where different websites share the same server, thus may share the resources used for web hosting such as the Random Access Memory.

A different type of web hosting service is the dedicated hosting service where the user gets a Web server for himself and also controls it the way he wants to. The server does not necessarily belong to him though. A type of dedicated hosting is the self-managed hosting where the user gets full access and must maintain the dedicated box by him.

A virtual dedicated server is also another type of web hosting service where each user has a virtual server for his webpage. Virtual since this server is actually divided between different users but it is as if there is a personal server for each one.

The most expensive web hosting service is collocation, which is very similar to dedicated web hosting service. The only difference is that the user owns the server and the hosting company just provides the space taken up by the server and its corresponding maintenance.

Managed hosting service is one more web hosting service available for use. The server is usually leased to the user but he is not allowed full control over it to guarantee the quality of their service. Data management is done thru the file transfer protocol.

An added type of web hosting service is the home server where the server is located in a private residence that allows it to host one or more websites using a broadband connection.

These are just some of the web hosting services that are available for individuals and businesses to avail of. Choosing which the best one for your needs is must be thoroughly decided upon since not all web hosting services are free and they differ in the provision of the server.

Best 10 ? Hosting Reviews ? How to Shop For the Best Web Hosting Companies

The task of having a website does not actually end in its development and construction. This is due to the fact that you still have to maintain it especially if you are using your website for your online business purposes. Maintaining a website is in fact a difficult thing to do. Thus, there are instances when you will need the help of the best web hosting companies, which can assist you in linking your website to the world wide web or to the server in order for the web users to have an access to your site. You can actually find several exceptional web hosting companies listed on the best 10 ? hosting reviews online.

Ending up with the best web hosting company is not child?s play. Online reviews for web hosting can really be of great help on your part in making it easier for you to choose the most excellent company out there. As a matter of fact, almost all of the online reviews available today include their top ten list of the best web hosting companies or providers. They usually tagged or called their list as the best 10 ? hosting reviews.

You may be asking now if why on earth you still need to consult an online review just to end up with the best web hosting company. Well, the following are some of the numerous reasons on why you need the help of online web hosting reviews:

??It can provide you a method on how to easily end up with the best web hosting provider or company. This is truly possible because of the fact that online reviews opt to present to you every single piece of information about the web hosting companies. Once you have already gained the full knowledge about most of the web hosting companies then, it will be easier to locate the appropriate web hosting company for your website.

??It explains further some things, which you ought to know about web hosting features and services. An outstanding web hosting company can provide you with lots of services and features, which you may not know about. An online review can help you understand clearly all those features and services in order to fully take advantage of all those things.

??It can provide you a list of the best web hosting companies in these days. Shopping for the most excellent web host can be done effortlessly if you are at least aware on the top 10 best web hosting companies available today. There are instances when online reviews have different listing results. Hence, you have to choose a web hosting company, which is similarly included in the best 10 ? hosting reviews of at least three online reviews.

Indeed, online web hosting reviews can be of great help when it comes to shopping for the best web hosting companies. You only to read carefully the reviews, understand fully each pieces of information written, as well as scrutinize the companies listed on the best 10 ? hosting reviews. You have to do all of these things in order to end up with the best web hosting company, which can help you maintain your website to acquire great amount of traffic and to generate more income from your online business.

Pluses and Minuses Of Dedicated Web Hosting

web hosting is a classification of internet hosting services that gives network services for every individuals and numerous firm to have its own websites to stay connected with the world through World Wide Web. It is additional divided into three primarily types, such as dedicated web hosting, virtual web hosting and clustered web hosting. Clustered web hosting is a sort of web hosting which spreads the load above nodes, provides result in decreasing the chances of one’s service and increases availability. Virtual web hosting is otherwise called as shared hosting.

Dedicated web hosting is most generally used web hosting type among all the three 1st types as it found to be additional worthwhile to the users. It has an other name, called managed web hosting.

Benefits of dedicated web hosting:

. Than virtual (or) shared, clustered web hosting gives many flexibility or control above your web server. The finest flexibility is deserved by the user of the dedicated web hosting server.

. Dedicated web hosting services offered by the corporation will not stock their websites among various clients.

. Since it is not a shared server, even the customer having virtual web hosting server aren’t able to stock the hard drive, processor or bandwidth as well as its application.

. Dedicated web hosting is superior to virtual web hosting server, it can’t access to the control over dedicated web hosting server configuration.

. It offers safety by allowing simply the particular customer who utilizes the dedicated web hosting server to have the complete server control for their administrative purpose.

. The specialty of their web hosting is that, the user of this web hosting owns the server and they themselves are web hosting customers, so which have a complete cover above hardware management

. Dedicated web hosting server provides an option to the user to perform his own upgrades and install their own software.

. As you are the simply customer using this server, you don’t have to stock the resources like hard drive and bandwidth; applications, which offers you extra room, more efficient plus speed of processing your database, email and also website application.

. When the advanced organization aided with the needs of custom engineering and design and a number of space to store it, dedicated web hosting is the right choice, since the clustered web hosting is rarely used.

. It is the finest option for you to choose dedicated web hosting server for your websites which gives download compatibilities for customer because of its less bandwidth limits compared with one other two web hostings.

. If your business website contains multiple website then custom applications, increased web hosting room and speed; is needed, that is provided by dedicated web hosting.

Disadvantages of dedicated web hosting:

. It’s costlier compared to the virtual web hosting

. It’s perfect for most internet based corporation, nevertheless it isn’t advisable for business which is advanced and requires custom engineering and design utilizing other web hosting server, called clustered hosting server.

. If an user is initiator in internet based corporation, virtual web hosting is price beneficial and sufficient, so dedicated web hosting is only a finest option, until the user makes progress in his firm level and switches his organization of making use of multiple websites.

. For long term internet corporation plans, upgrade of dedicated web hosting is needed in future with respect to in accordance with rate.

Is becoming a reseller web host lucrative?

Website hosting is about hosting a website on a server so that it can be accessible through the World Wide Web. web hosting providers offer the service of providing space on a server that they either own or get it leased. There are different kinds of web hosting plans available to match the diverse range of requirements of customers and clients. As a platform Linux web hosting is preferred over hosting on other platforms. The hosting plans can be of different nature such as shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, dedicated web hosting or vps web hosting. Each of the hosting plans are characterized by their distinctive characteristics and features. What is reseller hosting? Features of reseller hosting plans Affordable reseller hosting has become quite a popular option for those not only looking to utilize hosting for their own benefit but also leasing it out further to their clients. There are many who get into reseller web hosting because it is quite a profitable business option. In a website hosting, reseller web host gets into an arrangement with the web hosting company to purchase hosting at a wholesale price and be able to further resell the space and the bandwidth. There are a number of features of reseller hosting account and some of them include:

  • You can create your reseller account in real time and even have the access to add, edit or delete at any time you like.
  • With a reseller account you also get access to a comprehensive control panel through which you can manage and control at the click of a mouse.
  • There are also web hosting providers who provide you with professionally designed templates to help your clients easily setup their websites.

List the different types of reseller hosting There are different types of reseller hosting available that helps you in figuring out the kind of reseller hosting would suite your requirements. A reseller is like an agent working on behalf of the website hosting company and is responsible for working on getting advertisements for the website hosting company. The customers need to purchase directly from the company and the reseller host gets to enjoy a certain commission if the host’s name is mentioned specifically. Another kind of reseller host is the one who functions as the marketing agent for the hosting company. It is the host’s responsibility to be in charge of all the advertisement and marketing and the customer can even directly purchase the hosting account from the reseller too. In a completely different role, the reseller buys the web hosting rights from the parent company at a much more affordable rate and therefore becomes a hosting company in itself. Here the reseller host is responsible for all the spheres of hosting including advertising, marketing, and sales and after sale service tool. The last category is where the reseller buys an enormous chunk of space and bandwidth from the main web hosting company and then further slices them into little pieces and sells them off to the customers. Benefits of reseller web hosting There are quite a few benefits of reseller web hosting, among which in this kind of a hosting account the reseller can use the amount of space and bandwidth he may require and then sell the remaining to his clients or customers. A reseller hosts also enjoys support from the main host anytime the host may need any kind of help. A reseller hosting is also a good option for anyone who may have a large website or a number of websites and needs more bandwidth and space but is not interested in taking up a dedicated server. Instead of purchasing one’s own server, a reseller host can have their literally own dedicated server without worrying about complicated server issues. Most web hosting providers do choose affordable reseller hosting as an option to start their hosting business.